Year 6

Homework – 9.5.14

As you know, next week is SATs week. In preparation for SATs week, I would like you to write a list of 10 top tips in order to do well in the SATs.

I look forward to reading your 10 top tips!

Mr Taylor

Homework 4.4.14

We have all been working exceptionally hard in year 6 to prepare for our SATs and as a result our work is getting better and better! For your writing homework over the Easter Holiday your task is to write about your biggest achievements so far in year 6. For example, in maths you may now understand how to find a fraction of a quantity, or in English you may now be using connectives in your writing to help improve the flow of your writing. Whatever your achievements, I would like you to write about them.

I would also like you to consider what you still need to improve to make your work even better.

Remember to read each other’s comments and then respond to those.

As an extra task – tell me why I chose the above picture to use alongside this week’s writing homework. 

Good luck – I very much look forward to reading you excellent writing on the blog.

Homework – 28.3.14



Dear Diary…

A brother (Andy) and sister (Rachel) went on a day out with their family.

Andy really enjoyed the outing, but Rachel did not.

This is what they had to say:

Andy said, “That was a great day out! I really hope we can go again.”

Rachel said, “Well, what an awful day. Apart from lunch, I can’t think of one single thing I enjoyed.”

When they returned home, Andy and Rachel wrote about the day in their diaries.

Your task is to write Andy and Rachel’s diary entries.

Use your imagination to decide what Andy and Rachel would write in their diaries.

I look forward to reading your fantastic diary entries.

Mr Taylor

Year 6 Homework – 21.3.14

Today we had a special assembly on the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. Your homework this week is to write a short description of what is meant by a ‘well-balanced diet’.

I look forward to reading your fantastic writing.

Mr Taylor

Year 6 Homework – 28.2.14

This week in literacy we have been learning about argument writing. Your task is to write an argument based on this question: Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

In order to do a fantastic piece of argument writing, try to include the following features in your writing:

Organisational features

  • Title – explaining what the argument is about
  • Introductory paragraph – sets the scene
  • Paragraphs for and against the argument
  • Concluding paragraph – sums up the argument and gives a reasoned opinion

Language features

  • Present tense
  • Third person
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Words to describe reasons (because, so)
  • Words/phrases to signal both sides of the argument (It could be argued…, On the other hand…, Some people believe…, etc)
  • Connecting phrases (first of all, in addition)
  • Evidence (quotes and statistics) to back up what is said


Good luck – I look forward to reading your fantastic pieces of argument writing!

Mr Taylor

Year 6 homework – 14.2.14

In literacy this week we have been studying the book ‘I Wanna Iguana’. Towards the end of the week you then wrote your own version of the story – for example ‘I Wanna Hamster’, ‘I Wanna New Computer’, ‘I Wanna New Bike’, etc. The letters which you wrote in your stories were informal – they were quite chatty, weren’t set out in paragraphs and didn’t contain all the persuasive features we have been using in our formal persuasive letters. Your task is to choose one of the letters which you included in your version of ‘I Wanna Iguana’ and write the letter in a more formal style. In order to do this, you need to include the following:

  • An introductory paragraph
  • Write each of your points in paragraphs (remember paragraph burgers – topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence).
  • Write a concluding paragraph that re-states your point of view
  • Think about counter arguments
  • Write in the present tense
  • Use POWERFUL emotive language
  • Use connecting phrases – Firstly, Secondly, In addition to, Moreover, As well as this, etc.
  • Give evidence to support your points of view – quotes and statistics/surveys
  • Use rhetorical questions.
  • Use dare to disagree sentences – Surely any right-thinking person…, Clearly any caring person would…
  • Use exaggeration – Everyone knows…, All children would agree…, etc.


Good luck – I look forward to reading your excellent formal persuasive letters!

Mr Taylor

Year 6 Homework – 22.11.13

All the writing which you have done on the blog so far has been excellent – well done!

This week’s writing is all based around punctuation. Below is a list of different forms of punctuation. Your task is to write a sentence which contains each form of punctuation. If you’re not sure how the form of punctuation is used, you may need to do some research. If you make a mistake when you use a certain form of punctuation, don’t worry! We will all work together as a class and point out any mistakes so that you learn how to use the form of punctuation correctly.

  • Capital letter C
  • Full stop .
  • Comma ,
  • Question mark ?
  • Exclamation mark !
  • Speech marks ” “
  • Inverted commas ‘ ‘
  • Apostrophe ‘
  • Ellipsis …
  • Dash –
  • Hyphen –
  • Brackets ( )
  • Colon :
  • Semi-colon;

Happy ‘Punctuation’ writing!

Literacy Homework 8.11.13

This week’s Literacy homework is based around part of a picture from the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. The picture is of the frogs as they head away from the pond and towards the town. For homework, write a paragraph (or 2) to describe the picture. Think about using some of the target sentences we’ve looked at such as BOYS sentences (but, or, yet, so), 2A sentences, 2 pairs sentences, noun sentences, DE:DE sentences etc. Also try to include similes, interesting verbs, alliteration, time connectives, personification and describing words (adjectives).

I look forward to reading your amazing descriptions!

Mr Taylor

Half-term blog Homework – October 2013

As we are now at the end of your first half-term in Year 6, I would like you to produce a piece of reflective writing on how your time in Year 6 has gone so far. Use the following to help with your writing:

  • What have you enjoyed most about Year 6 so far?
  • How has your work in Literacy and Numeracy improved?
  • What do you still need to do to get even better in Literacy and Numeracy?
  • What are you looking forward to next in Year 6?

I look forward to reading your fantastic writing.

Mr Taylor

All the writing which you have done on the blog so far has been excellent – well done!

This week’s writing is all based around punctuation. Below is a list of different forms of punctuation. Your task is to write a sentence which contains each form of punctuation. If you’re not sure how the form of punctuation is used, you may need to do some research. If you make a mistake when you use a certain form of punctuation, don’t worry! We will all work together as a class and point out any mistakes so that you learn how to use the form of punctuation correctly.

  • Capital letter C
  • Full stop .
  • Comma ,
  • Question mark ?
  • Exclamation mark !
  • Speech marks ” “
  • Inverted commas ‘ ‘
  • Apostrophe ‘
  • Ellipsis …
  • Dash –
  • Hyphen –
  • Brackets ( )
  • Colon :
  • Semi-colon;

Happy ‘Punctuation’ writing!

Hello Year 6

Fantastic writing on the blog last week – I’m very impressed!

This week I’d like you to practise using direct speech. Your task is to write a conversation between 2 children who are talking to each other during a playtime. Imagine that one of the two children is new to the school and is still getting used to their new surroundings. Remember when using speech to do the following things:

  • Start a new line for each new speaker
  • Only put speech marks around what is being said
  • Use a range of words for said
  • Try to add an action to the reporting clause.

The conversation between the two characters can be for as long as you want, but each character needs to say a minimum of 10 things.

Here is an example of how the conversation could begin:

“Hi Mary,” said Tom, as he sat next to the new child.

“Oh, hello,” replied Mary, looking at Tom, trying desperately to remember his name.

“I’m Tom by the way,” stated Tom, realising that Mary had forgotten his name. “I imagine that it’s difficult remembering everyone’s name,” continued Tom as he begin to drink his carton of milk.”

“Yes it is,” answered May, as she…

I look forward to reading your exciting conversations!

Your formal invitations were excellent this week – I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! A lot of the events sounded like great fun – if only they were really going to happen!

This week we have been learning about writing letters of complaint. This week your literacy homework is to write a letter of complaint to the head office of a toy company – please see the bullet points below which informs you what the letter of complaint needs to be about.

  • You were given a Christmas present but unfortunately it broke/stopped working after only a couple of days. You had been very careful with the toy and it wasn’t your fault that it broke/stopped working.
  • The present was very expensive and it took the person who gave it to you a long time to save up to it.
  • You took the present back to the shop that it was bought from, but they refused to exchange it/give you a refund because they said that you had broken it/stopped it from working and there was nothing wrong with the product.
  • Whilst at the shop you noticed that there were other customers who had had the same problem as you, but they were given either a refund or an exchange.
  • You purchased many toys from the shop before but now feel like you don’t want to shop there any more.

I look forward to reading your wonderful letters of complaint – remember you can add to the information in the bullet points by using your imagination!

Another awesome week’s homework from Year 6 – I’m very impressed! Keep up the great work!

This week’s homework is based around the formal writing we have been looking at in literacy. Your task is to write a formal invitation. You will need to decide the following in your writing:

Who the invitation is to? Who the invitation if from? What is the event the person is being invited to? Where is it being held? What are the times? Also remember to include other important information such as what people are expected to wear to the event, more information about what will happen at the event and details about responding to the invitation.

Remember to keep your writing formal! I look forward to reading your fantastic invitations.

Congratulations to everyone for their fantastic newspaper articles based around Times Square.

This week your homework is all based around the above picture. Imagine that a newspaper article has been written about this picture – you task is to come up with 5 different exciting headlines which the article could be about.

Your next task is to come up with 3 different captions which could accompany the picture.

Finally, write two different opening paragraphs based around the picture – remember the 5Ws!

Good luck and happy snow writing!

Mr Taylor

Above is a picture of Times Square, which is in New York City.

Your task is to write a newspaper article about something which could have happened here.

Remember to include the following:

A headline

An opening paragraph – the 5Ws

The main body – including quotes.

The concluding paragraph – what now?

Remember that your story needs to be dramatic so include plenty of dramatic vocabulary.

I look forward to reading your great writing!


Well done to Year 6 for more fantastic writing on the blog this week! I’m very, very impressed! Keep up the great work.

As we approach the end of your first term in Year 6, I would like you to produce a piece of reflective writing on how the year has gone so far. Use the following to help with your writing:

  • What have you enjoyed most about Year 6 so far?
  • How has your work in Literacy and Numeracy improved?
  • What do you still need to do to get even better in Literacy and Numeracy?
  • What are you looking forward to next in Year 6?

I look forward to reading your fantastic writing.

Mr Taylor

Literacy Homework 7.12.12

Well done for writing so many excellent descriptions of the beach picture, which was last week’s Literacy homework.

This week’s Literacy homework is based around part of a picture from the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. The picture is of the frogs as they head away from the pond and towards the town. For homework, write a paragraph (or 2) to describe the picture. Think about using some of the target sentences we’ve looked at such as BOYS sentences (but, or, yet, so), 2A sentences, 2 pairs sentences, noun sentences and DE:DE sentences. Also try to include similes, interesting verbs, alliteration, time connectives, personification and describing words (adjectives).

I look forward to reading your amazing descriptions!

Mr Taylor

Hello Year 6.

Using the above picture, write a description of this setting. Organise your writing into 5 paragraphs related to your senses (see, hear, smell, taste and feel). Remember to use lots of powerful, descriptive language – with lots of similes and metaphors!

Happy writing!

Mr Taylor

Literacy Homework 2 December 2011- Mr Taylor and Mr Metcalfe

Paragraph Writing- Descriptions

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog! This is your chance to show the whole world your writing skills!

Look at the photo from the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. For homework, write a paragraph (or 2) to describe the picture. Think about using some of the sentence types we’ve looked at such as similes or BOYS sentences (but, or, yet, so). Remember to describe the senses. What can be seen? What would be heard? The other senses to use are taste, touch and smell. Think about interesting verbs to use, alliteration, time connectives and describing words (adjectives).

Have a great time writing terrific descriptions!

Mr Metcalfe and Mr Taylor

Year 6 Leavers Disco…

What a great night and thank you to the PTA for helping us with a fantastic evening. The balloons, the DJ, the food and the setting up of the hall all added to the evening. The children had a great time and the photos highlight perfectly the great end to a great week.


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12th June 2011

Hello Year 6,

Your last half term at primary school has arrived! I hope you make the most of every opportunity that lies ahead and please enjoy all of the activities that have been planned for you during these last few weeks…

Keep the writing going and as I said below, we could ask your secondary school teachers to read your comments!!

See you on Tuesday

Mr Young
Hello Easter School!!!

13th April 2011

Some homework for Mr Young’s group… although, anyone can have a go!

Write your short story called ‘At the Waters Edge’ – remember to keep it simple and DESCRIPTIVE. Use words to describe emotions, feelings and the setting. Why is the man there? Is he waiting for anyone? Is this going to be a happy/sad story? How does it end? Also, do not use loads and loads of speech, just focus on the description and detail of the story.

Happy Easter!


Hello Year 6,

I hope you like and use our new blog!

Mr Young

435 Responses to Year 6

  1. Elainna says:

    I absolutely LOVE my part in our end of year production- The Gryphon🙂
    My 4 favourite songs are: Lobster Dance, Beautiful soup, Who stole the tarts and Off with her head! By The wonderful Gryphon xxx

  2. Elainna says:

    1. Revise well
    2. Don’t panic-it’s not worth it
    3. Have a good breakfast
    4. Check over you’re work- if you have have extra time
    5. Don’t get distracted easily- don’t keep looking at the clock the teachers will tell you how long you have left.
    6.Go to bed early the night before
    8. Don’t boast to people if you get a good level and they’re unhappy with theirs
    9. Don’t be upset if you don’t get the level you want
    10. TRY YOUR BEST!🙂

  3. Ana:) says:

    1. Don’t panic
    2. Have breakfast
    3. Wake up early
    4. Check through
    5. Don’t waste time
    6. Never give up
    7. Believe in yourself
    8. Don’t make it confusing
    9. Don’t talk
    10. Do well

  4. jack c says:

    Tips for the SATS exams:
    1. Try to be calm. Being nervous is not going to help in any way.
    2. Don’t look at other people during the exams as it’s not for you. It will make you loose your concentration and you will loose important time.
    3. Read the question properly before you attempt answering anything and make sure you understood the meaning of it.
    4. If you don’t know the answer, moved on to the next question. Don’t loose to much time time with only one question.
    5. Once you finish the paper, go back and try to answer the questions you left behind undone.
    6. If there is time and you finish everything,go back and check your work.
    7. When you answer something especial at maths, it is best to show your work. If you make a silly mistake sometimes you might be able to get half a point rather then nothing.
    8. Do not talk to your friends during the exams.
    9. Don’t panic. It’s only an exam. Use what you learn all this year.
    10. Try do to your best.

    Good luck everybody
    Jack C

  5. Monett says:

    These are my top 10 tips(do’s and don’ts to give you a boost in the SAT’s
    1) Try to go to bed early the night before this will help with tip no.2.
    2) Wake up earlier on the days of the test this will make you more prepared to do tip no.3.
    3) Eat a reasonable amount for breakfast this will help you in tip no.4.
    4) Concentrate on the test and the test alone.
    5) Be positive you have worked hard be confident in what you can do.
    6) If you look around if teachers see you this will be classed as cheating.
    7) Don’t talk this is another form of cheating so I wouldn’t talk.
    8) Don’t look at what you could have done but what you have done.
    9) Don’t beat yourself up about it, if you have put in all you can something good will come out
    10) Don’t compare yourself to others you are you and they are they.

    If you aren’t confident in yourself no one will be able to do anything to change it. You have to believe in yourself to make others believe in you. Don’t think of the SAT’s in a world changing test but in a test to show how great you are and not anyone else but you.
    These are my top 10 do’s and don’ts, I hope they helped even if it’s in the slightest.

  6. Katey11 says:

    10 Top Tips:
    1. revise hard at school early
    4. be eager to learn your homework
    7.make sure you read your paper properly
    8. make sure you understand what the text or question is saying
    9.try your best
    10.never give up
    11. always ask a teacher if you are unsure about something

  7. Noor says:

    10 top things to do well in the SATS
    1. Do not panic. If you are stuck on a question and think about it, but don’t spend to much time on it move on to the next question otherwise you might end up missing out on questions you may know.
    2. Try to get them right. Try your best and think about what you have learned in the past.
    3. Have a good breakfast in order to do well.
    4. Have plenty of sleep. Make sure to go to bed and don’t stay up too late or you will be feeling sleepy whilst doing the sats.
    5. Feel relaxed as possible.Do not worry and try your best.
    6.Be prepared and organised. Do your homework and revise.
    7.have fun. Do not stress your self out and have fun.
    9. Do not be late or you will miss out on marks.
    10.Do not be worried

  8. Josh says:

    1. Focus
    2. Revise
    3. Good night sleep
    4. Good breakfast
    5. Don’t wast time
    6. Don’t be nervous your homework
    8.clear your mind
    9.think positive the best you can be

  9. reice says:

    Dont talk during a test otherwuse you will get a zero
    On some test you might not be able to read a question and on certain test the teacher can help you read them
    Be very conferdent of your self
    Revise about the test you are doing the night before

  10. Pascal says:

    Pascal Top Tips 4 SATs

    1 Early Night

    2 Brain Food Breakfast

    3 Focus

    4 Study Hard

    5 No Distractions for the week (consoles and games)

    6 Clear your mind…..

    7 Don’t be Nervous

    8 Do your homework IT HELPS!

    9 Think RUCSAC, not just for maths!


  11. reice says:

    Have some breakfast
    dont look at other people because they can’t help you
    Go to bed early on sunday especially
    Don’t be worried
    If you find the question hard then leave it and then go back later
    Don’t talk during a test otherwise youwill get a0m 0

  12. nathan says:

    1 have a good breakfast
    2 go to sleep early
    3 don’t be late
    4 don’t panic
    5 be 100% focused
    6 don’t leave a answer box blank have a go
    7 don’t talk during the test
    8 if you find a question hard leave it and if you’ve got time left try it again
    9 have a clear handwriting so the examiner can understand

  13. Sahail says:

    Sahail’s top tips.

    1.) Always have a good breakfast.

    2.) Always have a good nights sleep.

    3.) Always have a good dinner before you sleep.

    4.) Always be prepared for the challenges you might face in your test.

    5.) Be confident, but not over confident.

    6.) Don’t stress about your SATs.

    7.) Never beat yourself down if you don’t know the answer to a question.

    8.) If you don’t understand a question read again if you still don’t know then ask a teacher to read it for you.

    9.) Always have a try at the question – you don’t know you might get the answer.

    20.) Most importantly, TRY YOUR BEST!

  14. jamie says:

    6) Make sure you always doing your best and if you find a question hard skip it and don’t let it frustrate you
    7) If you get stuck on a question move on then come back to it later so you don’t waste time
    8) Never waste time use all the time left over to check your work to see if you have made a mistake
    9) Focus n your work at all times
    10) All the knowledge is in your head but if you don’t know a question try and figure the answer out

  15. robs2545 says:

    Top 10 ways to do well in your SATs:

    1. Have a nice dinner the night before
    2. Have a nice big breakfast in the morning
    3. Revise during the weekend
    4. Don’t be anxious and stressed
    5. Think possative
    6. If your stuck on a question read it agin and if you still don’t understand than go onto the next question
    7. Do NOT talk: it is considered cheating
    8. Don’t get distracted
    9. Have a good sleep the night before- don’t go to sleep late
    10. Be the best you can be!

  16. robs2545 says:

    Top 10 tips for doing well in your SATs:

    1.) Have a nice dinner the night before
    2.) Have a good night sleep – don’t go to bed late
    3.) Have a nice breackfast
    4.) Think possative
    5.) Don’t get distracted during the test
    6.) Revise during the weekend
    7.) don’t get stressed and anxious
    8.) If u don’t know a question to an answer read it over again and if you still don’t understand than go on to a different question
    9.) Do NOT talk, as it is considered as cheating
    10.) Be the best you can be

  17. Charlotte says:

    Charlotte’s Top Ten Tips for the SATs

    1-Be at school.
    2- Keep calm and don’t worry.
    3- Go to sleep early and have a good night sleep.
    4- Be positive.
    5-Have a big breakfast.
    6-Be fully concentrated.
    7-If you are stuck on a question, just leave it and then go back to it later if you have enough time.
    8- Be on time at school.
    9- Use all the things you have been taught in your boosters and in lessons.
    10- Be the best you can be.

  18. Annabelle says:


    ~Revise – make sure you know basic facts
    ~Early Night – make sure that you go to bed early so that you can wake up early so you have enough time to get ready for school in order not to be late
    ~Healthy Breakfast – you need to have a nutritious breakfast so that your brain is ready to work, a car can’t run without fuel, a human can’t run without food
    ~Concentrate – if you lose focus you want read the questions properly which results in wrong answers
    ~Do Not Panic – relax if you get stuck read it again or come back to it when you finish other questions
    ~Finish the test – try to do all the questions but if you really can’t then you’ve tried your best
    ~1 mark questions – 1 mark question or not answer it well
    ~Over confidence – don’t be too confident otherwise you will lose marks on the easiest questions and that could mean you got a maybe level 4b when you could’ve got a level 4a
    ~Stuck on a question – if you cant answer a question after coming back to it, make an EDUCATED guess
    ~Handwriting – make your answers clear so that when the marker comes to read it they can understand what you’ve said


  19. Kush says:

    Top ten tips to do well in Year 6 SATs:
    • Relax on the day of the SATs.
    • Have a full breakfast too fuel you up on the day of the tests.
    • Have a good sleep the day before the SATs.
    • Do revision.
    • Remember all the main stuff at school.
    • Keep reading at home or at school.
    • Give it all your best in the SATs.
    • Read the questions properly.
    • Come back to questions that you are unsure about.
    • Don’t panic and keep calm.

    I hope all of us in Year 6 do magnificent in our SATs and I wish everyone in University of Fort Hare good luck!


  20. jamie says:

    My top ten Sats tips:

    1) Always be confident and always believe that you can always do fantastically,
    2) Make sure you get enough energy by sleeping and going to bed early,
    3) Always try your hardest
    4) Make sure you have had breakfast to give you energy
    5) Concentrate your hardest and don’t let other people get you bad results

  21. jack c says:

    My biggest achievements in year 6 has to be in maths as i am very good at it.when working in maths i feel its some times it s to easy that s why i am a 5c in worst subject is in English which i am a 3a in , i also dont succsed in many other subgects ,but homework is also a great thing as i get a+ commenly .

    mr Taylor chose that pictor beacuse climeing a mounten is a huge achevment.

    • Monett says:

      Well done Jack this is very amazing.
      You have missed out a few punctuation marks,
      but other than that, well done

  22. Monett says:

    My biggest achievement in year 6 has surprised me tremendously. This year I was able to achieve something’s that at the beginning of the year I could only dream of.
    At the beginning of the year I was a 5C but now I am a now a 5A which I am extremely proud of. The test I took near the end of the year. It made me extremely happy to get this score. I was also happy because my end of year target was a 5A so my target got moved up to a 6C which I was also especially happy about.
    I am very happy about what I achieved in English at the beginning of the year I felt like I was falling back but looking at my levels now I am very happy. I am now able to do a lot more target sentences (e.g. DE:DE) which I am also very happy about.
    In art I am extremely pleased with what I am able to do. I am now able to draw comic styled pictures.
    Overall all I am proud with what I achieved and hope to achieve more as we continue the year.

    • Monett says:

      You put that picture there to signify year 6 are all climbers climbing up a mountain and we aren’t going to give up.

  23. reice says:

    This year my biggest achievement is my maths i have got a 4 b in my maths also i got a4 be in my literacy and finally my reading. how ever on my grammar and punctuation test i got a 4c. and you have put the picture up because it is going to be something out standing that he is going to the achevee

    • Monett says:

      Great work Reice your achievements are amazing.
      You have missed out a few punctuation marks.
      Well done for the great connectives.

  24. Rhiannon says:

    This year in year 6 I have I’ve had a great time learning new thing in maths and in English, i have also improved in them to and what I still need to improve.

    In English I have improved on my spellings, which now is a big change, but I still need help with some of them and I need to improve my level 5 punctuation . In my maths I have improved on my improper fraction and I still need to improve my fraction addition with mixed fractions.

    I hope that I can improve on what I still need to improve so I can became a higher level then I am now.

  25. lucy says:

    This year in year six I have achived many things what I though I couldf not ,however I have .

    I got my target level in maths .I pushed myself to reach this level i have had a bit of support with my learning ,but i am now proud to say i can get on with my work and be sucsesfull in life as long as i keep pushing myself.

    In PE I ran a mile around the play groung which i thought it would not be posible ,however it is .Every time i was fealing tierd i ran even faster so i could make this mile (for sports relif )sucsesfull.It was funnny seaing Mr Taylor raceing the boys in our class .

    Finaly i drew a portrate in art it ternt out funny at the start -it looked like a boy,as i got therw the art lessoin it turnt out to be a girl what i was hopeing it would be .

  26. Chloe D says:

    I have achieved many things in Year six that I thought I couldn’t possibly do. Here is a few of them.

    My first achievement was when I became my end of year target, 5b, in literacy, in the spring term. It was a shock to me because I thought that I would move down, but I didn’t. I was really happy when I heard my level.

    Next is in P.E. In Year 5 I wasn’t able to run the mile for Sports Relief, but now I can. I am really proud that I can run a mile without stopping.

    In art I am now able to draw a decent portrait of anyone. Before I couldn’t draw the eyes in the correct position, but now the eyes, I know, are in the middle of the face. At first I thought that I would never be able to draw a good portrait and now I can.

    In my reading I am a very good level. I thought, at first, that I had moved down in Year six as I started to read less challenging books than before.

    I never thought I’d be able to do algebra but I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I was proud of myself. Wallington Boys and Mrs Sibley helped me to get through hard Algebra.

  27. Josh says:

    My biggest achievement so far in year 6 is getting a level 5b in my reading, because it was my worst subject and now it is one of my best subjects. I use to struggle understanding the questions and going back in the text to find the answer, however now I have got a lot better at finding the right answer. My new target for reading is a 5A – I’ve achieved this because I have been working extremely hard at school.
    In maths I am a level 5A, as mrs Sibly has been helping us with our level 6 maths on Fridays. I’m taking the level 6 maths test in my SAT ‘s due to the four students from wallington boys that help us prepare for our SAT ‘s on Wednesdays. They have helped me to be a level 5A, but I stil need to go over my answers in case of a mistake.My target is to be a level 6 in my SAT ‘s.

    The picture is about reaching your goal because he reached the top of the mountin and that was his achievement and we achieved our goal buy being the best we can be by getting our amazing levels and achievements!

  28. Sahail says:

    This Year I think I have achieved a lot in Maths and Literacy.


    Due to the fact of working with Mrs Sibley, I think that I have made a very big improvement because I was finding it difficult to Pi, scatter graphs and linear graphs ectr. Now that I have worked with Mrs Sibley it has really helped me understand these type of questions better. My Target for the end of the year is 5A, but I am trying to get a level 6C as I am taking the level 6 Maths test.


    I think my biggest achievement in Literacy is become a 5B because the progress to get it was really hard as I had to challenge myself to use high level connectives, level 5 punctuation and much more.

    I think Mr Taylor has chose that picture because we are really close to our SATs and we are at that breaking point.

  29. Sheila says:

    Dear University of Fort-Hare

    It is great to see the improvement you’ve all made just by reading through what you have achieved. I have also been in a booster group for my Level 6 SAT’s but we are not as privileged to be attending an Easter School like you had been doing.Of course, this time I am writing to you I can not say that I have been begging to come back, only because since we are in Year 6 now there was no possibility of that happening no matter how much I tried. There is nothing else to tell you except that it was my birthday last month.But in reality it was unnecessary… However that is DEFINITELY all I need to say, so I guess I need to say goodbye now.
    From Sheila

  30. Ana:) says:

    My achivemnent has been that I’m a level 5 in most of my things, I also now know that 12 hour clocks are quite easy because I used to find 24 hour clocks easier. In addition to this I have found out that grammar and punctuation isn’t so hard as I thought, it seems quite easy now. I’m now hoping to learn stuff about algebra as I puts me off.

    • Katey says:

      My biggest achievements in Year 6 is that i have improved in my writing over the last few months. I have also achieved 2 sub-levels in my maths eduacation which I am really pleased about and also I can’t wait till my SATs come and I think that I am going to do exceedenely well and also I am going to be the best that I can be in my SATs and make my family espeically my mum and dad proud.

  31. Nathan says:

    In year 6 i have leaned how to do informal and formal letters in literacy, i have also learnt to do more similes. in my maths i have learnt how to do multiplication using collum method and i know find subtraction using collum method is easier.

    The picture you have put up of a climber means it may look of a struggle but we will get there in the end .what we want to achieve is not far away.DON’T GIVE UP!

  32. Robyn says:

    My biggest achievements in year 6 so far!
    When we had assessment I was pleased to know that i got a 4a in maths. I am so amazed, that i am now working at a level 4b. Yay! I now know how to convert from fractions into percentages and decimals. Also I can do translation and rotation.
    I ‘m also happy, as I am doing great in my english! I know how to use connectives, adjectives, verbs and much more. I use paragraph burgers (topic sentence, back up sentences, concluding sentences.)
    There is my biggest achievements so far!

  33. Kush says:

    My biggest achievements in Year 6.
    In maths, my current level is a Level 6c. I think that Mrs Sibley has really helped me in my maths because I was unsure of how to do scatter graphs and linear graphs. The Wallington boys who have really helped because they have made me achieve a Level 6c! I think I still need to improve on making sure I always check my answers. My end of year target is a Level 6b and I am also going to sit the Level 6 SAT’s test in May.
    In my writing and reading comprehension, I am a Level 5b. I think in boosters, my reading and writing teacher, who is Mrs Zahariev, has really helped because she has taught me the different aspects in writing and helped me to know how to write good answers in my reading comprehension. My end of year target in writing is a level 5a, which I’m willing to achieve. In addition to this, I need to improve on ensuring my sentences make sense.
    I think Mr Taylor has put this picture of a mountaineer because the Year 6 students have climbed high in Year 6 and are about to reach the end/summit, like this mountaineer.

    • Elainna says:

      Well done Kush!
      I really like that you’ve put who has helped you on the different subjects and how.
      You could improve…
      I also really liked that you were confident to share your results and be humble about it and did not show off to the people who didn’t get a level 6

  34. Pascal says:

    My acheivements
    For literacy, my improvement is using simile, metaphor, and personification more in my writing. If I were to choose another one, it would be using LVL 5 punctuation in my writing since I am aiming for 5
    For maths, my improvement is learning a new multiplication method. At the start of the year, I was not familiar with that method we learnt. Another, is co-ordinates. I have got much better at them

  35. Charlotte says:

    In year6 I have achieved my target level – which is a 5a. My target is now level 6c. I have achieved this by working extremely hard at school, home and with Miss Sibley- a remarkable math teacher.She has been helping me for a few months now and has increased my knowledge in maths. In addition to this I have now been put into the level6 SATs test. Another group of people who have helped me are 4 students from Wallington Boys. They have also taught me a lot of stuff that will help me in the future. I would like to thank Miss Sibley, the Wallington Boy students an especially Mr Taylor(who has and is teaching me very useful lessons an putting me forward into these groups).

    In year6 I need to be more confident in English.I’m working as a 5b and I’m targeted for level 5a. I’m working very hard at the moment and if I reach my full potential then hopefully I will reach my target level.

    You have put that particular picture because we are like mountaineers and currently climbing a mountain.

  36. Annabelle says:

    In Year 6, I think that in reading I have improved. When I say reading, I mean reading comprehension. I think boosters has definitely helped in both level six and level 3-5. I think in maths going to work with Mrs Sibley has made it improve. Working with Wallington boys and Wallington girls, unfortunately this week was our last week with them, has taught me new things like scatter diagrams and gradients.

  37. layla says:

    Dear Diary
    Today i had the best day ever
    Firstly I got up it was 7:00AM I was so happy because me and my sister Rachel was going to chesinton world of aventuers and then I went down stairs

    When down stairs no one was awake so made my self some breakfast I had coco pops they were scrummy. Then all the family came down stairs

    when they got down staris I went up stairs and got ready I got my self in to my cloths for the day out
    then all the family got dressed
    after they got dreesed we went to chesington
    when we got there we went on lots of rids
    then we went home and went to bed
    good night

    Today I had the worst day ever
    firstly i woke up got dressed it was 8:00AM and went doen stairs and I had coco pops

    then I went up stairs and got dressed whent back down stairs
    then we went to chesington when we got there we went on lots of rids
    we went home

    It was the worst day of my life

    good night

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done Layla for using time connectives like ‘firstly’ and ‘when’.
      Next time make sure that you put capital letters and full stops when needed.
      Good work

  38. Ana :) says:

    Dear diary ,
    Today was an awful day!
    I woke up with a scary grin on my that’s when my mom came in and saw it…
    She screamed her head of and fainted. It wasn’t my fault I just had a dream I was a scary doll! Anyways I rushed downstairs and ate my breakfast.

    That’s when I realized I had to go to the park.

    I’m now back and had a bad time!

    Dear diary
    Today I went to the park with my
    Friend Rachel she found it really boring but I didn’t! I had fun with my presents I won there it was a doggy and dragon okay my mom is calling me…

    Im back and now about to go to sleep, sorry for making my diary short bye!😀

  39. Josh says:

    Andy’s Diary

    Dear Diary,
    Today I had the best day ever because I went to see Arsenal vs Man U with my family.We got to sit in the front row like VIP’s and see the match close up, it was amazing. Giround shot a goal right passed me, I nearly caught it as the ball that darted straight into the crowd. My sister was a pain the whole match and all she wanted to do was go home and hang with her friends. Arsenal, which is my favourite team, won against Man U 4-1 and became top of the league, dad says if they win the Barclays cup we can get season tickets next year.

    Rachael’s Diary

    Dear Diary,
    Today I had the most awful day, my dad thought it would be a great idea to take the whole family to a football match. It was cold ,loud and wet . All my friends were at a sleep over at Stacy’s house having a great time with my friends. Her family are rich, her dad is a top lawyer and earns loads of money and her house is amazing. It’s all my brothers fault I’m here, why couldn’t I have been an only child .

    • harrison says:

      this is not a reply

      today was the greatest day in history we went to disneyland i am not kidding. all my dreams came true i saw my disney heroes and had the lunch of a king but my annoying sister did not i lloovveedd it!

      oh my pudding today i went to weenie baby paris it was worse than when my mum put my PRIVATE baby photos on facebook. what i cant belive is that my weirdo of a brother that supposed to be 13 enjoyed it bye”_”

      • Annabelle says:

        Great hjob for putting opinions into the diary entries.
        To make your work better you could add in capital letters and full stops where needed.
        I liked how you put ‘PRIVATE’ into capital letters to emphasise the word.

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done Josh for writing in the first person.
      Next time you could put the diary entries into paragraphs.
      I like your embedded clause: Arsenal, which is my…

  40. jack c says:

    Sunday 21st Novermber
    Dear diary

    Today was surly one of the best days of my life, I got a huge cake for my birthday (home made by mum), received lots of presents, got to ride in a helicopter over the City of London and had a surprised visit from my uncle (whom I rarely see because he lives in Canada).

    I woke up at 6 am in the morning feeling very tired, as it was Monday (my list liked day of the week). Soon that dismal thought rushed away as I quickly remembered it was my epic birthday and also the begging of half term. I dashed to the kitchen. To my surprise, found the largest cake mankind had ever seen! And it’s made of chocolate too with some glitter on top (pink not my favorite) but that will have to do. I hope that will be for me only and I do not have to share it with my sister Rachel.

    I went in the living room where a few people are waiting for me with a lots of presents. Ohh, I liked that. Everybody sings Happy Birthday and congratulate me. Mum said to go in the kitchen to bring the cake. OMG I have to share my lovely cake with everyone including my sister. I received a lot of nice things including a Xbox game (GTA 5) which I am going to play later. I am very, very happy.

    After an hour also, my uncle took us to London for my special treat “helicopter ride”. Everything was existing up in the air, until my stupid sister started to feel faint. Why does she have to ruin my best day of the year?

    The day is not over yet. After we had super, I decided to play my new game, but mum said it was time for bed. Never mind, another exiting day waits for me tomorrow.


    Dear diary,

    Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. I have a surprised present for him, which I hope he will like it. I had to spend all my pocket money, but that does not bother me.

    I had to wake up early to wait for Andy in the living room to sing for him happy Birthday. It’s the first day of half term and I was hopping to wake up late, but mum said it will be a nice surprised for him. I am so glad to see my uncle today also. He made an effort to come all the way from Toronto.

    Ohhh, noooo. My uncle is taking us for a helicopter ride. I don’t think I am going to enjoy that….

    Dear dairy, I am back from our day out. It did not go well. The helicopter ride was terrible. I felt sick all the way and wanted to trow-up. Everything was spinning around. Flights are not on my high agenda at the moment. Why didn’t I find an excuse for not to go on a helicopter ride? Why? Why?

    It’s almost bed time and I am still sick after the ride. Cannot eat anything at the moment. Even if I lay down it feels like the ground it’s shaking.

    Today was the worst day of my life. I do not want to feel like that on my brothers Birthday, but cant help it and for once I am so glad that it’s over.


  41. Monett says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was the most awful day ever!
    This morning I woke up to the loud shrilling of my old-fashioned, red alarm clock. Before I had time to reach my arm out from under my warm and woolly blanket my infuriating and loud older brother came into my room screaming.
    After he had stopped patronizing me, I went down stairs to make a small simple breakfast-consisting of Cheerios and milk. Mom came in looking extremely flustered about Andy’s (my brother) event. Annoyed I went back to my room to get ready for the ‘exciting’ party.
    Before long, all of Andy’s friends had arrived. Running quickly, we caught the bus taking us to Purley- where we would be watching ‘The Lego Movie’. I don’t know why mom told me I had to go she knows I like horror instead of cartoons. I was angry so I ignored everyone and everything for the rest of the move.
    After the ‘good’ movie the parents of the children came to collect them. We all watched them disappear. As a treat for being so well behaved, mom took us to a restaurant- Frankie & Bennys. We met dad there with two presents the food was lovely but when we got back my parents sent me straight to my room for being rude to my brother- something I didn’t do.
    I wish I was an only child maybe then I wouldn’t always get punished. I’m still upset with my parents but I don’t dare to stand up to my brother or parents because all three of them scare me to bits.
    Goodbye for now Diary, Sweet dreams.

    Dear Diary
    Today was the greatest birthday ever.
    I woke up to two cheerful carollers singing me a happy birthday. I had turned over to check if there was an off button but sadly I couldn’t find a single one. In the end I chose to open my sore bloodshot eyes then I remembered what day it was-my birthday. I zoomed across the room bouncing of the walls I could smell my happiness and it didn’t smell good.
    Showering and getting ready took 5 minutes s=giving me some time to patronize my younger sister-Rachel. I heard her irritating alarm clock go of and just like that I was ina trance to annoy her until she begged me to stop.
    After that, mom called us downstairs to greet my amazing friends. Happily, I greeted all of my closest friends. Quickly, we caught the bus to Purley to watch ‘The Lego Movie’. The movie was amazing, utterly amazing. I don’t think Rachel thought the same. When all my friends had left mom took us to Frankie & Bennys where dad was waiting with two presents and mouth-watering food.
    When I had finished devouring my warm, gooey chocolate fudge we left to go home. I played a prank on my sister getting her sent to her room, leaving mum dad and me downstairs we snuggled up and watched a movie.
    Before long everyone started to sleep so I swiftly darted upstairs to sleep-which I’m going to do now.
    Goodnight Diary

  42. Robyn says:

    Today we had a terrible day, as we went to a theme park ( Thorpe park!) I absaloutly hate rides so this day was horrible for me. Even if I wanted to go on any rides I would be to small. I saw a horrific ride which went upside down and every thing Even my brother (Andy) went on it! To sum it up I had an awful day!

    I had the best day ever! I went on thousands of rides and screamed my head off on each one! Me and my dad went on one witch made our faces go really funny. We had mint choc chip ice cream which was so delicious! In conclusion I has the most amizing day ever!

  43. reice says:

    dear diary,

    today was the wurst day of my life!

    the day started at 7:40 i really did not want to wake up this early, but mum said she has got a suprise for me and andy – my brother.we were both exctremliy excited.i slowly lifted my head because i didn t want to hurt my neck.

    after that i got changed in my pink dress because it is my best clothes. then i walked down the stairs to make myself some toast.after my wonderful toast i git my shoes on and then we left to go on our hopefully fantastic suprise.

    we all got in to mums car and set off.on the way myself and andy were asking our mum some clues.but she gave us any clues.we both guessed were we were going i guessed that we were going to a therater to wacth cinderaller.on the other hand my brother thougt we were going to a football macth.

    after hours of guessing we finaly was chesation world of adventures.boring.for some strange reason my brother was really exctied.once andy had calmed down we had to go.whilest andy was on loads of rides i was just sat there wacthing because chesation is super boring.

    after 5 hours we had to go and on the car ride back home myself and andy fell a sleep.when we got home we all got an sandwich and then andy went to bed and i follwed quite shortly after.
    i was lying on my bed then suddenly i just feel asleep and hoped that tommor will be better.


  44. nathan says:

    Dear Diary

    I had the most amazing day of my life!
    My day started when my mum woke me up at 11 o’clock. A few minutes later i got dressed out of my wonzie into my Fulham kit,what said on the back Andy.I then woke my sister up (Rachel) she didn’t look that bothered that she had overslept.After I went down to the local Cafe,i had; a Nice sausage,smoky bacon and a piece of crusty toast.

    When i took my last bite of the crusty toast i went straight back home to pickup Rachel from home as she ate mums food.Then we catched the bus- the fast 96 bus.10 minutes later we reached Craven Cottage, we went to the ticket place to buy a limited edition ticket. Fulham was vs Everton in a premier league clash special. We lost 3-1 ,although we played brilliantly Rachel’s face didn’t change.

    When i got home i told mum and dad the result they were sad for me.i put on my fresh clean wonzie as my mum washed it wen i went out and put my self to sleep.

  45. reice says:

    dear diary,
    today was the best day in my life!
    The day started at 7:30 because my red arlam clock woke me up.BUZZ buzz!i had to wake up so early today because my mum (the best mum in the world) said that she had a suprusie for me and my sister-rachel.i swang my head off my pillow and got up.

    after that I got on my best clothes my dark ocen blue chiones and my dark pink ralph top.and ran down the creaky stairs and made myself some of my faourtie cealrs cookie was deliucous.half way of eating them my mum, dad and sister came down the stairs.we all got on our shoes and coats then i ran upstairs to brush my galaous teeth.

    then we went to the brillant mum was driving the car.all the way there me and my sister was asking for clues, but our mum did not tells us any thing.although we didn’t know we both guessed my guess was a football macth (chelsae v arsenal) on the otherhand my sisters guess was completly diffrent because she guessed that we were going to a therat to go and wacth her faourite show -cinderal

    after 1hour of guessing we fianlly was chesation world of adventures!i was jumpping in excitment, but my fed up sister was mum was not very pleased that not both of her childen .we set off the frist ride we went on was the bubble works, then tea cups and lots of other rides.they were amazing!after 5 hours at the wonderful chesation world of adventures we had to leave because it was getting cold and picth black.

    then we jumped into the car again and we set of back home.myself and my moody sister was asleep the whole way back was lovley.we got back home at 9 o clock and as soon as we got back home we all got a mouthwatering sandwich.

    after that i went to bed.i was lying there thiking of what i had done today.after 15mins of thinking i sunggled up in to my bed and went to bed.that sleep i had that night was the best nap i have ever had.

    yours sincerly

  46. Annabelle says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today I had the most boring, tiresome day ever.
    If my parents cared about me, if I had an earlier notice, if I pretended I was ill soon enough, then I wouldn’t be feeling so disappointed with myself and the day. It all kicked off when I woke up to my dad banging my door with force, a lot of force. He said I had to wake up so he could get a start with painting bedroom. My bedroom is black at the moment and I hate it-black is the colour of darkness (uuurrrggghhh). Peering out from underneath the duvet, I shouted, “Leave me alone it’s the weekend!”
    Following my disturbance of beauty sleep and shower, I took to the stairs so I could eat some breakfast. Unfortunately I met my brother downstairs munching on the last lot of Sugar Puffs. Discretely, I took three huge spoonfuls of his cereal when he looked at the competition on the box. That was when my mother entered the room to tell us that we were going to Devils Punchbowl for a walk.
    I am going to skip the park bit except for eating. The sandwiches were scrummcious and the ice tea relaxing. I’d love to go to that café again it was a great time. That certainly did lighten up the day.
    When I got home I sat home to my mother’s homemade meal. It was simply simple and ended my day perfectly. It almost changed my mind from disappointed to quit satisfied but didn’t do enough or reach my expectations. Moreover, my expectations are quite low – if you ask me.
    Well I’m lying in my darkened room writing about my awful day. Ah well let’s just hope it won’t be the same tomorrow.
    Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

  47. Charlotte W says:

    Andy’s Diary
    Sunday 20th February 2014
    Dear Diary,
    Today was an outstanding day!
    My day started at 4am when my fiery red, deafening alarm clock shook itself like a professional dancer. I woke up excitedly, due to remembering that today me and my family (my mum, my dad and my sister Rachael) were going to watch the one and only Tottenham Hotspur Football Club verse the awful Manchester United at White Hart Lane.
    Remembering this, I leapt out of my Tottenham Hotspur Football Club bed cover and ran myself a moderately hot bath. I placed my feet into it and washed with ‘Head and Shoulders’. My skin soothed, I took the plug out and got dressed into my sapphire denim jeans and my football shirt. I made my way downstairs.
    Once downstairs, I switched on our Samsung HD television and watched Match Of The Day – MOTD. I turned the volume up to 38 so I could hear every single word. When Chelsea were playing Arsenal (two teams that I dislike intensely), I made my breakfast, which consisted of: freshly squeezed apple juice; toast with clover butter; two kitkats and a cereal bar.

    Four (4) hours later, my parents came downstairs and had some breakfast. They told me that we’d be leaving for Morden train station in 30 minutes – my sister still hadn’t woken up. My dad (Martin) woke my sister up by throwing a bucket full of ice water on top of her. She suddenly arose from her bed and got washed and dressed. We got into the car.
    After the short journey, we arrived at the train station. We got on to the train and changed at Stockwell and then went to Seven Sisters. We then did a long walk– which Rachael moaned about again- to the magnificent stadium. Outside of the ground there was a burger stand. We each got one. They were so delicious. We entered the ground.
    The ground was luxurious: it brought tears to my emerald eyes. The atmosphere was impeccable – we chanted songs (obviously Rachael didn’t). The whistle blew, the game began. GOAL! The first 6 seconds and Soldado scored for Spurs. Manchester United looks like a little league team that my six year old cousin plays for. GOAL! There is no stopping him now – Soldado scored his second, then his third, then his fourth, then his fifth, then his sixth, then his seventh and then his eighth. The final whistle blew. Spurs 8 and Manchester United 0. We got back on the train and went home.
    Today was the best day of my life.

    Rachael’s Diary
    Sunday 20th February 2014
    Dear Diary,
    Today was an awful day!
    My day started when my annoying dad through a bucket of freezing water on top of me. I was furious at him – why do such a thing? I got told that I had to get ready in 30 minutes because me and my family were going to watch a terrible football match. I got forced into the car and I didn’t have anything for breakfast.
    We went to Morden train station and went to Seven Sisters We had to walk for 10 minutes. It was so boring! Once we arrived at the minute stadium, we had lunch, which were burgers. They were delicious! We walked into the stadium. People were screaming and shouting, they gave me a headache. I was so bored that I just played Candy Crush on my phone. I don’t even know what the score was. Finally, we got on the train again and went back to our house.
    Today was a pointless day!

  48. Kush says:

    Diary entry 1- Andy:

    Saturday 28th March, 2014

    Dear Diary,

    Today I had the most marvellous, spectacular day in my life!

    My day started at 7.00am, when my alarm started to buzz like the roar of a proud lion. Unfortunately, my excellent, fabulous dream, of me scoring the match-winning goal for England in the grand, outstanding Fifa World Cup 2014, came to an end, as I realised that I had awoken. At that moment, my sorrow was soon replaced with an astonishing sensation, when I remembered that the family were going to watch a football match at Old Trafford- which is the stadium in which Manchester United (MUFC) play against their rivals!

    I shot out of bed, a bullet piercing the heart. I approached the bathroom. Once I finished brushing my shining, white teeth, I went into the refreshing shower. As the cascading water fell onto my pale body, the boiling water savagely stabbed at my stomach. I went downstairs at 8.50am. I saw an appetising, scrumcious meal, waiting to be digested by me. My breakfast consisted of juicy sausages; tasty waffles and yummy egg.

    Once we finished, Rachael, Dad and I said bye to mum and we set of in the car. It took a couple of long hours to get to Old Trafford, however eventually we got there. It was 1.30pm by then. Standing in front of us, was a monstrous, colossal stadium. Thousands of people moving to form, what seemed to be an army, dressed in red. I had a succulent, mouth-watering hotdog as a snack before the match, instead of having lunch. Elated, jubilant, overjoyed, whilst the time soon ticked to 3.00pm, Rachael, Dad and I went into the stadium and took our seats. A vast, immense field of beautiful, picturesque grass hid the concrete from below. Content, the match began at 3.30pm
    and finally I would see my 1st derby match- Manchester United against Manchester City.

    The defender of Manchester United (Rio Ferdinand) scored the first goal. Then, the Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart got a red card, due to a dreadful challenge to the Manchester United forward, Robin Van Persie. United scored the penalty, taken by Wayne Rooney. The United defender, Rafael da Silva, got a yellow card by the referee Mark Clattenberg, for doing nothing wrong in my opinion, and Manchester City got a free kick. Unfortunately, Alexander Kolarov tucked the ball into the net. I’ve never liked Mark Clattenberg. The final score was 2-1, Manchester United won! It was the most amazing game ever!

    Now, I am sat on my bed preparing to go to sleep. I am optimistic that my friends are at school tomorrow, so I can tell them how much fun I had. I’ve just heard Dad shout from downstairs, therefore I need to go to sleep. Goodnight, diary!

    Diary entry 2- Rachael

    Saturday 28th March, 2014

    Dear Diary,
    Today I had the most dreadful day ever!

    My day began at 7.00am, when my radio sung to the sweet tune of a One Direction song- my favourite band. Last night, I had the most amazing dream of me singing with One Direction! Unluckily, I woke up, remembering that were going to some football match. I was disgusted. Why did I need to go? I am a girl, not some boy. I have such a boring life.
    I got out of bed, as slow as the rain clouds reaching the dessert. I brushed my teeth, solemnly and went for a shower. The glistening water fell on my body, as cold as a careless man. Once I finished my shower and got dressed, I went downstairs, as I saw one of the loveliest meals I had ever seen. It involved a lot of sausages, eggs and waffles, but I really wasn’t hungry, therefore I just had one sausage and a little bit of egg.
    Dad and Andy took so long to finish breakfast that I could travel the whole world. By the time they finished it was 8.30am and we set of for the long journey ahead. However, before we left, we said our farewell’s to mum. I slept for almost the entire journey, which finally concluded at approximately at 1.30pm. Weary and exhausted, drowsy and sleepy, I followed my boring family and soon we arrived into the stadium. Before that, I had a delicious lunch, which personally I thought was the best part of the day. Before long, we sat in our seats, while Dad took photo. Woeful, melancholy, desolate, I sat there dumb-found, like a dog, staring dreamily at a piece of succulent steak.
    Presently, the time is 9.30pm. I feel bored and I am optimistic that I’ll enjoy tomorrow. It’s school. I have lots of friends, consequently I have lots of fun at school. I’ve just heard Dad shout from downstairs, so now I need to go to bed. I have hopefulness that tomorrow going to be a spectacular day. Goodnight.

  49. leanne says:

    Dear diary
    Today i had the worst day ever.
    Andy took me to the fun fair the worst place ever it was very very busy and quess what it was really really loud and i hat loud.

    First we went on the cobra witch made e feel really sick and then Andy took me to the Vampier and that made me feel even more sick. then when i got off i ran to the tolit and guess wat i was sick just because of Andys stupid idea to go on the vampier. After that i felt a bad headakc coming on then i ran but i didnt make it i frew up all over this old wrinkerly women i said i was so sorry like a millon times and she still didnt look very happybut then i got kicked out and Andy ran out after me, he didnt look to very happy at all that he got kiced out too well he was banned and he was very sorry.

    Just got home now my mum said i have to go to bed so are say good night and turn my light out good night xx

  50. Annabelle says:

    On Friday 21st March 2014, Eugene, a skilled magician, came to our school to do an assembly from years reception to year 6 about healthy eating.

    Firstly, lets talk about carbs (carbohydrates). Carbs normally consists of: both white and brown breads(including 50/50); pastas (linguine, spaghetti, tortellini etc.); potatoes and cereals. Carboydrates are the largest group on our eatwell plate. That means most of ourr diets should contain any of this to keep us healthy. Carbs give us energy to keep going through the day. That is why we have cereals or toast for breakfast. Nevertheless , Cookie Crisp and Coco Pops are not so healthy for us, because they contain lots of sugar from chocolate.

    Secondly, lets have a chat about fruit and veg- fruit and vegetables. The following Fruit and Veg are my favourites: yellow sweetcorn; orange carrots; purple passion fruits; luscious lettuce; zingy oranges; sour pineapples and sweet mangoes. Fruits and Vegetables are the second largest group on the eatwell plate. This shows that you should eat nearly as much of fruit and vegs as carbs. This is because fruit is high in vitamins and veg is high in fibre.

    So far this makes a balanced diet.

    Next, lets discuss dairy(including eggs). Dairy comes from cows and includes products like butter, yoghurt, milk itself and other things made from mainly milk. Dairy helps build a balanced diet, due to the calcium it provides to help your bones grow strong. DO NOT eat too much since it is about a third of carbohydrates.

    Now lets talk through protein. People argue that eggs are a source of protein. Protein is meat, fish and beans. Meat gives us iron which goes into your blood. Also all protein builds robust muscles.

    Finally and least lets briefly explore fats and sugars. You do need abit of this to carry on healthy. Side affects of fats and sugars will eventually lead to diabetes, so if you are having too much at the moment you need to change-NOW!

    Remember a healthy lifestyle is not just about the eating-you need to exercise enough too. The above information will help create a healthy diet.

  51. leanne says:

    a well diet is were u eat lots of vedgitables and fruit and not much fat and suger you can have a bit of dairy but not alot and you need protien witch is meat and stuff like that.

  52. Sahail says:

    I learned that you have a balanced diet to be healthy. You should have a lot Carbohydrates because it gives. The next thing that you should have a lot is protein. The least thing that you should have is fats and sugars because it can make you really ill and get you fat, diabetes and ectr. If you want to be healthy and fit when you are older then you should have a balanced diet and have a everything at it’s own amount. You should make sure you have a special amount to be healthy. You should not have a lot of sugars!

  53. Monett says:

    A well-balanced diet
    We have been asked the question of ‘What a well-balanced diet is?’ and these are a few answers from different perspectives.

    UNHEALTHY ‘balanced diet’
    Some people believe a balanced diet is where you eat lots of unhealthy thing and just throw in a few healthy things. This is incorrect. You cannot throw in some fruit or vegetables for the fun of it and live off of McDonald’s or KFC. This is wrong.

    HEALTHY CRAZY ‘balanced diet’
    Other people believe, that you shouldn’t eat any fat at all just fruit and veg. This is no better than an unhealthy well balanced diet. Your body needs the Fat and Sugar to grow without sugar you wouldn’t have much energy so this is also incorrect.

    THE WELL ‘balanced diet’
    Most people believe a well-balanced diet is when you eat all 5 food groups-Carbohydrates, Protein, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables and Fats and sugar-unlike the first two. This one is correct.
    The catch is you cannot eat a lot of Fats and Sugars you have to eat a small portion but if you don’t-like in the first one- you could become overweight/obese and become diabetic.

    A well-balanced diet doesn’t mean you have to cut off Fats and Sugars just not eat a lot of it.

  54. jack c says:

    yesterday a man said to us that In order for a human being to be healthy, we need to eat a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet contains all major food groups:
    – proteins (meat, fish, eggs)
    – starchy carbohydrates (pasta, rice, cereals, honey, fruits, vegetables)
    – dairy products
    -lipids (animal fat and vegetables fat)

    he also tould In order to eat healthy, we need to balance well the above food categories. For example, if we only eat meat and fish, our body will lack in vitamins. Also, the body gets all the energy from fruits and sugar. If we don’t eat any, we will be very tired all the time.

    We also need to eat fish. Fish provide us with a high level of proteins and Omega 3 fats, very important for maintaining the heart healthy.

    We need to eat eggs, but not to meany as the eggs are very rich in cholesterol.

    Animal and vegetables fats, also butter and creams have a highly amount of fatty acids, which pose a potential thread to the heart. For this reason, we need to eat those with restrictions.

    Whenever there is a shortage of any of the above foods, the body is forced to draw upon its reserves, mainly muscles, but also uses its skin and bones.

    To maintain a good well balance diet, we also need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water and avoid as much as possible sugary and fizzy drinks.

    Finally, we need to exercise to help keep the liver and the rest of the body healthy. Exercise improves the circulation of blood to the liver, helping to regulate and process toxic substances faster.


  55. Josh says:

    Eating a mixture of healthy foods every day is good for a balanced diet. You can also eat some foods that contain fats and sugars, however you can’t eat to much or it could lead to obesity. You should eat 5 fruit and vegetables every day – that’s your five a day. It has been proven that you should eat fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates more than any other food group. Carbohydrates give you all the energy you need to get through the day and Fruit and vegetables give you all the vitamins you need , dairy gives you strong bones and teeth, Protein gives muscles the nutrition it needed to rejuvenate so we stay strong and healthy.

  56. reice says:

    I learened that if you eat too much choclate and sweets (fats and sugar,) you might get dibetis and die.and I saw how impotant it is that you eat furits and vegables – or you can call it your 5 day.if you have about 2 bottles of coke then that would be 1liters.there are diffrent food types you have to eat as well and this is some of them, car
    Bohydrates, fruits and vegables,protin and a little bit of fats but not to much.

  57. nathan says:

    Healthy balanced diet

    Healthy food makes you good on the inside and when you are eating healthy,then it shows on the outside of your body too.Well balance diet means getting your 5 a day veg and fruit,protein,dairy and carbohydrates, on the other hand you are allowed to have a treat once and a while.You can also get healthier by watching cookery show like Gordon Ramsay,Jamie Oliver,Masterchef and many more.

  58. robyn says:

    This week was science week and we had a special science assembly. The assembly was all about a well balanced diet. The man who done the assembly told us that he was diabetic because he was overweight! He told us about how important it is to make sure not to eat lots of fat & sugar. We got told that crisps have loads of calories in it and if you eat allot of them than its bad for you!

  59. Charlotte W says:

    Change 4 Life
    Eat Well Move More Live Longer

    A well-balanced diet means when you eat the right amount of each food group. These food groups are:
    Carbohydrates: Starch foods- Potatoes, Pasta, Cereals, Bread, Rice and Crackers. You should eat 1/3 of these.
    Fruits and Vegetables: Apples, Bananas, Carrots ect. You should eat five (5) a day. You should eat 1/5 of these.
    Protein: Meat, Fish, Egg and beans- these help you with your muscles to grow big and strong. You should eat 1/10 of these.
    Milk and dairy foods: Butter, Cheese and Yoghurt – these help you in calcium. You should eat 1/10 of these.
    Fats and Sugars: Sweets- they give you energy. You should eat 1/15 of these.
    All of these food groups help your body in different ways, but only if you have the right amount of it – which is a healthy and well-balanced diet.


  60. Charlotte W says:

    Change 4 Life
    Eat Well Move More Live Longer

    A well-balanced diet means when you eat the right amount of each food group. These food groups are:

  61. Elainna says:

    A well balanced diet means eating a mixture of foods a day. For example, you need your 5 a day. Five a day is 5 fruits or vegetables a day. Eating too much fat and sugars could lead you into having diabetes or being critically ill. You are allowed fats and sugars, but just not too much. A healthy dinner could consist of steak, potatoes and some mixed veg. This is all that I learned in that special assembly.

  62. Kush says:

    A well-balanced diet is when you eat the right amounts of food and eat a range of foods – this is what a balanced diet means. The range of foods in your diet should include: plenty of fruit and vegetables; plenty of carbohydrates (including rice, pasta and bread); some milk and dairy foods (cheese, butter and yoghurt); some protein (meat and beans) and a small amount of fats and sugars (chocolate and crisps). Scientists say that you should have more fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates than protein, dairy and sugars.

    You should at least have 5 fruits and vegetables daily, which includes fruit juices as well. If you consume too many fats and sugars you might become diabetical, resulting for you to go to hospital. A well-balanced diet is vital, due to the fact that if you don’t follow it, then you may get a serious illness. Most of your daily menus contain carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables. Always check what foods you eat and ensure that you always stay fit and healthy.

    Thank you for reading


  63. Charlotte W says:

    For the end of year production, I would like to do Wizard of Oz and be Dorothy! I wouldn’t like to do X Factor, Britain’s got talent or the Voice

  64. jack c says:

    Should there be an end to the children receiving pocket money?

    Many people argue over the years if given money to children it’s a good or a bad thing. In my opinion, well, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, because to much of everything will spoil a child or undermine his health, or simply can destroy his happiness.

    Firstly we are little people in a way, and all we do is learning how to coup with being adults, how to leave in a world for grown ups. Our society is surrender by money. If we don’t learn of how to deal with money, when we become adults, we will struggle, and that’s all about it.

    Secondly, when children get some money from there parents, will spend it on sweet, which can undermine there health. There are articles in almost every newspapers that the children are spending unwisely money on to much sweets. If the parents will supervise the children and limit the amount of unhealthily food, there will be no problems.

    Thirdly, and the most dangerous one is when children spend there money on alcohol and cigarettes. Because they are not supervised again, can be very dangerous for there health.

    My mum and my grandparents gives me money all the time. I have a bank account and my mum helps me to deposit it there for keep. Many people argue that children should not have bank accounts to keep there pocket money till latter on in life, but I think I am very proud about that. It makes me very proud and responsible.

    In conclusion, to answer our question, yes I think children should get pocket money, because will motivate them to do certain things, will help them with there maths by using adding, subtracting, and percentages, will help them learn of how to handle the money and be responsible. Half of the parents in contrary, will vote against it because children can get into trouble by having there hands into dangerous things.

    So, if the parents limit there amount of money as “reasonable”,and supervise the children and guide them of how to spend it and when, there should not be a problem.

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done for using listing connectives. In this persuasion text you have started stating your opinion too early, when it really should come at the end. Good job for using phrases like ‘Many people argue’ or ‘half of the parents,in contrary…’ .

  65. Noor says:

    Should there be an end to pocket mony?

    Some people believe that pocket mony should be banned whilst argue that we should have pocket mony.

    Firstly pocket mony has been around for a very long time. Some people think that pocket mony should carry on forever.
    If pocket mony was banned children would not be saving up for anything there parants would have to buy it for them. Also,because if children did not get pocket mony they would not be able to buy many things with there own mony. A year 6 child commented”Of coruse children should get pocket mony as it helps you earn mony,beacuse you havnt got a job.

    Secondly some people argue that pocket mony should be banned, beacuse it will mean that you have to give your child mony. A survry of 45% people think poket mony should be banned.

    However personally in my oppion i think that pocket mony should not have a stop to it.

    From Noor

  66. Elainna says:

    Should children be receiving pocket money?

    For the past few years, children receiving pocket money has increased a lot. That raises the question, ‘Should children be receiving pocket money?’

    Some people claim that pocket money helps children save up for when they REALLY need it the MOST. If children receive pocket money instead of using their parent’s money, they can afford to buy what they want for themselves.

    Others say that children receiving pocket money is a bad idea. The cause of people thinking that is, children can spend it anytime without their parents knowing and without their permission. 98% of parents don’t like their children spending their money on useless things, “Once I gave my child pocket money, the next day she went and spent it on ice-cream in the park.” Remarked a clearly upset and distressed mother, “After that, I didn’t see the point of giving her any more pocket money.”

    Looking at both sides of the argument, I can clearly understand both points of view. My conclusion now is that children should be receiving pocket money, but not TOO much.

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done for stating your opinion at the end. You could make your work better by adding listing connectives and checking that you have laid out the quote correctly.

  67. Rhiannon says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    Some children save their pocket money for something they really want, whistle other use their money when they get it.

    Firstly, children should have pocket money so they don’t use their parents money. 99% of children use their parents money so they could get anything they wont. Secondly children should have money because then they can get anything they wont when they save. ” my child save her money and now she can buy what ever she wants and I don’t have pay a bit,” remarked a child’s parent. Finally children can buy what they were saving for. 99.99% of children have now bought what they were saving for.

    On the other hand, children shouldn’t because then they will get what they what and they wont use it that much. 51% of children bought a toy and now don’t use it. moreover they might buy alot of sweets. ” My child had £50 and she spent it all on sweets and not a toy or a book,” exclaimed a parent. Lastly children shouldn’t because they will buy something they already have. 67% of children buy something they already have.

    I have come to the conloostoin that we should keep pocket money but not to much that once.

    • Charlotte W says:

      Well done Rhiannon!
      Great use of speech!
      Next time, to make your writing even better, you could say: eg Some people say, It xould be argued, a variety of people ect
      Well done again!

      • Annabelle says:

        Well done for using connectives- next time you can make your work better by not repeating your reasons: check paragraph one.

  68. Ana:) says:

    It has come for us to ask if we should give children pocket money to our children? People are saying they get to much and others are disagreeing

    Firstly, people are disagreeing because they think children get too much pocket money! They keep saying that they waste money on sweets and unhealthy food, which lead them to the health problems and not be fit. In Addition to this, people think they are wasting money on bad things like Computers, video games, and more technological items.

    The other hand, many people think it is fair as they will learn how to use it in older life. In a recent survey 99.99% or that it is good for children having pocket money.

    It has come to my decision that children should be getting pocket money because they can take care of themselves and don’t need to ask their parents.

    • Charlotte W says:

      Great work Ana!
      Fantastic use of openers.
      Next time remember to include at least 3 reasons for for or against in one paragraph.
      Well done though!

  69. monett says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    It is an indisputable fact that, pocket money is a benefit for both children and parents. Other people believe that it’s a terrible choice –to give your children pocket money- and this has let us to the question ‘Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money’.
    On the first hand, a majority of people believe that pocket money is a terrible choice for children. Margaret Middy, a 65 year-old grandma believes that children should not be given pocket money since their parents don’t know what they’re spending it on. This is believed to cause many issues across the country. In a recent survey 97% of people say that they were not pleasantly surprised when they found out what their children were buying with their pocket money. “I was outraged with what my child was buying with her money-make-up. Ever since that I have stopped giving my 11 year old pocket money.
    On the other hand people believe pocket money is an astonishing idea. In a recent survey 2% of people believe that pocket money makes their children believe badly while the other 98% of people support pocket money 100%. “My son and I used to always get into arguments but after I started to give him pocket money we clicked again. Pocket money worked on him like magic!” claims a 39 year old mum-named Julia.
    I believe that we should carry on giving children pocket money. Although some people might disagree, children should carry on getting money. They shouldn’t get as much as they do at the moment but maybe a little less.

    • Charlotte W says:

      Well done Monett!
      Great use of level 5 punctuation!
      Next time make sure to check if your sentences make sense. Eg I believe that we should carry on giving children pocket money. Although some people might disagree, children should carry on getting money. They shouldn’t get as much as they do at the moment but maybe a little less.
      Fantastic work Monett!

  70. Sahail says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    Many people argue that giving children pocket money should stop, however others think it’s a positive.

    Firstly, some people state that giving pocket money is good for children because it prepares them for the future. Due to supplying children with pocket money, it would convince parents/guardians that when they are older and they have money they could use it maturely and properly. Secondly, providing children with pocket money can also lead to future needs.such as a car, debts and houses if they save up from a young age. If children do this it would save parents from having to repeatedly supply them with money. In addition to this, it allows kids to take responsibility for such a small thing. If they start to take responsibility from such a small thing they will be able to take care of much bigger things.

    On the other hand, some people argue that they shouldn’t be allowed pocket money. They think that giving pocket money is a bad thing because when they are older they’ll think that borrowing money from others is a good thing. Soon enough, after borrowing money they’ll be in debt. After a while, they will think that they are always going to get money, so all they’ll do is ask for money instead of working and deserving the money and being rewarded for what they do.

    Looking at both point of views, I have taken into consideration both points and think that giving pocket money is the better option due to all the reasons that have been listed.

    • Charlotte W says:

      Fantastic work Sahail!
      Great use of complex sentences!
      Next time remember to include some statistical information ( a recent survey…)
      Well done!

  71. Annabelle says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?
    Children’s responsibilities have had a vast change over the last few years. One of those major changes is that children are now getting more pocket money or maybe in some families actually getting pocket money. Some youths, unfortunately, do not use their money wisely which has led us to a debate –‘Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?’ .

    First of all, children have to take full responsibility over things and learn how to look after things. Giving youth their own money allows them to develop a skill called ‘responsibility’ and it is a skill needed especially for adulthood. This prepares them for the big, wide world. As well as this, if a child has money, they are able to go out by themselves and use their money for anything they would want. This makes them learn how to make wise choices on what to spend their money on and allow them to go out by themselves. In the very recent past a survey has been taken to show parents views on pocket money. 98% of parents in the London Borough of Kensington reported that when they started giving pocket money to their sons and daughters their confidence definitely boosted a lot! All these points are believed by many, many people and they all have similar concepts.

    On the other hand, it could easily be argued that children receiving pocket money has a great deal of down sides and we can only list a few. Pound sterling that go to children (most of the time) is coming out of the parents own money. If there are more children in the household and they are getting older, obviously, more pound sterling is to children-who are less in need of money- and this results in parents having less money for themselves. Additionally, some children tend to handle money irresponsibly, [in some cases] extremely irresponsibly. This does not teach them anything at all about adulthood. Despite in the London Borough of Kensington confidence being boosted, in the London Borough of Harlow comments have saddened us all. “Every week I use to give my son pocket money to spend. After that he seemed real down-hearted after a month of this routine gone by. Worried and anxious, disappointed and let-down, I was as keen as mustard to find out what was going on. Eventually I found out that my dear son was being mugged continuously after school for his money!” added in a crystal-clearly distraught mother of two. This should be a real worry to everyone because no one should be made to feel this way.

    To sum up I have found myself sitting on the fence. In some cases there should be an end, however that is only for parents to judge and not some one else.

    • Elainna says:

      Well Done Annabelle for using statistical information.
      Anyway, I like at the end what you said “To sum up I have found myself sitting on the fence. In some cases there should be an end, however that is only for parents to judge and not some one else.” That was very clever
      From Elainna xxx

  72. reice says:

    People have said that pocket money should be stoped and because of this it has made a hard disison – should children stop reciving pocket money.

    The frist reason why children should stop getting pocket money because parents have lots of bills to pay and other things, so children should stop getting pocket money.Also some parents will not be able to any way because they may not have that much money.

    On the other hand, 70/ of childrens parents have said that they do not mind giving them pocket money, so that they can get what ever they want.A other reason is they can buy there own dinner.

    After looking at both of the arguments I think that parents should give their children pocket if they have a lot of money, so I think children should keep on getting pocket.

  73. Josh says:

    Children have been given pocket money for hundreds of years. Some people would argue that children shouldn’t be given pocket money because it gets spent on unessasary things, however other people would argue that children should take responsibility for themselves. So the question is, should or shouldn’t children be given pocket money.

    Firstly, not all parents give there children the opputunity to learn the values of money. Moreover children who earn there pocket money learn to appreciate how hard it is to accumulate money therefore they spend it more wisely. ” I love pocket money “, exclaimed Ted, who is 10 years old , an extremely happy child. In addition to this, children enjoy buying things out of there own money that are fun, therefore it is useful that children receive pocket money.

    On the other hand, some people believe that children waste there pocket money on purposeless things. Obesity in schools has risen by 20% due to the amount of sweats children have been eating. Pocket money is a way that children can purchase sweets parents would not normally allow them to have. It can also be used for things that parents don’t want them to have , it takes away control that parents should have over what their children can do .

    I have taken both opinions into consideration and I understand both points of view. I think children should have pocket money because it teaches them to take responsibility for themselves and teaches them how to appreciate the values of money. So I think children should get their own money for just being good kids.

    • Elainna says:

      Well Done Josh for using statistical information ‘20%…’
      Maybe you could try to fit in ANOTHER quote from an upset mum expressing how she feels about her child/children getting pocket money
      Well done also for the conclusion ‘So children should get their own money for just being good kids.’ I think that’s clever and funny.
      Well Done Josh

    • Kush says:

      Well done Josh- great work!
      Next time check your spellings!
      Great use of a quote.

  74. Jack H says:

    Should children get pocket money?

    Some people think children should not get pocket money but there are also some think they should.
    Children should get pocket money for helping round the house eg; hoovering and washing up, as this would help children understand that you have to work to earn money rather than just being handed it.
    Some parents may not be able to afford it so it would be unfair to put pressure on them.
    I can understand both view points but I feel if they can even afford a small amount it would be better.

    • jack c says:

      well done Jack H
      I liked your “eg” as it was very clear,
      but you had to put in THREE POINTS for the for and the aginst
      again well done Jack

  75. leanne says:

    some people say that pocket money should be kept while others say that poket money should be banned

    poket money is a good idea because they getit weekly and that parents dont have to givemoney out there pocket every day 97% of children said that they love having pcket mone because they dont anoyy there parents

    people agree that pocket money should be banned because parents get very desstressed “i hate lossing 5 pounds out my pocket just because they spend it on sweets and thats it ” commented and ovios angry parent

    i think money shouldnt be banned there for i think you should keep it

  76. harrison says:

    Should children get pocket money?

    Firstly children should pocket money because they can get things which would make them play in stead of annoying there parents.But it could be argued that the child could not only get something for there self but for there parents as well. Not just that but all parents say that there child is there world so the little been deserves it!

    moreover children should not get pocket money because the mother or father needs it for food and bills but not forgetting children get enough from christmas and there birthday.

    As we have looked at both sides my opinion is that not banning is the best idea for : busy teachers, joyful parents and smart happy children🙂

  77. nathan says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    Some people believe that receiving pocket money is cool but some people think that it is dull.Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    Firstly, it could be claimed that pocket money is a waste of time. Secondly, people might say that parents giving chores to children and then give them their pocket money is not right.In a recent survey 99.9% of children said that instead of getting chores and then getting money they would rather don’t do chores and don’t get any money from their parents.

    On the other hand, it could be argued that getting pocket money is rewarding.”i think that pocket money is good because i can earn it”, commented a boy from Northampton.Moreover,some people could argue it gives the children an understanding of value of money.Finally, it is exciting, statistics show that 100% of children find it fun and exciting.

    Having looked at both perspectives i think that we should keep pocket money, because it is obviously clearly that it is important to children.

  78. robyn says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    Pocket money has been round for thousands of years. Some people are complaining that there should be no more pocket money, nevertheless other people say that pocket money is a good thing. This leads us to question ‘should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?’

    Some people believe that pocket money is a terrible thing. It could be argued that people do not have a lot of money so they cant give it to there children, therefore other children who do get money may make fun of the children who don’t.” Once there was a cake sale after school, and my daughter (Ella) didn’t have money for a cake, so all the other children rubbed there money in her face,” Claimed a clearly disappointed mother.

    On the other hand it could be claimed that its a good thing to give children money. people say that its good for them to be able to bye some nice stuff for themselves. 87% of children buy things out of there own money and work for it. A good thing is that they learn to get there money by earning it and parents wont have to just give money to them when ever they want it.

    reading both points in my view i think we should keep pocket money but just not give them to much money.

    • Charlotte says:

      Well Done Robyn!
      Great use of statistical facts!
      Next time remember to start with a capital letter.
      eg: reading both points in my view i think we should keep pocket money but just not give them to much money.
      Great work again!

    • Elainna says:

      Well done Robyn for using statistical info.
      Remember to use capital letters at the start of sentences: In paragraph 3
      Well done for emphasizing the title of your report to build tension at the end of your 1st paragraph
      WELL DONE ROBYN!🙂🙂🙂🙂

  79. Kush says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?

    It is an indisputable fact that allowing children to earn pocket money is a point to consider. It is claimed by many that pocket money prepares young students for the future, however numerous amounts of research show results that children become poor savers. Therefore, it has now been led to a final question ‘Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money.’

    First of all, money interest’s youths to acquire knowledge in the subjects taught at school. According to recent research, it was emphasised that 99.9% of children attain educational numeracy skills at an average age of 5 years old. In addition to this, pocket money generates a benefit for children accepting the feeling of being independent. A colleague of the headteacher of Culvers House Primary School (which is a school in the London Borough of Sutton) reported,” My students are absolutely incredible, due to the fact of having outstanding knowledge. 5 out of 7 students in my class have been concentrating on the amount of pocket money they receive at home. They do addition, subtraction, division and also multiplication it.” Moreover, pocket money for young people, encourage them to prepare for their future. Statistics presented that 98% of Primary School children benefit in the future when preparing to have a job when they are adults.

    On the other hand, children become poor savers, resulting in parents becoming disillusioned, if their money is wasted on a child’s game or anything related to that. It has been told by scientists that new research suggests that parental generosity is not the recommended way to make youngsters financially responsible and due to the demanding nature of children, they might misuse the given money and use it for useless purposes. Despite it being claimed that educational numeracy skills attain knowledge, countless people dispute that if a child is not given the item needed they would quarrel with their parents, resulting in a family argument. In a recent survey produced in a school -namely Woking Wisher Primary- it was expressed that 96% of students had an argument with their parents about pocket money. Finally, sometimes children do not realise that money is not that straightforward to earn. “My child, who is at age of 8, never realises that it is challenging to earn money, if you are a waiter and you’re barely ever given tips!!”reported a clearly distraught, troubled parent.

    Having understood as to how each side of the argument feel, I have come to a conclusion that pocket money should not be banned, due to the fact that it is an educational material and supports children when they are older. Consider it essential that ensuring young humans to have pocket money would: improve their independent skills, their future ahead and their learning abilities.

  80. Charlotte says:

    Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money?
    It has been debated whether children should be receiving pocket money. Some people think this should stop. That has led us to the question ` Should there be an end to children receiving pocket money? `
    Firstly, it could be claimed that a variety of children find that getting pocket money is very rewarding. “Since I am helping out in my house, my mum has been giving me 50p a week. I feel very proud with myself,” commented Emma Doodleberry, a clearly delighted child. A recent survey said that 64% of parents (legal guardians) who give pocket money to their children think that it will help them in life – by making the right decision. Lastly, it could be argued that giving your child pocket money gives them the responsibility on how to invest the currency.
    On the other hand, some people think that money should be given to people 11 or over, since of the responsibility that is needed. Moreover, a recent survey said that 97% of shop assistants said that children under 11 years old – who came into their shop- spent irresponsibly on irrelevant items. It could be debated that children do not have a limit on the amount of money; this leads into people being bullied by them getting little pocket money compared to people who get a lot.
    Having looked at both sides of this dispute, I can understand both of the viewpoints. I think that we should keep pocket money but put a limit on how much you get.

    • Kush says:

      Well done Charlotte!
      Next time try to back up the last point in the 2nd paragraph.
      Great work though and good use of statistics and quotes.

  81. BRANDON says:

    I wanna laptop
    Dear mum

    I am writing to you to let you know I really want a laptop.

    I would use my laptop for homework if I had stuff to put on the school blog and to research when we get geography homework.

    Secondly I would use it to entertain my self by watching programs and playing games.

    I would let anyone use it and even you only if you ask me first.

    The laptop will only be £399.99 , I really want the laptop please.

    Yours sincerely


  82. Noor says:

    Dear mum 9/1/2013

    I am writing to you to let you know that I really want a hamster.

    Secondly, aunty is giving it away her hamster as she will be at work all day and there will be no one to look after the creature .So I would like the furry, soft, lovable creature as it will be the sister I’ve always wanted. Even though I already have a little sister and an older brother, this will be the only furry pet I will ever have.

    On the other, hand I promise to clean its cage every week. Listen to this I will even use my allowance to buy the hamsters food. Also aunty has already got the hamster’s toys, bed and house so I won’t have to get that.

    Although I will be at school Jimmy my older brother can look after the harmless, lonely fur ball-as he only goes to school half day. As you’re the caring best mum im sure you will look after my pet until I come back from

    Everyone thinks that hamsters are cute and adorable so that’s the very main reason I want a hamster.

    From Alice

  83. Josh says:

    Dear Mum,
    I am writing to request your permission to purchase a Chimpanzee.

    Firstly, Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent and fun to play with. They will keep me company when I get lonely and play games with me when I am bored. However I know you have reservations about me having chimpanzee but, I am writing to reassure you that this is not the case. In a resent survey 95% of parents did not let this one in a lifetime opportunity slide, Therefore I am asking you to be the best Mum in the world by allowing me to have a baby chimpanzee.That is just one of my reasons as to why it is essential that we get it

    Secondly, I Know that the chimpanzee will be my responsibility and I am going to train the chimp to have great manners and do tricks. It could keep me entertained when I am bored and whenever I needed a friend I would always know that I had my pet chimpanzee there for me.

    Mum I would greatly appreciate you considering my request and hope you find it in your heart to see that this is an outstanding opportunity for us to adopt this chimp and welcome it into our lovely home,
    From your loving son

    • Kush says:

      Well done Josh!
      Next time double check your capital letter are in the right place.
      Great use of a survey.

    • Elainna says:

      Well done Josh for including concluding sentences at the end of each paragraph
      Maybe next time you could put a quote into your work
      I really liked your concluding paragraph at the end
      From Elainna

  84. leanne says:

    dear mummy
    please can i have a kitten named sand witch he is really really reallly cute and i will look after her please can i have it love leanne

    • Kush says:

      Well done Leanne!
      Next time try to make sure to use capital letters.
      Good work though.

    • robyn says:

      good piece of writing,

      however i would like you to make it much longer (2 more paragraphs), Also it would make your writing even better if you added more persuasive writing,

      good work, Robyn

  85. Ana:) says:

    Dear mom,
    Remember that kitten I was talking about? well I found out some information about why I should get one.

    Firstly, I think they’re really cute and fluffy, in a recent survey I have found out that 99.99% of people predict that their fur is about 10cm long!

    Secondly, I wanted to mention about them sleeping all day so it won’t be a big problem leaving them at home. Surely any right thinking mother would agree that their child should have a pet.

    Also, did you know that cats can see in the dark? They can hunt mice and rats!
    “They are fabulous hunters!” Commented a girl.

    I hope you will get me one as I’m your only ‘best’ daughter.
    Love Lily.

  86. chloe.m says:

    Dear mother,
    I would like to request the full acceptation of a hampster – as it is essential
    Firstly, I would love a cute hamster because all of my friends have one, and I am the odd one out. As a caring mother I’m sure you wouldn’t want me you’re loving daughter to go without would you? If I had a hamster all of this hurtful name calling at school will stop If I have a cuddly hamster
    Secondly, if I have a hamster I will pay for the every thing so please get me one and if you do I will be the happiest women/child/daughter alive.
    Moreover, I will be happy. Don’t you want your daughter to be happy? If I was a caring parent I would want my beautiful daughter to be happy. Plus you’re my mum and I look up to you, when I’m older I wish to be just like you. And if my little girl wanted something so bad and you didn’t give it I wonn’t give it, because I want to be exactly like you. I hope you consider this point especially.
    To sum up, I would like a hampster. I hope you consider all of these points consideratly and carefully.
    Yours sincerely chloexxxxxxxxxx

    • Annabelle says:

      Your dare-to-disagree sentences are good. You could make that sentence better if you put a put a dashes around ‘you’re loving daughter’. It has included the features of persuasive writing. Also putting all those kisses on the end makes it informal, however you have great emotive language.

  87. jack c says:

    Ms Cal

    21st February 2014

    Ref: pet fish

    Dear mum

    I am writing to you to request the permission to have an extremely cute goldfish,that I am sure you will agree to, at the end of this letter.

    Firstly, goldfish are very easy to look after. I know that, one of your arguments are about cleaning the bowl and keeping the water free of algae. I have looked on the internet and found a few ways to do that. Keeping a good balance of the Ph in the goldfish’s water will maintained the bowl free of the green staff. There are a large selection of potions that you can buy from any pet shops for only a few pounds. Also, my cousin, Madalina from Canada has recently made an invention which she is waiting to be brevetted about a special paint for the bottom of the ships that will keep them free of algae. She promised to give me a few tips as well. Can you argue about that anymore?

    Secondly, a goldfish’s food does not cost more then a few pounds a week. I have borrowed a book from our school library and found out that you can only feed a goldfish once a day. Before I leave for school in the morning, I can easily feed the fish, then job done. You know very well that I am a responsible child and I will look after my pet. This is an important point to consider, can you?

    Moreover, the goldfish are such a beautiful creatures. Think of the calmness and serenity that a goldfish creates around the house simply by looking at it. I am quiet sure that if you ever get bored of your precious books, my goldfish will entertain better than anything. Every mature adults will think that there should not be a house without a fish tank.

    Please, remember: a goldfish do not cost a fortune, very easy to look after, do not make any noises (the neighbors will have nothing to complain about) and will bring a lot of happiness to our house.

    Please, please, please mummy, I will love you forever and I will be on my best behavior for years to come, if you just agree to buy me a beautiful goldfish.

    Your loving son,

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done Jack for using such powerful emotive language. I especially loved the word serenity. Make sure that you check over your work to see that you haven’t misspelt words or accidently turned informal. Well done for getting your organisational features right.

  88. Elainna says:

    Dear Mum,
    I am writing to request your permission on having a Rabbit in our home.

    First of all, everyone knows that Rabbits are irresistible and cute. I’m sure that having a Rabbit in our home would be no harm at all. 87% of parents in the UK agree that Rabbits are cute and do no harm at all. “Rabbits are now one of my favorite animals. They are cute and easy to look after, you don’t have to take them on walks 3 times a day like dogs, they just eat, sleep and carry on being cute.”

    Another thing, Rabbits are quiet. In fact, they are even more quieter than dogs. They don’t bark, they don’t meow and they don’t hurt you in any way (unlike dogs and cats). They won’t ever attack you, as they are very tamed animals.

    Surely any caring mother wouldn’t mind buying a cute and harmless Rabbit for her lonely daughter. I hope that I have proved my point to you and hope that maybe sometime in the year you could buy me a Rabbit?

    Love from, your lonely (and in need of a pet) daughter

    • Kush says:

      Well done Elainna!
      Next time try to include a concluding sentence in your letter.
      Apart from that, well done and good ‘Dare to Disagree’ sentences.

    • Annabelle says:

      Great work Elainna for using statistical information to show evidence. Please remember that rabbit is a common noun so doesn’t need a capital letter. A good persuasive letter.

  89. Monett says:

    Dear Older Female Sibling
    I am writing to inform you that I would like two multi-coloured love birds.

    My opportunity for having this is that my acquaintance thinks that they are now out of fashion, so she has decided to give it to me-which is a kind friendly thing to do.

    My most crucial reason, why I should have a love bird, is that this is a one in a life time opportunity the next time this opportunity comes up they will be out of fashion. In a recent survey 97% of pupils in Culvers House Primary School said that love birds will be out of fashion in the next month but if ‘everyone’ has one it will stay in the current fashion. You don’t want me to be out of fashion, do you? This is my most crucial reason

    I wish to remind you once again that having a love bird is extremely vital for my social life-everyone knows that.

    • Kush says:

      Well done Monnet!
      Next time try and remember to include the full stop at the end of your 3rd paragraph.
      Anyway great use of a survey and counter argument.

  90. reice says:

    Dear mum,

    I really want an x box 360.

    Fristly,I wouldn’t be able to disturb you and I would be having fun.Everyone at school has one so if don’t I would be bullied and because your the best mum ever you’ll do it I’m sure.This is just my frist reason why I won’t one.

    Secondly, the xbox 360 are cheaper now .This is true because the x box one has came out.please get for me.

    I love you very much

    • Kush says:

      Well done Reice!
      Try to make sure that you include a concluding paragraph in your 3rd paragraph!
      Excellent use of listing connectives!

  91. layla says:

    dear mum
    I wanna kitten
    please mum can i have a kitten
    i will look after it feed it
    clean out its kitter box
    let her go out when she wants to

  92. jamie says:

    Dear Father,

    I am writing again to mention that the Nerf fire strike not only is cheap but it is also extremely fun. Surely you can see this is a amazing toy this device is capable of many things such as bringing a smile to your beloved child’s face.

    In addition to this I have done a survey to show that this is a appropriate toy for children like me. As this survey shows 79% have said they have bought there child this fantastic gift and have enjoyed the feeling of making there son happy.

    Moreover, a local resident, named Michael Peterson, stated the following,”Buying my child this gift has brung a smile to my lovely face and has made me feel like an outstanding father and a great parent.”

    To sum up i feel like this present is an amazing gift and i’m sure you will make the right decision.

    Sincerely your sensible son,

    • Mr Smith says:

      Dear Jeffery
      As persuasive as your argument is, I can think of one very good reason to NOT buy you this toy. It would be me, your loving father that would constantly be shot at!!
      Sincerely your apprehensive father
      Mr Smith

    • Kush says:

      Well done Jamie- excellent work!!
      Next time try and double check that you remember your capital letters.
      Apart from that, excellent work and great listing connectives!

  93. Chloe.D says:

    Dear Mum,

    I am writing to request your permission for the keeping of a loving puppy.

    Moreover, I would leave you in complete peace. You would no longer have to listen to constant noise, as I would be playing with my puppy. According to a recent survey, 91 percent of parents would rather relax than be harassed by their child or children. I should think that you would look into this matter immediately.

    Lastly, I would like you to be happy. You happiness is crucial to me. Wondrous and beautiful, the puppy and I would appreciate it if you considered. Surely any caring person would see how much you mean to me? Please digest this point.

    Once again let me tell you how much I would like this opportunity to contribute to the act of under taking the extraordinary animal, namely the puppy. As a brilliant, generous parent, I am confident that you will make the right descision and allow me to retain the one-off pet. I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully,

  94. Harrison says:

    Dear mum,

    I am writing again to mention that the great i pad not only helps me but you as well because you can read your books simply with the touch of your finger. Do you not see this device is capable of many things such as : educational and fun apps, a trusty calculator, not forgetting the clear screen of beauty!

    Moreover, I have done a survey of who would get there child this product and guess what 99.9% would what a coincidence! A mother of 2 reported ” Any day any time any place just to increase my childs educational benifit I would buy such a wonderful product” While she was shopping for toys.

    As a fantastic mum I know that you will come to the right decisision to go with me and buy the 21st century gaget.

    love your knowlagable son Frank#

    • Kush says:

      Well done Harrison- great work and good use of a quote!
      Next time try to remember to put punctuation before the end of speech marks.
      Fabulous work apart from that Harrison!

  95. Sahail says:

    Dear Mum,

    I would like to request the permission of a PS3 – as it is essential

    Firstly, I would love a Playstation three because all of my friends have one, and I am the odd one out. As a caring mother I’m sure you wouldn’t want your son to be hurt due to the fact he dosen’t have a Playstation. If I had a Playstation all of this hurtful feelings that have been caused from people from school will go away, and yet again I will be one of the normal kids again. I hope you take this point seriously.

    Secondly, If you supply me with a PS3 I will be less of a nuisance to you. The reason this could happen is because I will have less time on my hands. I will have less time on my hands because I will be too busy playing on the most exquisite console on Earth- it will only happen if you buy it for me. I hope you support this point.

    Moreover, I will be happy. Don’t you want your son to be happy? If I was a caring parent I would want my son to be happy. Plus your my role model, when I’m older I wish to be just like you. And if my son wanted something so bad and you didn’t give it I own’t give it, because I want to be exactly like you. I hope you consider this point especially.

    To sum up, I would like a PS3 – as it is essential. I hope you consider all of these points consideratly and carefully.

    Yours sincerely Sahail.

    • Kush says:

      Well done Sahail astonishing work!
      Next time try to remember to use capital letters and full stops in the right places.
      Apart from that, I think your work is fabulous, including the good use of technical words.

    • Lucy says:

      well done Sahail !
      you have used lots of connectives and I like it when you have linked the start with the ending (Level 5) !
      next time in your concluding paragraph you could use a complex sentence to make it even better,but well done for your level 5 punctuation

  96. Jack.h says:

    Dear mum,

    I am writing to you to give you all the good things about why we should get a Bull terrier

    They are good because they give me;you,dad,John and Alex fantastic exercise, because we will be taking the dog for a walk twice a day.

    A Bull terrier is excellent as a guard dog. 99% of people who own a Bull terrier agree that they
    are great for scaring away burglars. This would be great be great since we have alot of burglars down our road.

    I hope you take this under consideration.

    from Yours Sincerely


  97. Elainna says:

    The darkness of this place made my sister and I cringe, the dirty corners were rats breed and were spiders weave cobwebs, wet tissue thrown up at the ceiling hang up there for many years to come. Lizzie and I were walking in the dark, gloomy hallways of Cheam Park Farm Junior School-the school that everyone had forgotten…

    There was a man, standing in the dark dressed in black holding a scorching cup of coffee, drinking it ever so slowly. Taking evasive action in order to not disturb him, we tiptoed past. Little did we know that his leg was stuck out which Lizzie’s foot got stuck and tripped him over making the boiling hot coffee spill all over the man’s face.

    If he hadn’t stuck his leg out, if Lizzie had looked, if we were cautious, then he wouldn’t be so angry and watching our every move…

    Lizzie and I were very scared; we ran into the lift and pressed the button to go to the next spine-chilling level. Due to the coffee spillage, he was stalking us, trying to get his revenge on us.

    We ran into a small room, the man ran past us hoping to find us. As soon as he was out of our sight, we ran into another room to take cover. We needed a plan; we couldn’t be here all night as we weren’t safe with this maniac restlessly trying to find us.

    We looked around the heart-racing school; he was kicking open doors, growling with the devil in his eye. We knew something was wrong. We didn’t want to go near him but, we had to find out why he wanted us so badly.

    He was in the waiting room, kicking over everything in his path yelling, “COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!”
    I didn’t know what to do as our mum left to go to ASDA and wouldn’t be back until very late; it was very busy there. She thought that we were safe here: but we weren’t.

    We could hear him screaming from a million miles away, as he was very angry, “I WON’T REST UNTIL I FIND YOU!” he screamed. Lizzie was trembling and crying on my shoulder. She was my little sister, she thought I knew what to do as I was the older one, looking after her like my life depended on it.

    We peered around the corner looking around with a petrified look on our faces. I felt someone breathing hard on my neck, “Lizzie?” I asked in a squeaky voice. I turned around and saw that Lizzie wasn’t there, but the manic was!

    Written by Elainna
    (I hope you guys liked it)

    • Kush says:

      Well done Elainna- it’s such a mysterious story!
      Next time make sure you check the 3rd paragraph, as it doesn’t make sense.
      Apart from that minor mistake, great work and good use of target sentences( e.g. If, if, if, then)!!!

    • Charlotte W says:

      Wow Elainna!
      That was phenomenal! It is very mysterious. I agree with Kush about the 3rd paragraph.
      Great work!
      P.S Why was the man so angry and wanted to get revenge really bad?
      PP.S Please make a sequel to the book and put it on the blog, as I really enjoyed this book.

      • Elainna says:

        Thank you so much Charlotte for your feedback, I ALSO AGREE WITH YOU GUYS
        I’m SO glad that you enjoyed my story🙂🙂🙂

      • Elainna says:

        Oh right, the man was angry because we had spilled his scorching hot coffee all over him
        Yes I have another book about a voice in a locked room I’ll post it

  98. Charlotte W says:

    Dear Mum,
    I am writing to you (my remarkable mum) again to request the permission to allow me to have an adorable, loving puppy- as it is essential.
    Firstly, everyone knows that dogs are gorgeous. A recent survey said that 99.9% of the world thinks that dogs are cuter than rabbits, hamsters, cats and guinea pigs. Wouldn’t you want to own a beautiful pet? This is a crucial point to consider.
    In addition to this, dogs are caring animals. A family of four commented,” Our dog always comes up to us when we are feeling sad. She always sits by our sides. She is a lovable creature.” Surely any right thinking person, as I know you are, would want a kind and considerate animal as a pet. This is only one of the many reasons that you should take seriously.
    To sum up, a first- class human being (as you definitely are) would make the right decision and let a cute and compassionate creature into our loving home. It is vital that you make the right decision by letting a dog come into our residence.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Elainna says:

      Well Done Charlotte!
      The sandwich:
      Bread: I loved how you flattered your mum at the start
      Filling: …………………………………………..? I have nothing
      Bread: I love how you used dare-to-disagree sentences

  99. robyn says:

    Dear Mrs Reid,
    I am writing to you to tell you that we should have our phones in school all the time.

    Firstly we should have phones in school so if we get stuck on some maths questions we can just use our calculators. In addition to this most of our lessons are very boring and it would be so much better if we could play games and text! Finally if we want to talk to another student in the class we can just text the student.

    overall I am telling you that it is a great idea to always have our phones during lesson time

    Your sincerely,

    San Sall

  100. Noor says:

    I was having fun with my friend.
    When I went to my bed I started doing my homework.
    .My Mum brought me a cake,lolly and a ice cream
    Surprisingly he bought me a laptop!
    “would you mind if I use your rubber”.
    ‘My name is sally and I am 11 years old’.
    It was there…
    One boys hat flew away.
    I had a great time-because I went to the safari park.
    It was great trip[it was like going to a zoo].

  101. Katey10 says:

    Katey loves doing gymnastics.
    Angelina likes to play football in the park.
    Che’anne, who is 10 years old, likes to play football.
    Do you want to play with my dog? Enquired KateyWhat just happned!
    “What do you want to eat for dinner?” asked Angelina’s mum and dad.
    ‘I love homework’
    Katey’s dad always says you are good at gymnastics.
    What will happen next…
    Lucy wanted to go outside- because she hasn’t been out for ages.
    Ellese wants some ice-cream.
    The frogs (who are slimy and green) think that they can fly all night.

    I was tired:I hadn’t slept I ages.

    Monett was shopping and bought some sweets; water; banana; crisps and some apples.

  102. reice fort hare says:

    We had lots of fun.
    The group of animals ran.
    The boy,who was in year 6,went to bed.
    “Where should we go?”
    “Let’s go on an adventure!”
    “Let’s go to london.”
    That boy is really ‘nice’ isn’t he.
    We shouldn’t be doing this.
    The door opened…
    I suppourt chelsea – they are a good team.
    Do you want to get some ice-cream?
    One moring(wenseday)something happened.
    We were eshasted : we were up all night.
    You will need a hat;a towl and a pair of fresh cloths.

  103. Annabelle says:

    Desperate, Lauren lifted her head out of the water to catch a gulp of oxygen.
    Jason, who loved to play basketball, had a dozen trophies sitting on his huge, wooden cabinet.
    Paula went to the corner shop to buy ‘Hovis’, ‘Hubba Bubba’, Milk and a magazine.
    Who…was it?
    “Jump!” yelled Thomas.
    “I hardly even know you,” exclaimed Felicity taking a step back, “I can’t just accept that present you’ve offered to me”
    Was playing football really ‘homework’ ?
    Energised, delighted, elated, Al pranced deeper, until he found the mine’s heart.
    The crooked, fragile octagarian swiftly, slowly fell to the rough, jagged ground…
    It was almost as it was planned-nothing seemed to happen realistically.
    Suddenly, the turtle was dumb-founded-an army of amphibians had just passed him.
    Oliver had to wake up early (as early as two am)to get a very important business meeting.
    It’ll be a white Christmas: we have seen frost as early as September.
    The following water activities we will do: Olympic canoeing; water rafting; swimming; scuba diving and surfing.

  104. Jaxs says:

    The green, slimy grogs smacked to the floor as if the floor was a magnet. The frogs screeched as they dropped. fredirick , the over weight awkward frog impationly grabbed onto the tree. Why? “help!” shouted terry the frog. terry said that he could ‘fly’. “i’m bored now.” The detectives came but they were to late… The frogs were gone- they were already home. Want to play in the play-ground with me. Lucy (Terrys friend) went to play with Terry. Tom was exhausted : he had not slept in days. Terry had to paint boxes; glue paper and hole punch things.

  105. mitchell says:

    I went to the shops
    when i went and saw chelsea play it was very exciting.
    when i went to the shop i bought a bike,car,doughnuts
    what was the noise
    do it now!
    “would you like to go to the library“
    the `boy` who is very good is actually very bad
    it`s them said junior
    what will happen next…
    junior – who is a 10 year old boy
    the boy – is very good at football
    the boy who lives in carshalton (sutton)

  106. Brandon says:

    Capital letter: My friend and I went to Beddington park.
    Full stop: I don’t like carrots.
    Comma: My auntie, who is 30 years old ,likes driving her car.
    Question mark: Have you done your homework?
    Exclamation mark: i love Lego!
    Speech marks: “Bye mum!” exclaimed Sammy happily
    Inverted commas: I ‘love’ homework.

  107. Monett says:

    Capital Letters
    When Maria went to London, she stayed at Hampton Courts.
    Full stops
    The tap stopped.
    I ran away quickly,very quickly.
    Question Mark
    Are you going to Spain for a holiday?
    Exclamation mark
    Speech Marks
    “Where,” mom gasped “do you think you’re going, little lady?!”
    inverted commas
    Maxie likes the book ‘Girls Rule’.
    I don’t like chocolate.
    The canon went off…
    His face turned bright red, when he walked through the wrong door-interrupting a meeting.
    The director did an amazing re-carnation of a Cinderella film.
    three hundred and ninety seven years ago Shakespeare (we remember him when we watch Romeo and Juliet ) remains England’s favorite play writer.
    I like purple: its a mixture of both pink and blue.
    Semi Colon
    Some people write with a word processor; others write with a pen or pencil.

  108. robyn 222 says:

    Capital letter:
    Katy, who is a 12 year old girl, loves football.
    Full stop:
    Excited, ecstatic, loved, Billy couldn’t wait to open his presents tomorrow on Christmas day.
    If only I listed to my mum, if only i held her hand, if only i had a phone, than i wouldn’t be lost all alone!
    What happened?
    Exclamation mark
    Its Christmas!
    Speech marks
    “Hello Mary,” Exclaimed Mr Taylor amazed that he had finally found a Mary that is not imaginary.
    Inverted comma’s
    My teacher, Mr Taylor is very ‘funny’
    I really don’t like football!
    They fell…
    I love Christmas – its a very snugly time of the year.
    I love ice-cream so much, nevertheless sometimes it gives me a brain freeze.
    I like to put my Christmas tree early (but not in November)
    I love Christmas: i can spend time with my family.
    At the shops i bought brilliant ball-balls; terrific tinsel; lovely lights and a stunning star for my Christmas tree.

  109. chloe says:

    Chloe went to visit the Shard in London.( capital letters)
    Elainna has long hair.(full stop)
    Mary, who was a 11 year old girl, plays football(comma)
    Have you seen my dog?(question)
    BANG it happened! (explanation mark)
    ” hi, do you want to play with me today” asked Chloe(speech)
    youre my ‘best’friend.(inverted commas)
    can we go to the boat’s?(apostrophe)
    I like ice-cream.(dash)
    When i went shopping i bought, yellow bananas – green apples-juicy oranges and some yummy yogurt( hyphen)
    the baby cried.(she had only just been born) (brackets)
    she was tired: Mary had been working late ( colon)
    I like apples;oranges;mango and bananas( semi colon)

  110. Noor says:

    1. I went to the shop as i picked up a packet of crisp.
    2. The little girl was as happy as a goldfish.
    3. I was exited,happy and over joyed because my birthday was coming up in two days.
    4. What had happened?
    5. Look here she comes!
    6. “Wow that was great”!
    7. it came closer…
    8. The girl liked food-especially cakes
    9. (I want to go higher) she yelled.
    10. She had loads of sweets:she never had as many as before.

  111. Pascal says:

    Written from my iPad mini this time!🙂
    The capital of Ireland is Dublin.

    The ants went back home.

    Snakes, crocodiles, and lizards are all reptiles.

    What is for dinner?

    The snakes broke out!

    My friend said “Let’s play a game”.

    There is a tower in New York called ‘ Empire State ‘.

    What’s for dinner.

    It happened…

    I was scared – There was a thunder.

    I had an ice-cream.

    The glass fell (the one that was on the table).

    The weather was bad : there was a thunder.

    Spiders; ants; and cockroaches are all insects.

  112. josh says:

    Micheal, who liked to go to Jamacia every weekened, decided to go on Wednesday.
    The boy went to the shop.
    The men jumped off the cliff, however they did not make it!
    What was it?
    Then it happened!
    “help my leg has got stuck in the rocks”! screamed Tara, whilst begging for help.
    Niven, who was ‘well behaved’ , was acting good for once.
    There’s my Jordans.
    Something grabed it…
    The boy had nice shoes – they were Nike air forces.
    On Friday I bought some ice – cream.
    The trees [ which were dancing in the wind ] had brigyht green silky leafs hanging from them.
    Astonished, the boy froze : there was a enormous creature face to face with him!
    I need to buy some : eggs; milk; bread; and some cheese to make a delightful sandwich with some milk.

  113. Cheanne says:

    Charlotte is my best friend.
    The dog sat down.
    The dog saved my life , but couldn’t save his.
    Why should I?
    “Come back!”screached sarah while she was running for her friend.
    My name is Che’anne.
    I felt a grab…
    I love ice-cream!
    I had a dream-Muhammad ali
    I love winter (not).
    I am going to but green grapes; sweet mango;.
    I had a good time:I got to see my great granma and grampa.

  114. Ana says:

    Oscar lived in London for three years, but then moved to Spain.
    Jessica’s cat is as naughty as a crazy cheetah trying to escape from the zoo.
    In Russia, Lily was famous for cooking the best pies in the world.
    (Capital Letter)

    The beautiful weather broke through the grey clouds.
    Amazed and excited, shocked and astonished, the boy smiled after seeing his birthday present.
    The sun shone through the window and made the whole family happy.
    (Full Stop)

    When Sophie’s mum went shopping she had to buy bread, butter, milk and rice.
    The rusty, old window looked disgusting on the brand,new house.
    Claire, who was the smartest girl in the class, didn’t always want to win.

    The wind started to blow hard. What’s happening?
    The little, cute girl begged for a dolly. Will she get it?
    Daisy wished to be in the play. Will she be in it?
    (Question Mark)

    BANG! The trees fell on the dusty road, whats happening?
    Nina, who was about to fall asleep, until she heard a shotgun!
    Splat! the goo fell on the ground.
    (Exclamation Mark)

    ” Are you going anywhere today?” asked Jody as she smiled.
    “Oh my word! Lily!” Screamed Daniella.
    “I’m bored.” Cried Lauren “What should I do?”.
    (Speech Marks)

    Mary’s Favorite son is ‘Roar’.
    Michael, who is a ‘good boy’, ruined the Christmas play.
    Jerry’s cat ‘loves’ playing on video games.
    (Inverted Commas)

    Tom’s mum cooked bacon.
    My cat’s toys are always in my way.
    Katie wishes she could fly, but it won’t happen.

    It happened…
    The bells rang…
    I went on a trip but then…

    My name is Linda – I am 12 Years old.
    James can’ finish his test – because he didn’t practice.
    Amy’s friend was grounded – he didn’t listen to thergot teacher.

    I love ice-cream!
    The butter-fly, sadly didn’t survive winter.
    Bob couldn’t forgive his mum for taking his lady-bird.

    Slimy Sam (people called him that because he loved slime) did his math homework.
    Willie was in trouble (after being rude to a boy)
    David didn’t bring his homework (he lost it).

    Harry was tired: he went to bed late.
    The cat cried: it had no-one to play with.
    Ellie missed her lunch: she didn’t do her homework.

    Richard likes cake; Susan likes salad.
    Peter fell of the climbing wall; he broke his leg.
    Hannah scored the most; she won a gold medal.

  115. Kush says:

    1.) Inclement and chilly, bitter and wintry, the innocent, young Sam, who was a five year old boy, strolled through the frozen, harsh weather.
    2.) Peering through the gloomy darkness, Chris observed a fierce, aggressive monster, brutally hurting his friend- Sam.
    3.) As the savage, raging typhoon swept the sea into the land of the Philippines, which is in the continent of Asia, timid, alarmed residents quickly escaped the island, into a safety shelter.
    4.) What’s happening to this beautiful, attractive island?
    5.) WHOOSH! The high-pressure winds whizzed into the European country, England.
    6.) “Let’s go and cause catastrophe and mayhem,” cried Sir. Phil, who was leader of the gorillas army, as he marched towards Gotham City .“Cause destruction! Ha Ha!”
    7.) They were doomed…
    8.) The ‘well-behaved’ Sam Drew kept stealing useful money from other students!
    9.) “Don’t do that Chris!” exclaimed Chris McDonald’s mum, Sarah McDonald, her rage at its zenith. “You’re now sixteen years old!”
    10.) London looked like the moon’s capital city-shallow, crated and deserted.
    11.) Sam ate mouth-watering ice-cream, smothered with appetising chocolate sauce.
    12.) Elated, overjoyed, thrilled, Chris (who had his 10th birthday on the 12th June 2013) had a marvelous party.
    13.) I was perplexed: I was baffled of which direction Aunt May lived.
    14.) The feast was made of: mouth-watering turkey; succulent roast potatoes; lip-smacking gravy and luscious vegetables.

    Thank you for reading my work

  116. reice fort hare says:

    We had lots of fun.
    The group of animals ran. The boy,who was in year 6,went to bed. “Where should we go?” “Let’s go on an adventure!” “Let go to london.” That boy is really ‘nice’ isn’t he
    We shouldn’t be doing this.
    The door opened…
    I suppourt chelsea – they are a really good team.
    Do you want to get som ice-cream?
    One morning(wenesday)somthing strang happened.
    We were exhasted :we were up all night.
    You will need sun tan lotion;a hat;a towl and fresh cloths

  117. Sahail says:

    I ran panting furiously.

    Nick ‘a well behaved boy’ stole everyone’s money.

    Fred ,the best referee, had an injured leg.

    I was scared : my house was being robbed.

    Dan (a 10 year old boy) walked through the park staring at the lush trees.

    Sam loves to have a bubble gum flavoured ice-cream.

    What was that sound?

    Ben and his best friend saw the xbox1 before anyone else could!

    ” Imagine me the worlds best footballer have a painful injury! Hah that’s hilarious!” Exclaimed Ed, as he looked at his picture in the Guinness world record.

    Why wouldn’t Sarah read her book?

    Suddenly, his heart sank…

    Cat was wearing a gigantic woolly coat ; a soft comforting black hat ; nice brown sparkly shoes and a new refreshing t-shirt.

    Jay ,a good boy, was covered in snow – he just had a snowball fight.

  118. Nathan says:

    I went to Spain last month.
    Barnaby went to the Emperor cinema in Sutton.
    Mark, who was 12 year’s old, did his easy homework.
    what’s going to happen next?
    I’m having a great time!
    ” I’m a celebrity get me out of here shouted Alfonso as he was scared of tarantulas!
    ‘Nathan ‘nath’ like’s to play football.
    I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    Something happened…
    I like food-especially strawberry’s dipped into melted chocolate.
    Fantastic Freddy like’s to eat bubble gum and vanilla ice-cream.
    cristiano ronaldo ( footballer) play’s for Real Madrid and Portugal.
    Scott was excited: it was 100th birthday.
    sour lime;lovely raspberry’s;mighty melons;and beautiful oranges.

  119. jack c says:


    1. capital letter : David went to the shopping center in Brighton.

    2.full stop : Mary was about to be 10.

    3.comma : The new car was red,yellow and green.

    4.question mark: Why are going to the school on Saturday?

    5.exclamation mark:Sam screamed for help !

    6.speech marks :”Woo”shouted Bob as he dived in to the pool head first.

    7.inverted commas : I read that ‘consonants are often doubled after the first syllable of a word if the first syllable contains a short vowel sound’.

    8. apostrophe : I don’t understand you clearly.

    9.ellipses : She knocked on the door and waited but …

    10. dash :How she screamed – she still had to do her homework.

    11.hyphen :I went out for ice-cream.

    12.brackets : I am 10 [almost 11]

    13.colon : I would like to tell you the ingredients for the muffins as follow (:) sugar, cocoa, bicarbonate of soda, lemon grind and so on…

    14.semi-colon : I am going to go home (;) I am still thinking about it.

  120. jamie says:


    I enjoyed this weeks homework, which was about punctuation.
    It had gone.
    Timmy, who’s birthday it was, had got really cool presents.
    Something was there, what?
    Reice had got some new toys!
    “Wow this fabulous, amazing toy is better than my rusty old tree house.”commented Tiffany whilst bouncing up and down.
    Mai’s favorite song is ‘what does the fox say’ by ylvis.
    Jamie’s favorite game is minecraft!
    He was gone! Who was next…
    They were in the woods-looking for a torch.
    Antonio sat down to watch Iron-man 3.
    Jonathon (Mikes brother) had to go to a dentists appointment.
    Michael was tired:he hadn’t slept for days.
    I went to the shop and bought some amazing apples;some toasty bread and some awesome lego.

  121. Monett says:

    The frogs were on dark, slimy lily pads that were flying in the thick, warm air. Oblivious to the eyes on, the frogs carried on croaking a peaceful melody. The frogs finally stopped croaking their melody and looked down on the ‘houses’ but instead of seeing houses they saw their home-the swamp. The eldest frog then realized they had to maneuverer the lily pads moving the way they wanted to go. The frogs all leaned to the left and then the lily pads came alive. The frogs slowly moved away from the swamp.
    Quickly and quietly, calmly and coolly, the frogs wondered what they would find in the world of the unknown. “I wonder what would happen if a human saw us” a little frog questioned happily. “Well ummm,” began an elder before he was rudely interrupted by a younger frog saying, “look out!” It was too late. He was gone………..

    • Annabelle says:

      Monett, your writing kept me intrigued until the end! Be sure to layout and punctuate your speech correctly, because there are a couple of mistakes. I love the inverted commas, since they create an impact to the sentence. I think that if you put the elipses after `it was too late` and leave out the `he was gone` the elipses will be more effective because the reader(like me)won’t know what happened. Other than that it could get a level 5.

  122. Jaxs says:

    Some of the frogs look like there a bit confused because they don’t always get to fly. Its almost like they think there dreaming so there not sure if there dreaming or not. There all quite confused none of them under stand. The frogs look like there still half asleep and they still need time to wake up.

    • Annabelle says:

      Well done Jaxson I’m starting to picture your description. Maybe a few target sentences would give it a boost. Also level 5 punctuation can help. Great try!

  123. Jack.H says:

    The frogs flew as fast as they could and as high as they could. When the frogs , saw the city , they headed towards it , knowing they could get into some trouble. As the frogs looked at the dull city , a man stared out of his window and shrieked.

  124. Rhiannon says:

    Scared, worried,socked the frogs were holding tit on there lilly-pads while they were flying around. One frog ,who was Ultrix scared,flu lower then the others.
    ” I love flying high, but it does make me worried that I am going to foll off,” shouted lilly as she flu higher.
    ” Me to ,but I am going to stay on the safe side,” relied billy as he move as fast as her when she that high.
    ” Silly and Willy have all reddy fallen off,so be careful up there!” explained Tilly as she stared to fly even lower
    The dark,blue sky was lit up the yellow, bright moon. The frogs got yosto flying they stared to loved it.

  125. josh says:

    The frogs, who were hovering like helicopters were flying on magical lily pads, launched out of the damp dirty swamp and headed towards the city. They lifted higher into the gloomy mysterious atmosphere and glided through the sky. Happy and excited, joyful and delighted, they sawed through the air like a bald eagle montoring the area. However, much fun they were having, they were determend to invade what was theirs. The frogs stood in formation getting ready to attack like an army of troops in battle to destroy what ever comes in its path.

    Then it happened! The flying frogs on lily pads decsended from the sky, I felt a shiver, but not from the cold. What was it? I gazed out of the window, there they stood before me, slimy, green creatures flying on lily pads. Cautiously, I gripped the door handle and stepped outside, there I stood staring in the sky, in front of me one thousand frogs stood there gazing down at me. I was condemned……………..!!

  126. jamie says:

    Well done everyone, you all did really amazing and outstanding Homework. None of them can be more incredible than how you wrote them.

    p.s GREAT WORK!!!

  127. robyn 222 says:

    The frogs suddenly flow up in the air. Excited and joyful, gleeful and ecstatic, they were relived that they could finally be themselves and fly high up in the sky! If only the frogs would fly lower, if only an airplane would fly past, If only the turtle could talk, than everyone and everything would know that frogs can fly. Amazed, the frogs were so happy, as they were flying loop to loop!They were as happy as a child opening his/her presents on Christmas day.

  128. Ana ❤ says:

    On the slimy Tuesday evening, the mystery began. the flying shadows flew past trees, as the green slime flickered from the dark shade. “Ribbit” screeched a noise, something flew out the
    dark, it was a green, mucky frog. The frogs blue eyes shone in the dark blue sky, it looked like stars spelling the word Joey “Hey Dani,” Squeaked Joey as he floated through the sky.
    “Hi Joey, I see you’re having fun!” shouted Dani as he glided. They where heading to the town.
    What will they do?

  129. Annabelle says:

    Tuesday – Beginning

    And they set off. Nobody knew where they were off to, but they were off to somewhere. Confused and perplexed, dazed and stunned, the sky stared in amazement at the flying frogs-it had never seen anything like it. The world might not have known what the frogs were up to, yet the frogs themselves did. At that time the frogs were looking serious, however in their minds they were not serious at all. There were actually spinning round with thoughts in their minds, because they thought that once they had met the suburbs they were going to be having the times of their lives. Excited, delighted, thrilled, Freddo, who was a fellow frog, began to experience a tingling feeling of passion. It was passion of getting to the settlements. Freddo’s eyes grew as enormous as the sun at midday in the middle of the Sahara desert, furthermore, his attention for the lily pad became aimless like a tired dart flying across a room. He turned round to see calm, contained toads riding on focused, concentrated lily pads. They had to be: they were near town they could wake up the neighbourhood.

  130. Sahail says:

    Relaxed and chilled, joyous and elated, the green, slimy frogs swiftly drifted across on ripped,
    rigid lily pad. Eased, Jamie,one of the frogs, let his delicate leaf take control. One of the terrifying frogs was nervous : it didn’t like heights. As they got closer to the picturesque suburbs, the more the group of frogs got cosy.

    “Oh my goodness! this the best trip I’ve ever been on. Oh King Jake please may we do this more often?” questioned Quincy.

    “This has been a wonderful trip, but sadly it only lasts till midnight!” replied King Jake.

    Suddenly, Harry spotted something far in the distance! What could it be?

  131. jack c says:

    The fat frogs,who felt superior , had flown miles away from their home making them very excited.
    They all flew across the blue , bright and brilliant sky. They flew higher into the air and found themselves zooming towards a beautiful town. Once the frogs had arrived at the town they all gasped in astonishment , the town was called frog Frogmore . They saw this huge wooden building :enormous pillars and a colossos wooden door .

  132. As the exuberant frogs flew away from their pond, they realized that there was more fun near the suburbs. Excited and elated, gleeful and joyous, the happy animals were whisked away to the houses nearby. As they hovered over the houses, a group of frogs realized that there was an open window on house number 37. If the old lady had closed her window, if she hadn’t fallen asleep, if she’d known that there were frogs flying on magic lily pads, then the frogs wouldn’t be in her humble abode.

    One frog found a dog in the garden. The daring, curious frog lured near the soundless, peaceful dog, accidentally touching it’s nose with his lily pad. The dog’s eyes opened, stared at the frog, who was now upside down staring at the petrified dog. As a normal dog would do, it chased the green blob. The dog finally got the frog cornered. But then, the frog’s companions came to save him. The frightened dog ran away, leaving the proud frogs behind him and into his kennel.

  133. layla says:

    the green slimy frogs where on there slimy lily pads some of them were of the lily pads and fling with out then all of them went in to a old lady’s house and turned over the TV and stated to watch

  134. Noor says:

    Exited,over joyed,over whelmed all of a sudden the frogs had the power to fly! The green, spotty black,ugly,dull frogs were flying on wet, soggy, green lilly pads. Despite the fact they got on the lilly pads they weren’t ,so sure on going on them at first, but then… Wow! They were flying. The frogs that thought themselves, as pretty as a butterfly ,but weren’t. The slimy, gooey frogs were having, so much fun: like they have never had before.Then they got into a mess… They all crashed in to each other and fell on the dark,damp swamp in a heap. How? Why?

    If the frogs hadn’t gone on the flying lilly pads, If the frogs hadn’t had the power to do it, if the frogs hadn’t crashed into each other then the frogs wouldn’t have made themselves get into a big mess! Freddy the frog ,who was the leader of the frog gang suggest they would have more fun going towards the big, huge town!
    ” Yes lets go to the town” exclaimed Fred the frog meanwhile he
    was trying to get out of a leaf that had been caught in this legs.
    ” That’s going to be, so much fun” screamed florin the frog, who was having trouble trying to sort her hire out. So the bunch of frogs were heading towards the town.

    Hipper and energetic, enthusiastic and exited the fogs saw the massive town. They saw a beautiful blue house. Suspiciously Ted the adventurous brown spotted frog decided to go in! Thoughtlessly
    the frogs went into the living room where a old lady was sleeping! Shocked,terrified,tensed the old lady’s cat got very scared and went to the other room. Excitedly Frank the frog started changing the channels! After a little play they all went outside to fly high in the sky. So they went out and flew high until… CRASH!!! All of a sudden they all had lost there power. frustrated,humiliated,
    embarrassed they all fell hard on the dark, smelly swamp.


  135. Nathan says:

    Excited,amazed,terrified,the frogs was wondering how are we floating in the air with are lillypads. The frogs ,who was enormous was having lots of fun until they felt the liillypads was sinking, but they moved to one side and the magic lillypads started flying like a helicopter again.

    Suddenly the fat frogs saw some houses and more houses and then they thought we have reached are destination.Happy and exited, relived and thrilled, the creatures got nearer and nearer…………………….

  136. Chloe.m says:

    “hey Freddie we have such a good view from up here it’s amazing! I can see some of the rarest birds” said John as he raced passed all the other frogs as fast as lightening
    ” yeah me too i’v seen the butterfly but it’s going lower I think I’ll need to catch it door my dinner” said Freddie swoping lower and lower then, BANG it happened.
    “Where’s Freddie”croaked John “oh no I knew this day would come ribbit”
    Shocked and horrified, terrified and gob smacked, all the frogs stopes to the floor
    ” where are we ” ……..

  137. Charlotte W says:

    The adventurous, courageous frogs flew high into the atmosphere on the powerful, magical lily pads. As the adventures flew on the lily pads, the lily pads frowned up at the frogs because they were extremely heavy! Resilient and tough, strong and caring, the lily pads still carried on their journey – not for themselves, for the frogs.

    The frogs were relieved : they had seen the town, where their journey would get even more exciting. Thrilled, the green creatures sailed threw the air like a kite on a warm, refreshing day. The frogs were excited, yet they got worried when the sky seemed like it was fading away into a black hole…………………….

  138. leanne says:

    Sahil hope fully you get your 5c

  139. leanne says:

    The green frogs hovered along the green sloppy swamp. scared, terrified and shocked some of there fellow friends Bob Lilly and Sam had just fallen of there Lilly pads.
    “we need to hurry up” exclaimed Harry
    “why were flying enjoy it” shouted Molly
    “Bob, Lilly and Sam have already fallen of their Lilly pads” screeched Harry
    ” oh everybody hurry up” screamed Molly.

    • Charlotte W says:

      Well done Leanne! Great use of direct speech and your vocabulary is really good! Next time, remember to use capital letters at the start of sentences and include more target sentences to make your writing even better. Anyway GREAT WORK!
      Well done!

    • robyn 222 says:

      Great description Leanne, I loved your 2 pair sentence! your paragraph made me scared so it must be good, as I am terrified of frogs.

    • Kush says:

      Well done Leanne! Just make sure you remember your punctuation.

  140. Kush says:

    Glad and light-hearted, joyous and delighted, the energized frog’s, who emerged out of the dirty, damp swamp, launched in the air with the help of powerful, superior lily-pads. Like hovering helicopters drifting in the gloomy, dull sky, the lily-pads glided through the murky, dim evening atmosphere. They were enlivened: today (for them) they’d have a chance to attempt to invade the area where I had lived and grew up-that place was called ‘Little Town’. Elated, thrilled, overjoyed, the army of frogs were stood in strict formation, due to the commandant of St. Chief Lucky Freddy Frog.
    “Shall we go, master?” enquired the frog they called Bobby.
    “Yes, yes,” replied Chief Freddy, “The time is right, so begin the attack!”
    “Yes, my Lord! Hail Lord! Hail Lord!” exclaimed the followers of the Chief, as they rushed past my precious house.

    I was frightened. Seeing the slimy, green frogs descend from the sky, I felt a shiver of fear race down my petrified spine. What was this? Was this the beginning of an invasion? I heard it all on the BBC London News, so I sprinted rapidly through the forest and into (optimistically) safety. After an hour, I slid into my house cautiously. Their they were. They stood before me and, out of nowhere, were thousands of frogs. I was doomed!

    • Annabelle says:

      Kush your writing always leaves me with a WOW face, because it is excellent. It is great for the rest of the class(including me)to emulate.
      Well Done!!!!!

  141. Reice says:

    Oh good work guys you all did brillant homework.

  142. Reice says:

    Around about 6pm “What’s that Sound?”Asked the Turtle to himself.Then all of a sudden frogs Started to fly on Lillie pads!”Where should we go frist.”
    “On an adventure!”Shouted fredo the frog.
    Where should we go frist, but It needs to be fun!

    Shocked,amazed,over-joyed, the frog shouted Let’s head to town!

  143. jack c says:

    What i have enjoyed about year 6

    i have enjoyed year 6 so far beacuse of the wonderfull learning that has happend so far and the maths leassons i think has gone best so far .My mission in year 6 is to get a good litracy level [4b]
    I could improve my spelling and punctuation. in maths i could improve on volume . I am looking fored to the end of year 6 asppesaly SATS.

  144. Monett says:

    My time in year 6

    I’m in year 6, well of course. And I just want to talk about what we’ve done so far, like everyone else, and how I’ve improved and what I’m going to improve on.
    What have I enjoyed the most in year 6?
    What I’ve enjoyed the most was PGL. I enjoyed this the most because it built up my confidence which was a good thing, even though I was sociably confident I wasn’t adventurously confident. I enjoyed all the things I did even though half of it scared me to death. What freaked me out the most was the zip-wiring from 40ft.
    How has your work in English and maths improved?
    What do you need to improve?
    My work in literacy has improved a lot in my opinion. I feel like I have been working faster than I used to. It has also improved because I know don’t get the same next step over and over again meaning that I can focus on more things than one. I feel more confident about my literacy. I know I need to improve on my punctuation. I also need to work on using ‘WOW words’. To sum up literacy I have done a lot but need to do much more.
    My work in maths has improved because my maths group attends a maths session led by a specialist maths teacher on Fridays from 11am to 12:30am. In this class we do more challenging work especially in algebra ,which strangely, I seem to enjoy no matter how difficult it is. What I need to improve on in Maths is my pace because, in comparison to others in my group, I seem to work very slowly although I will get the correct answer. I also need to make sure that I have not misunderstood the question so that I can give the correct responses.
    What am I looking forward to next in year 6?
    I am most looking forward to our exit point in IPC where we will be taking our boats down to the River Wandle to see if they float or not. I’m really excited and hope my groups share my enthusiasm.
    I am hoping that I improve on all the things I want to improve on by the end of the autumn term and this will boost my confidence as I prepare to take my end-of-year-six exam .

  145. Jaxs says:

    I have enjoyed Year 6 so far because, there is lots of fun things (DT, IPC, PGL) and so on. I have enjoyed Litracy so far because I have leant quite allot already- although Litracy is not my favourite subject I still enjoy it and put a lot of effort. I also enjoy a bit of science and often like doing my own experiments! Im not really very shore what is my favourite subject but there is still two more. First I will talk about maths, I really like maths because I allways found maths pretty easy. And finally its DT I really liked it because I enjoy making and crafting things. And that’s some of the things I liked about Year 6 so far.

  146. Harrison lambert says:


    well my time in year six has allready told me that working hard is one of the options for exp:working hard working hard or simply working hard.
    for me and probably my class mates we know that if we are good rewards will be pouring in with the most important reward that is the chance to do the job of your dreams what ever it is.
    pgl has made me see the importance of communication skills and going for things that you would of not done before like ( scared of hights go for a parachute jump why not?
    so in a sandwitch year six is just a brilliant preporation for you journy ahead!!

  147. layla says:

    year 6

    In year 6 you have to work favouite thing about year 6 is learning diffrant things im looking forwood to is sats our prduction and more and i love working with all the teaches like mr talor mrs macenzey mrs song hurst and all the people in my class

  148. Ana says:

    I have enjoyed year 6, so far we have been working on great things which have helped me improve in my writing. Mostly I have enjoyed are English topic, about autobiographical writing and biographical writing. Also In Year 6 some of my class friends went to a trip called PGL, even though I didn’t go to the trip I still had a great time with my old teacher, Mrs Binks. Whilst being supported by my class mates, it has got us closer together as friends.

    Additionally, I’m waiting to finish a book called ‘Good Night Mister Tom’ which we have started at the beginning of the year. Furthermore Mr Taylor is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to my SATs.

  149. mitchell says:

    I have enjoyed my time at year 6. I had loads of fun at PGL,we did lots of activiates ans stayed for 2 nights. In my cabin jaxson, nathan and jamie.ii look forward to doing my year 6 end of year producti0n and i look foward to my sats at the end of year and i enjoy working with the teachers and i look forward to my sats results and i look forward to going to high school i have really enjoyed year 6 so far

  150. Leanne says:

    in maths and English i have improved on capitals and full stops 🙂🙂

  151. Leanne says:

    I really liked pgl that was the best thing so far and the other thing was meeting Mr Taylor and is jokes (bad jokes) that some times can be funny but not really that funny and i liked making boats with my partner Lucy.

    im really looking forward to the play i really want to know what it will be i really want it to be grease. im looking forward to sats and the prom

  152. robyn 222 says:

    I have enjoyed year six so far and i am still looking forward to allot more!

    I have really enjoyed swimming so far, as I like learning new skills! I like learning how to do different things that I have never seen before. Sometimes I don’t get it strait away, however I just try and try again. The teachers also push me to be the best I can be!

    In year six I feel that I have improved on my english and numeracy ! In my english I have got better at complex sentences, because they just come freely to me now. In numeracy I know how to find 1% , 10%, 25%, 50% and 75%, I also know how to convert percentages into fractions (such as 75%=3/4, 24%=1/4 and much more!)

    In year six I am looking forward to allot! I’m looking forward to the end of year production, sats , finding out what secondary school I’m going to and more. First of all I’m looking forward to the end of year production, I really hope that I get a main part, as I love music and drama! For the end of year production I would like to do Grease or the x factor. I am also looking forward to my sats, but I’m a little worried about it!

    I’m very excited about finding out what secondary school I’m going to, nevertheless I am a little bit nervous about witch one I’m going to! I really hope that I get into Glenthorne high school, because I love drama and music and that school loves all of that stuff! I have done an audition for Glenthorne and I got an amazing score. The score was 45 points out of 50, so now I just got to keep my fingers crossed

    I have had an awesome time in year six so far and I am very excited for more !

  153. What I’ve really enjoyed in Year 6 so far is that we get to go swimming every Tuesday. I also really enjoy IPC the most because we get to go on the computers a lot, to learn about our host country, America.

    In Maths I’ve really improved on my percentages. The way that Mr Taylor has explained it, has made me understand more than I did before. In Literacy, I now have a wider range of vocabulary by using the thesaurus more often to turn my boring words to WOW WORDS!

    I need to improve on my Maths because, I need to see different ways of solving problems instead of relying on one technique; because I think there’s more than one way of doing something.
    In Literacy, I need to carry on improving in my writing skills such as, writing for different audiences, using a selection of interesting sentence starters and correct use of grammar and punctuation.

    I’m really looking forwards to taking my S.A.T.S because I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learnt in Year 6. I’m also looking forward to the end of year production (I wonder what It’ll be!) The Prom is still in the back of my mind…

  154. Rhiannon says:

    My time in year six.

    My time I have had so far, I have enjoyed being in PGL and doing swimming lesson. In PGL I shred a room with Elainna, Chloe.M and Charlotte. We stayed for two nights and did a lot of fun things to do, but one we all fell in to the lake and that was one of the wet activates we did, then the next activates we did that was wet was cocooning that was fun. I love doing swimming and I am in the top grade.

    In maths my work has improved a lot. I now know how to times in a calm and add four numbers in a calm. In English we have learned a lot of things, but if I had to chose one I would chose biography’s and autobiography’s because if you write a biography you are writing about some one else, but you you have to find more about them so you can write a letter to them and an autobiography you are writing about yourself and you can write how much you want. In English my work has improved a lot. I now know how to do shot sentence about something in your life.

    In maths and English I have improved a lot, but I still need to improved some things. In maths I need to improved my diversion in the bus stop and diversion with percentages. In English I need to improved my paragraph, my spelling and my level 4 punctuation.

    I am looking to trips, the SATS and finding out our high school because on trips you get to explore different places and in the SATS you get to do your best to get in to the high school you want to go to and finally I find out the high that you worked so hard for to get in to.

  155. Sahail says:

    During my period of time being in year 6, I have really enjoyed it as we have already done 1 trip. Also our school-work has been hard, but fun.

    My literacy level is really good i think i’m a 5c heading towards a 5b. For my Literacy I should improve my comma’s, start to use higher level punctuation and use better synonyms of words.

    For my Numeracy i’m a level 5c heading towards 5a. I ave to improve my algebra by remembering that you put the number first if your multiplying or else the letter comes first.

    I’m really looking forward to our SAT’S and final year production.

  156. Jack.H says:

    I have really enjoyed year 6 this term , because all are lesson were such fun and Mr Taylor always has a laugh. Although Mr Taylor is strict , he can still have a laugh , but knows when to stop. Half way through our first term I went to something called P.G.L and I really enjoyed it.

    Just before the end of our first term we had a thew test sheets including a grammar and punctuation test.I can’t wait till next term when we carry on swimming , lots more fun lessons and go on exciting trips.

  157. Chloe.m says:

    I have enjoyed year six so far because we got to go to pgl which was awesome and I have enjoyed working with mr Taylor and mrs Mackenzie I have moved up a sub level in maths so I think that I’m doing good there but I do think I could improve on my times tables for maths other than that it’s going very good in literacy my target is a four c which is quet good ( for me anyway) I am looking forward to satsuma at the end of the year and also the prom we have at the end of the year and the last thing I am looking forwardnto is going to high school I am hoping to go to greens haw or glenthorne which is very exiting

    By Chloe.m

  158. jamie says:

    This year so far has been great, we’ve all been on amazing, brilliant trips so far, we’ve had really fun lessons, and we’ve all had really exciting, funny teachers.

    What have I enjoyed most about Year 6 so far?
    I’ve really enjoyed the fun lessons the most so far, simply because Mr Taylor and Mrs Mackenzie have been able to teach us all really important facts and calculations but in a funny and exciting way. As a result of that I think my learning has improved a lot in maths and literacy. Even though it is not perfect it has improved so much in the time I’ve been here.

    What are you looking forward to next in Year 6?
    Next in year 6 I am looking forward to doing the school play, because last years was perfect but I believe that this year we can make an even better play. =)

  159. reice fort hare says:

    My time in year 6 so far

    So far in year 6 I have had a fantastic time I can’t wait for the rest of year 6 its going to be great.

    My favourite thing in year 6 will have to be PGL(parents get lost)and PGL is in Liddington.In my cabbin I had Josh,Harrison and Tyas.We were at PGL for 2days.PGL will have to be one of my all time favourite trip.Me Josh Harrison and Tyas all had a great time in our cabbins and on our activties.Me Josh and Harrison were all in the same group.Me and Josh did canoeing and the giant swing together.On the giant swing me and Josh went to th top.

    My Maths has really improred in year 6 and also my literacy skills have got better.In literacy we are writting an autobiography.In literacy I’am on the same table as Josh,Brandon,Che’anne,
    Tyas,Jamie,Robyn and Ana.In literacy we are reading good night Mr. Tom.

    In the rest of year 6 I can’t wait for sats,swimming and all of the other trips.In year 6 I’am a prefect and the jobs are fantastic.

    I can’t wait for the rest of year 6 with Mr Taylor and Mrs Mackenzie its going to be great.The end of year 6 production will be brillant.

    Thank you for reading,
    By Reice

  160. Kush says:

    My time so far in Year 6

    So far in Year 6(University of Fort Hare), I’ve enjoyed PGL- which was held in Liddington, near Swindon.
    It was a long 2 hour journey to get to PGL. Once we approached the gates, I saw a tremendously big ladder on my left, which was called ‘Jacobs Ladder.’ Ahead, I saw the huge building, which was where our dormitories were. I shared a dormitory with Jack H, Pascal and Sahail. We did the activities ‘Raft Building’, ‘Canoeing’, ‘Quad Biking’, ‘Giant Swing’, ‘Treetop Trail’ and ‘the Zip Wire.’ Those 2 or 3 days were so thrilling!
    In Numeracy, I think I’ve improved in percentages of amounts. Although, percentages of amounts are a little hard, it’s really fun doing it. In addition to this, in Literacy, I believe I’ve improved on my connectives and synonyms for different adjectives. Melancholy-which means sad-is only one example that I’ve learnt. If you learn more, the better you’ll get at you’re objectives/targets. In Year 6, I can still be able to master algebra. Algebra is quite difficult: you have words and numbers in one question. Also in English, I could try not repeat myself more than once.

    Also in Y6 , I’m looking forward to SAT’s and my results on whether or not I’ll be attending Wallington County Grammar School, Sutton Grammar High School, Wilson’s High School for boys or Greenshaw High School next year, from September. Also I’m looking forward to the end of Year 6 performance.

    Thank you for reading,

  161. Katey says:

    The things that I am looking forward to in year6 is to get my SATs results, to try to ahieve my goal in most of my subjets. To also interat with people that I don’t normally interat with. I am also looking forward to to see what Highshool I get ionto,but I would like to get in arshalton Highshool For Girls and also Greenshaw,but I was not that keen on Haris Aademy and Glenthorne.

  162. josh says:

    My favourite thing we have done so far is going on a trip called PGL. We stayed there for three days in a place called lidington. Some of the activities that we did were challenging but fun. The thing I enjoyed the most was the giant swing and raft building. It was nice to spend time with my friends and do things I have never tryed before. I shared a room with; Reice, Harrison and Tyas. We had a lot of fun and we all enjoyed our time whilst we were there.

    I want to acheive a level 6 in my maths and at least a level 5a in my english and writing. I know it will be challenging, but I am willing to try my best to acheive this by the end of year six. I have been learning different types of algebra with a teacher that takes my table out for a separate maths lesson. I have learnt what autobiographical and biographical writing is, autobiographical writing is where you write about yourself and biographical writing is where you write about someone else. These are some of the things I have enjoyed so far about year 6.

    In the forthcoming year I am looking forward to our end of year production.As this signifies the end of my primary school. My SAT’s are a major part of my education and a contributing factor to where i will start my future education in Secoundary school.

  163. Nathan says:

    my time in year 6

    In year 6 iv’e enjoyed going PGL. When we went to PGL i was in a cabin with Mitchell,Jaxson and Jamie. We stayed 2 nights and was very fun for everyone who went there,although the people who didn’t go PGL had a fun time too. On the coach,on the way back it took 2 and a half hours to get back to school,but on the way there it only took 2 hours. When we reached school are mums kissed us , hugged us and asked how did PGl go?

    In maths my work has improved a lot. Now i know how to reduce fractions, convert fractions, decimals and percentages.In literacy we have been learning biography’s and autobiography’s.An biography is when your writing about someone else’s life and a autobiography is about when your writing about yourself.At the start of the year we have been learning and reading about the book Mr tom. I now know you have to start a new line for every new speaker of speech.

    my work in literacy and maths has changed, but i still need to improved.In maths i still need to work more on addition methods, division methods, subtraction methods and multiplication methods. In my literacy work i still need to change like getting level 4/5 punctuation and remembering capital letters.

    I’am looking forward too school trips and IPC. I like IPC because you can show respect,team work, communication and resilience because most of the time your working in groups or partners. I like school trips because you can learn more about the environment and have fun at the same time.

  164. Charlotte says:

    My time in year 6 so far!

    I have really enjoyed year 6 so far – having Mr Taylor to seeing my friends nearly everyday! I am going to tell you all of my reasons and what I have liked the most this half term.

    I have enjoyed the most this half term is probably I mean OBVIOUSLY having Mr Taylor as a teacher. He is full of humour and he is always having a laugh. Although he may be strict, he is fair as well. Mr Taylor always has an interest in everyone of us. I can’t wait to having him for the rest of the year.

    In my lessons, I have improved a bit. I have improved in literacy by using more level 5 punctuation. In maths I have improved by going with Miss Sibley every Friday with Chloe, Annabelle, Elainna, Kush,Josh and Sahail. We are currently learning algebraic formulae and the nth term at the end of series.

    I am looking forward to going on school trips, jokes with Mr Taylor and going with Miss Sibley on Friday’s.

    Thank you for reading.

  165. robyn 222 says:

    i’m so happy that i passed the Glenthorne test i got 45 points out of 50 in my drama!🙂😉 yay !

  166. MG says:

    Hey CULVERS HOUSE I am Mohamed and I was in year 6 in 2012, and now I am in year 8 now. Nice to see your blog!!

  167. robyn 222 says:

    I am so happy that i got an interview for a prefect i’m really proud and a little nervouse for my interview

  168. robyn 222 says:

    I’m looking forward to the end of year production because i love singing and drama so so so so much. I hope i get a lead role ! I hope we do grease , Oliver , the voice or the x factor !!!!!!

  169. layla says:

    The things i am looking forward to in year 6 is swimming,SATS,prefects,Head girl,Head Boy assistant prefect Deputy Head girl,Deputy Head Boy ,meat the teacher end of the year production,homework,having fum with Mr Taylor and Mrs Mackenzie

  170. Katey says:

    The things that I am looking forward to in year 6 is PGL,SATS,Swimming,Prefects,Head Boy,Head Girl,Assistant Prefects,Deputy Head Girl,Deputy Head Boy,Meet The Teacher,End Of The Year Production,Homework,Having Fun With Mr Taylor And Mrs Mackenzie.

  171. leanne says:

    SOOO looking forward to maybe sharing a cabin with my bestie (chloe.M) ;):)

  172. chloe says:


    i cant wait for PGL because i want to go on all different things as it is a new place we are going to i am really exited for it and i cant wait
    i want to be in the same cabin as my bff Leanne.m because them we can talk for as long as we want and if we aren’t in the same group then we can talk about what we done in our groups anyway i am going to go now hope you all like what i have done for my home work😉🙂

    • Monett says:

      Love your work Chloe, it was great how did you get the smiley faces? Everything was great but you missed out a few capitals otherwise it’s great.

  173. leanne says:

    cant wait for pgl i will hopefully be in the same room as chloe.m my bestie

  174. Josh says:

    In year six I would like to achieve and do many things including; going to PGL, taking my SATs and taking part in the end of year six production.

    At PGL last year me and my friends had a brilliant time and it was a great experience for all of us. We are going somewhere new this year and I am really looking forward to it, because hopefully there will be different activities to take part in. Giant swing was the most terrifying activity there. As I pulled the rope I fell into my horror, however to my astonishment I came flying back up.

    I like collaborating with other people and it will be thrilling to see who gets what place. I’m not very good at acting but I think I will be resilient and never give up. I will be respectful to people who have other positions and I will be the best I can be.

    I would like to do very well in my Sats this year and I am prepared to work extremely hard to achieve this. I want to reach level 6 by the end of year six and reach my target by the end of the year. It is one of the most important things because it will go to your high school and they will see how clever you are.

    I am really looking forward to all the above and have a fantastic year six.

  175. Monett says:

    Year 6

    I’m in year 6, well of course. And I just want to talk about what I’m looking forward to and what I have already understood or got. Oh and it’s Monett.

    I’ve become a class ambassador and I am really excited. I had my first duty on Friday, I think, I had a really excited butterfly, remember it was my first ever job at being at ambassador, I forgot I was in Fort Hare and has said Stanford. I now look back at that moment and giggle or laugh or smile or chuckle or whatever synonyms you can find to giggle. I actually looked for a synonym for synonym, so funny.
    School council
    I will congratulate Robyn and Harrison at the end. If you don’t know why I’m going congratulating them it is because they got school council I did want to be school council but I think they completely and utterly deserve all of it their speeches were amazing again they deserved it. I can’t really say much but that they totally deserved.
    Head girl
    I’m not going to put I really want to be a head girl because if I don’t get it I would feel really sad if I read it and I hate feeling sad. It would be fun to be head girl but a lot of girls in my class are perfect for head girls. Not going to say too much again don’t want to feel sad or bad later.
    School play
    Last year’s year six were amazing and they left us with quite a big standard to beat but I know are class is going to do well. I was a bit sad when I remembered that I couldn’t do a Christmas production but we get to do a big fun end of year production.

    They’re some of the things I’m looking forward to the most in year 6, the last year of primary, the final primary S.A.T.S year, the finals finals finals. There an echo there. I would’ve have put year but that’s just boring.

  176. rhiannnon says:

    I’m looking forward to loads of things in year Six. It’s great having Mr Taylor and Miss Mechanize as my teachers. I’m wondering lots, but I’m also excited about PGL and school trips and also worried about something’s like the SAT’s and the end of year six production. I think year 6 will be a great year for me as well as everyone else.
    I’m excited about PGL and it will be my second time going to PGL, but the first time that the place we are going and some of the activates are going to be water one and some are not. Also that PGL we are going to a Disco that is going to be on the second night we’re there and the first night we are do an activate and the last day we’ll have so great expires that most people don’t get to do. I’m excited about the other school trips that I don’t know about and we get to know more thing as I move up in school.
    I’m worried about something’s like the SAT’s. The SAT’s are test’s that you do to move up KS and school. You have lots of test’s, English, Maths and other tests. I’m also worried about the end of year six production because you have to speck to all of the school then your parents’, but it’s going to be great.
    So far I have enjoyed myself in year 6. Also I’m excited. However I think year 6 will be hard, but fun. Mr Taylor, miss mechanize and Miss Songhurst are my teachers and I’m looking forward to seeing you again when I go to high school. I hope to have a great time in year six.

  177. Ana says:

    In year 6 im looking forward for lots new things, I would love to do performeneces and get harder work as well being on top of the school. I would love to look after children and to try being a role model for them, also I am really worried about SATs but I think I will succed because I will be the best I can be.

    Also I would like to be a prefect or a school council, however if i dont become a school council or a prefect I just hope I would have a great time in year 6 and to have good grades.
    thank you.

  178. Nathan says:

    In year 6 i am most looking forward to PGL. PGL is the best, I am going there this year, all my friends are coming too!

    On the day of going PGL we would be saying good bye to our mums and dads and then getting on the coach. When we get there we would put our suitcases in our cabins and putting our sleeping bags on the bed. Then we go to our first activates, but we would be in groups.

    When we have finished that we would have dinner and have another activity. After that we would go to sleep, and the next morning we would wake up and have breakfast. When we finished eating our breakfast we would get into our groups and go to our activity. We would do another activity and then have lunch. After that we would go to the gift shop and buy something, then we would have another activity.

    Then we would have dinner and then go back to another activity. The next day we would have 1 more activity, and after that it is disco night my favorite night in the world.

  179. Jack says:

    In year 6 I am looking forward going to PGL. At PGL we are doing water activities so that will be fun. Throughout year 6 we are going swimming. At swimming I hope I move to the deep end. I’m hoping we can go on lots of trips and go to museums or a zoo.

  180. Sahail says:

    During Year 6 im very excited about my high school result, PGL, Trips and SATS.

    I’m excited about PGL because i never went last year and my friends (Kush, Josh and Reice) wont stop boasting about it. Also im excited about it because Mr. Young (our Deputy Head ,and teacher who organised the Trip to PGL) showed us a dvd about PGL twice.

    I’m excited about our high school results because I’ve worked really hard to get into a grammar school, so i would love to get in. Also I would like to get in a grammar school because i get Samsung S4 or a IPHONE5.🙂🙂

    I’m excited about trips because we’re going to go on some very new and different trips in year 6, and because it’s going to be related to our adventurous topics.

    Now i’m most excited about our year 6 SATS because we have a whole year practising for our SATS which go into high school as part of our levels.

    Thank you for reading about my exciting parts in Year 6

    Kind Regards Sahail.

  181. Tyas says:

    Year 6 this year. What I am looking forward to.

    In year 6 I am looking forward to is going to going back to PGL. Last year it was so much fun we went to the disco and we did a cludo activity and the food in the cafeteria was great they pick some great choices of food for me.we also did stuff like atv racing and air-rifle shooting.I would recommend it to people how have not been.

    Another thing that I am looking forward to is the end of year production it is so exiting I don’t even know what iI am doing yet. Mr.Taylor keeps building suspense.I hope for something like Robin Hood!

    The last thin g I am looking forward to this year is SATS I cant wait. 😐

  182. Kush says:

    What I am Looking Forward to in Year 6!!!

    There are many activities that I am looking forward to in Year 6 such as: the immensely enjoyable and adventurous PGL trip; the nerve-shattering SATs and the end of Year 6 production.

    The PGL trip in Year 5 was so much fun. However, I think this year’s visit will be much better: we may get to do water-based activities which weren’t available last year. Sharing a dormitory room with my mates, eating luscious, mouth-watering food and spending quality time away from my parents for a couple of days will be marvellous. In Year 5, I got to share a room with Josh, Tyas, Jaxson, Jamie and Reice. We enjoyed each others company a lot!

    I am also looking forward to continuing my role as a School Prefect. It brings so much responsibility and dedication but also allows me to spend time with friends. The role gives me the chance to interact with other children and teachers.

    The SATs week will be challenging but is something that I would relish! Hopefully, I will also get a starring role in the Year 6 production just like my sister! Being in Year 6 is going to be great. Working in Mr Taylor’s class will be rewarding and fun, especially when I can make funny comments about Crystal Palace!

  183. leanne says:

    Hi year 6 i’m mostly looking forward to the end of year play. I just really want to know what play were doing its so nerve racking think about what were going to do. Before the play we have the sat’s i’m really nerves about the sat’s cause knowing they have to help me in the future. I’m really looking forward to going pgl its really close and i’m really excited that i’m going again. The best bit about pgl is were going to a water place so were going to be doing lodes of water activities.

  184. robyn says:

    I really am enjoying year 6 so far ! I’m so joyful that i have two amazing , hilarious teachers in my class. Although its going to be a busy year , i’m very excited !

    Exited , ecstatic , eager , i am really looking forward for the year ahead! What i am so excited for is the end of year production because i love music and drama , its my passion! I’m as eager to start the production as a child waiting for their Christmas presents !

    I cant wait to go to the awesome PGL its going to be amazing! I went to PGL last year so i know that it is so great. I am away from home , nevertheless its a fun time and were we stay is very snuggly!

    I am just really excited overall about year 6 , learning more and more each day ! i’m looking forward for a great year !
    by Robyn

  185. Jamie says:

    In year 6 I’m looking forward to pgl the most, because I went there last year and we did a long range of realy exciting activites. such as air rifle shooting, log climing, the masssive swing, and zipwire. But this time it’s going to be water activities, so I suggest if you’re going to pgl you bring a water suit.
    But i’m also looking forward to see what end of year production we do because I think that it will be a great expierience for everyone.

  186. Pascal says:

    Before I start, I would like to say I am writing this on my iPod Touch!!!!! I can’t believe it works!!!!! 😃. If I spell something incorrectly, it will automatically correct it!!! Again, I can’t believe I am writing this on my iPod Touch!!!

    Anyway, enough of that “I can’t believe it!” But I can’t!!! Anyway, what I am looking forward to in year 6 is going to PGL! Since I last went in year 5, I have been having dreams about PGL. I then wake up in the morning, sad because I have to wait a looooooong time to actually go! I will tell you 1 of them: The people that went PGL last year, we all ziplined from our school to PGL!!! Last year I left my roll-on/ deodorant there and in that same dream, I found it, but it was a spray in a glass bottle and the deodorant was purple!

    Another thing I am looking forward to is seeing who is the head boy, head girl prefects and assistant prefects are! I auditioned to become a prefect last year but I did not get the job 😫. I will try again this year. I hope I do get it. (Wish me luck).

    Another thing is finding out which secondary school I am going to go to. I would like to go to Greenshaw, or Wimbledon college.

    Written by Pascal, on my iPod Touch!

  187. kaeleigh says:

    i am looking forward to our school production because it will be the end of primary school. also we get to dress up in very nice and neat costumes.

  188. Charlotte W From University of Fort Hare says:

    I am looking forward to a lot of things in year 6 and I am going to tell you every single one of them. There is a lot so take a seat!

    Obviously, having Mr Taylor for a whole year is ……..just………AMAZING!! I can’t wait to listen to his jokes every single day ! Also because Mr Taylor is a really funny and nice man. Also he is the first male teacher I have ever had!

    I am looking forward to having SATS because I have never done SATS so I will be doing something that I have never done before. It will be a new experience. SATS do make me a little bit nervous because I don’t know if it is harder than normal assessments. I think what makes me worried about SATS is the name they call it “SATS” it makes me quiver. Also because it gets sent to this person who marks it so you don’t know how well you did or how bad you did its pretty nerve racking. Anyway I am looking forward to SATS!

    I am looking forward to applying to be a prefect or HEAD GIRL!!! I can’t wait – I really would like to be Head Girl because I would like to have a job in the school. Even if I didn’t get Head Girl I would like to be a prefect anyway because that is one of the things I enjoy most in the school.

    I am also looking forward to the end of year production because I love drama and acting. I hope we do grease! I would like to get a good acting role in the play because as I said before I LOVE drama and acting.

    I hope you enjoyed reading the things I am looking forward to in year 6.

    Thank you for reading!
    By Charlotte from the University of Fort Hare

    • robyn 222 says:

      WOW!!!!!!! Well done Charlotte for doing a really good piece of witting i can see you put allot of effort into it ! I really liked you humor and your great description on what your excited . well done !
      from robyn

  189. Annabelle says:

    Well Done Year 6- you guys had a great End of Year Perfomance. I especially liked the opening when Arthur and Kyron ran in whilst everybody clapped and cheered for them. I also particularly liked the talent show when George and Charley were able to show their talent off for the N.B.T(NEXT.BIG.THING). I hope to produce a Year 6 perfomance as good as yours when I’m at the end of Year 6 doing a Year 6 production.

  190. Brndon and Jack H in y5 says:

    We liked the year 6 production because they put alot of effort into it and we thought it was the best so far.Good luck in your new high school

    Well Done

  191. tyas says:


    The year 6 production was Cinderella and Rockefeller. It was good because it was a girly story but they put a twist on it to make it a lot funner.The roles I liked were Gorge and Taylor as the ugly sisters.Another role I liked was Sydney as the dog and Conner as buttons. Author and Kyron were great sigh directors as they made the whole crowd boo hooray and aah.It was a great inspiration when I will be doing the exact same thing next year.

  192. Lucy and noor says:

    Well done! You were, so good Ella you played a part as Cinderella and you done good acting. Charlie i liked you being the horrible which. I think you were all really good. I enjoyed your performance.
    By Noor and Lucy

  193. harrison and reice h & r says:

    well done year 6, that was a brilliant show it was the best so far at the whole earned a big crowd of laughter and tears so much unique acting and singing the show that was on the show was great you might think that it was not the thing charlie and the comedians were mind blowing we hope you year 6 have a good life ahead🙂

  194. nathan and mitchell says:

    the year 6 performance was outstanding i really liked all of it. Ispecially liked Charlies gymnastics skills itwas umbelivable i liked reid becuse he was acting call and all of year 6 a big well done to all of u i thought u was amazing with all this buildup it was so worthit and goodluck to you in your new school you have really set the standards high.

  195. leanne and chloe.m says:

    we really enjoyed the Cinderella play today it was very funny and made me laugh charlies gymnastic was very good maybe she could teach me how to do that her role suited her too hahahh🙂

    charlies bit really suited her i loved the chose of play i want to do it plus the out fits were great i want to do grease in year 6

  196. superstar says:

    your work is good. 🙂

  197. adam says:

    This was an amazing week.

    On Monday we planted carrots a made posters about healthy eating .Also we learnt be the importance of breakfast.

    On Tuesday we made bagel brushetta. We started posters why is breakfast important.

    On Wednesday we made the recipes for bagel brushetta. We ate celery with humus.

    On Thursday we had an a assembly ready steady lunch.

    On Friday we had a dress up day. Mr Taylor was a banana it was funny. I was a banana as well.

    • Joanna&Paige! says:

      Adam, your writing is really good but, we think you could of added alot more to your it. We can see you have put in alot of effort and your writing is great!

      Paige&Joanna-University of Fort Hare!:)

    • Becky x says:

      I Like How You Have Orderd It Into Paragraghs!

  198. paige says:

    At Culvers House Primary School we did a healthy eating week. It was good fun and it was very healthy.
    On Monday, we planted healthy carrots in Mrs Archers acolergy area where the over healthy things were. On Tuesday, we all made a Bagel and put tomatoe sorce and rubbed garlic on the Bagel.On Wednesday, we had an assembly about ready steady cook, Mr Taylor vs Miss Dayves was doing it and Miss Dayves cooked something really healthy and Mr Taylor made something non-healthy. On Thursday, we had a compertion. Also on Friday, we had a dressing up day. We dressed up as a healthy bit of fruit.
    The week after the healthy eating week we had mufti day again on Friday. It was really fun Mr Taylor dressed as a banana.

    University of Fort Hare

    Paige hope you like it🙂

  199. Becky says:

    At culvers house primery school, we had a healthy eating week. It was good, but it was a little bit weird when we had to dress up. I dressed up as myself.

    On Friday-dressing up day- was really funny. Mr Taylor (our teacher) dressed up as a bannana and Mrs McKenzie (our teaching assistant) dressed up as a egg plant.

    The best of all there was a prize for dressing up real nice. Kylie won. After all, she was a
    pineapple. The best part of it was the “Ready Steady Lunch” Assembly. Now when you say a show, that was a show. Miss Daveys Vs Mr Taylor. Mr Taylor chose the UNHELTHY choice.

    Miss Daveys won with the healthy choice. It was good fun! Mr Taylor put Honey ALL OVER his crisp sandwich. He pretended to eat it.

    I dressed up in my black and white leggings, with my hoodie with my black boots with- braces and my bow-tie.

    By Becky (AKA Little Becky Lollipop)🙂

    • Joanna&Paige! says:

      It is fantastic but, we think you should put more into your paragraphs also we likethat you have ‘been the best you can be’ you used punctuation.

      Joanna&Paige-University of Fort Hare🙂🙂

  200. Ella says:

    Last week was Healthy Eating week. We did loads of things based around healthy eating each day of the week, but my favorite day was Friday because we got to dress up as a fruit or vegetable: I came as an apple.

    Also, when we had assembly, they announced the winner for each class- the winner for our class was Kylie. Her costume was awsome (she came as a pineapple).

    All the winners had their picture taken together. We also had a class photo taken and individual photos taken. It was a really fun day!

    by Ella (Forthare)🙂

  201. kylie says:

    As I walk to school,
    I see my friends go by,
    I skip along the long,thin grass
    I look up, and see the bright,blue sky,

    All my friends look like they’re having fun,
    Especially their parents,
    But I think they’re enjoying the sun,
    So its all okay for them, I surppose,

    I walk into the gates of my school,
    Everyone is lining up,
    I go into my school now,
    I think I had a brillient journey

    • arthur says:

      This week was healthy eating week and it has been a brilliant week. we’ve had so much fun.

      On Monday , we learnt the importence of breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast , you won’t loose as much weight than eating breakfast. We also made posters of what you should have on a healthy plate .At the end of the day we planted tiny carrot seeds .

      Then on Tuesday ,we made bagel brushettas’. They were delicious and some people had two. We also started to write posters on why you should eat breakfast.

      On Wednesday, e started to write the recipe that we used to make the brushettas’ .We got to decorate them and draw a bagel . We also had a competion to guess how many apricots there were in a jar .

      On Thursday , we had an assembly called ready, steady cook . Mr Taylor and Miss Davies had to make a healthy sandwich and Miss Davies won .

      Finally on Friday , we all came in as a fruit or vegetable . We also finished our recipes’ for our bagel .

  202. Conor says:

    My walk to school was very fun
    even though it was only eight
    today I decided not to run
    there was no chance of being late.

    I saw a lonely stray dog,
    his fur was black and brown,
    he started chewing on a log
    which made me feel quite down

    Eventually I arrived at school
    still sad about that pup
    I thought having a pet would be cool
    so my friend said “What’s up?”

  203. Tyler says:

    Walking down the concrete path, I see my friend Taylor and he makes me laugh.
    Talking to my friends just makes me smile, but the conversation gets boring after a while.
    As Mr Butler opens the gate, children are pushing, he tells them to wait.
    As he moves to the side, the children run through, don’t want to be late, it’s almost 10 to!
    All of this stuff is really cool, maybe you could do this if YOU walk to school!

  204. Paige says:

    When I walk to school
    I think it’s really cool
    When I walk from my house
    I always meet a mouse
    Walking to the class door
    Isn’t really that far
    So why don’t you walk to school
    Then you will look so much cool

    University of fort Hare – Paige
    Hope you enjoy my poem🙂

  205. charlotte says:

    Run, run, run, as fast as you can,
    Lets knock at their door; where’s the boy with a tan.
    The commotion begins and I feel a bit small,
    Shall we skip, dance or run to school?
    I decide to do a fast walk.
    The mums start to chatter, the boy talks- I daydream about nail polish chalk.
    Starting to run, my legs at full speed, I’m almost at the gates.
    Devastated, which I’m usually not, to find I can’t find my best mates.
    Twisting and turning, budging and moving, I find my way to the playground.
    Head high in the sky, the blossom tree dances in the wind.
    I get to my classroom.
    The daydreams stop, tomorrow has a lot to top.

  206. Shannon says:

    Run, run, run, skip, skip, skip,
    To school on an early morning.
    The emotions begin of all different ways,
    Some laugh, some cry and some both.
    Shall we run or skip to school today?
    I decided to do a quick skip to school,
    How about you?
    The mums start to chatter, the boys start to
    Talk (football) and the girls about make- up.
    I saw the gates in the distance, running fast
    I ran into school with an absolute smile.
    How did you go into school today?

  207. adam says:

    Walking is very fun
    But if I would walk
    I would be late for school
    So I take the bus

    I walk only a few steps
    To the bus stop
    And to school gate

    Every day I race
    With my friends
    And it is very fun

  208. charley says:

    I step out of the car and look down the road and see my friend Kylie
    I wait patiently for Kylie as she slowly strolls down the road
    When she gets to me we laugh, we dont know why we are laughing , we just laugh
    We slowly walk into the school office just to see Mr Taylor’s lovely face#NOT!

  209. Ryan says:

    I don’t walk to school
    Because it’s much too far
    I wouldn’t arrive until lunchtime
    If I didn’t travel by car

    I would love to walk to school
    But this just cannot be
    The distance from my home to school
    In miles is 8.3

    We park around the corner
    Then walk towards the gate
    As it’s only 20 steps
    I know I won’t be late

  210. Ella says:

    When I walk to school
    The journey is really cool
    Walking from my car
    To the door isn’t far
    Running through the gates
    Trying not to be late
    Waving at mr young
    As he tells me not to run
    I always make sure
    I’m not late as I reach the door

  211. george says:

    My walk to school is like this .
    As i leave the front door of my house i can see all of the leave slowly wrigerling of the trees .when i get past my road i can see the cars zooming past the other people and some times ,i could see my best freind tyler .
    As i get close to the school , i will normally wave good bye to me and go down to the gates .
    when i get to the gates i can see the other pupils of the school , they a like caged lions ready to eacsape .
    when MR Butler comes ,all of the children ask if thier gate can be open first( its a bit like thier lions and theres meet )
    As the teacher open the gate everyone runs to their class as quick as a cheater !
    As they run as fast a they can , Mr Butler opens the other gate .
    Then as i reach my class , everyone is sitting down reading .

  212. Taylor says:

    As I walk down the concrete path
    I talk to my friends and ask how they are?
    I walk up to the big wooden doors
    I only have to walk a few metres,not far
    As my friends talk as they walk to the small classroom
    I stop walking and begin to run
    So just think to yourself as your sitting in the hall
    It is so much better to walk to school

  213. kyron says:

    Walking to school is really fun,
    but what’s cooler is when you run,
    some people think running and walking is boring,
    thats why I sometimes ride a bike in the morning,
    walking to school will keep you fit,
    hopefully you only have to walk a bit,
    but if it takes longer surely it will make you stronger,
    when you are driven to school it puts pollution in the air,
    and for those who walk its just not fair,
    if you walk you will find it cheaper,
    after all the price of petrol is getting steeper and steeper,
    now you know why I walk to school I hope thats a lesson to you all.

    University of Fort Hare
    I hope you like it🙂

  214. Reid(Fort Hare) says:

    Walking to school is so much fun, but when I have a smile on my face it makes me run!
    Skip,hop and jump I never have the hump.
    Excited about school, I make sure I look cool.
    Looking at the sun smile, it sometimes takes a while.
    My route is quite long, but it gives me time to listen to my favourite songs.
    I can’t wait to get into school
    It rules!

  215. tyeisha says:

    well done keep up the great work

  216. kyron says:


    • Go to bed early maybe around 7:00, 7:30, 8:00.
    • Eat porridge to help your brain function better.
    • Do the best you can and don’t panic because it doesn’t help.
    • Check your work and read the questions carefully.
    • Don’t look at anyone else is ok because if they get it wrong sadly you would get the question wrong to.

    • kadi says:

      well done

      kyron that has blowen me away that was achally amazing.

      but I think you could give a little more tips about how to calm juring the sats to help us in the sats

    • Joanna&Paige-University Of Fort Hare says:

      Great work kyron! I love the part about the porridge.

      Joanna&Paige-University Of Fort Hare

  217. Tyler says:

    As everybody knows, our SAT’s are this week. Most people are scared, but there is nothing to be scared about! They are basically the same as the practise papers we have been getting in class, everyone did great with them. Here are some top tips to do the night before, in the morning and during the SAT’s! The night before the tests (SAT’s), make sure you get a good nights sleep – go to bed around about 8:30. Once you have slept the night through, in the morning, make sure you wake up at a reasonable time! Then have a filling breakfast that will lock your hunger away until lunchtime. Make sure you get to school at a good time: you do not want to be late for your SAT’s. During your test, if you get stuck on a question, circle it and come back to it at the end if you have time. As well as that, you will need to work a little bit fast, due to the time limit. Hopefully now you will exceed in you SAT’s.

    Tyler-University of Fort Hare

    • Linda&George says:

      Tylerrific! Amazing work Tyler!

      Remember to add some more powerful words! Other than that your work was impecible!

    • charlotte says:

      wow great work tyler!

      maybe you could include a 2A sentence?
      anyways this is great!

  218. kylie says:

    *have a nice, filling breakfast
    *go to sleep early
    *show off your amazing skills
    Use as muchof the page as you need
    *try your hardest
    *make sure that you are 100% focused.

  219. Adam says:

    *Go to bed at 8:30

    *Eat you breakfast

    *Get ready for school

    Tips for SATs

    *don’t panic (keep calm and carry on)

    *DO you maths reading and grama and punctuation quickly


    *Rifer to your text

    *Use your 45min carefully

    * If you find a difficult question, skip it and come back to it later

    *If you are finished check it


    *Do your quickly and carefully

    *If you find a difficult question, skip it and come back to it later

    *If you are finished check it

  220. charlotte says:

    1. Keep Calm And Carry On!
    2. be positive- don’t put yourself down if you cant do a question.
    3. if you are stuck on a question, circle it and go back to it if you have time at the end.
    4. get a good night sleep
    5. have a healthy and filling breakfast.
    6. pace yourself
    7. keep your eyes on your own work
    8. listen carefully to the instructions given
    9. work hard and don’t give up
    10. have fun!
    11. don’t be upset if you don’t finish the test!
    12. DON’T BE SCARED!

  221. sydney says:

    Hello everyone, here are my tips for getting through the SATS:
    1. Get a good nights sleep the night before.
    2. Don’t waste time on a question you don’t know the answer to, just move onto the next question.
    3. Keep your eye on the clock to make sure you don’t run out of time.
    4. Don’t look at somebody else’s test. Keep your eyes on you own work.
    5. Try not to get too stressed or worried, just do the best you can.

  222. Taylor says:


    * Get to bed at a reasonable time(8:30pm)

    * Get a good dinner

    * Be organised

    * Revise


    * Get a good breakfast

    * Don’t worry about it

    * Get up at a good time(7:00am)


    * Read the reading booklet thoroughly

    * If you finish reading before the time is finished,read it again

    * Read each question carefully

    * If you finish before the test is over,CHECK YOUR WORK

    * If you find a question difficult,skip it and go to the next one,come back to it if you have time


    * Don’t think any of the questions are easy

    * Use all the time you have to answer the questions

    * If you finish before the test is over,CHECK YOUR WORK

    * If you find a question difficult,skip it and go to the next one,come back to it if you have time


    * Work as fast as you can

    * Work out each question if you have time

    * Give the answer in whatever fashion THEY want

    * If you don’t know the answer to a question,guess,you might get it right


    * Be careful with your time,you only get 45 minutes

    * Use all the space you have on the page

    * DO NOT use a calculator

    * If you find a question difficult,skip it and go to the next one,come back to it if you have time

    * If you finish before the test is over,CHECK YOUR WORK


    * Be careful with your time,you only get 45 minutes

    * Use all the space you have on the page

    * YOU CAN use a calculator

    * If you find a question difficult,skip it and go to the next one,come back to it if you have time

    * If you finish before the test is over,CHECK YOUR WORK

    • Conor and Adam says:

      Well done Taylor!!!!!!! i love it that you put information about every paper.

    • kylie & charley says:

      well done Taylor!!!!!

      I like the way you put the important words in CAPITALS.
      Maybe you could use connectives.

  223. george says:

    Hello everyone her are top 5 tips on how to keep cool when you do you re SATs .

    NO 1.Always keep your eye on the time and on you re paper.

    NO 2.Show what you know .

    NO 3. Never panic on a question just move on .

    NO 4. If you re stuck reading a question on MATHS ask the teacher ,but you re READING is not allowed .


    • kylie & charley says:

      great work George!!!!

      just think about the last step, because it sounds like you’re say ‘BE NERVOUS!’

  224. paige says:

    help you for your SATs

    Don’t panic
    Try as hard as you can
    Do what you can do
    Make sure your in school unless a emegency
    During the test no talking
    Also during the test no cheating
    listen to the teacher when they tell you, you need to do something they have told you to do
    Most important is ‘ BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE ‘

    University of Fort Hare

    enjoy my piece of writting

  225. Ryan says:

    • Have a big breakfast that will give you lots of energy.
    • Have a nice sleep to rest you mind.
    • Don’t over study before the exam.
    • Don’t worry.
    • Try your best.
    • Read the questions carefully.
    • Pace yourself through the test.
    • If you get stuck on a question, leave it and come back to it later.
    • If you finish the test before the time is up, go over all the questions and check your answers.
    • Make sure your answers are readable.
    • In maths, make sure you show your workings in the questions that you can get a point if you do.
    • In English, check how many marks the question can give you and have that many points to get as many marks as possible.
    • Arrive at school on time.

    • Arthur and Reid says:

      Well done I like how you have used bullet points. Well done Ryan!

    • Joanna&Paige-University Of Fort Hare says:

      Well done Ryan! Those tips are really usefull nad i am sure they will help lots of people in our class with are SATs.

      Joanna&Paige-University Of Fort Hare

  226. Reid(Fort Hare) says:

    As you know it’s our SATs next week and I will tell you that there is nothing to be scared about, it is chance for you to show off and show the SATs people that ‘you can be the best you can be’! I will advise you to keep an eye on the time, so you know how long you’ve have got left (even if you’re finished). If you are stuck on a question skip it and go back if you have time. Make sure you go to bed early and have a good night sleep. Have a healthy, nourishing breakfast and don’t be nervous. Finally, go into school like a normal day and SMASH THOSE TESTS!

  227. sydney says:

    Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a breath, Ali walked inside and could not believe his eyes.

    What he saw was so strange! Little animals had become huge animals and big animals had become small animals.
    “Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Ali. He had always thought this was a scary and bad place so had never dared to look inside. On this particular day though, Ali had decided to face his fears once and for all. He now realised there was never anything to have been scared of.
    “Hello Ali, please come in” said a giant snail.
    “Um, ok. Thank you” Ali said. He could not believe he was talking to a giant snail.
    “Please take a look around this wonderful place and please try to relax” the giant snail said.

    Ali walked to the other side of the room where he discovered another door. As Ali stood looking at the door he wondered to himself “should I go in or not?”. Before he knew it, Ali was on the other side of the door and was faced with another amazing sight.

    Inside this room was a pond full of swimming birds and above him were flying seahorses. While Ali stood admiring these unusual creatures he noticed that the room was also full of the most colourful rainbows he had ever seen.

    Suddenly Ali heard his mothers voice. “Ali, Ali, wake up”. Ali opened his eyes.

    It had all just been a beautiful dream.

  228. Ella (Fort Hare) says:

    Suddenly, in the distance, there was a faint movement. Although he was terrified Ali tried to convince himself it was just wind. The long, tall grass was too hard for Ali to handle and he fell over into the thick, brown mud.

    Ali heard an old swing slowly creeking in the distance.He turned around and it was moving by its self! It couldn’t have been pushed by the wind because it was much too heavy.Ali couldn’t beleive his eyes he thought he was going nuts!

    Now Ali was completely convinced there was ghosts! He told every one, but nobody believed him.

    He went home and did some research, and found out that the last person to live there was and elderly man,who had grandchildren, which would explain the swing,and died in his back garden!

    Ali had solved the mystery!

  229. sydney says:

    The Opposite Room

    Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a breathe, Ali walked inside and could not believe his eyes.

    What he saw was so strange! Little animals had become huge animals and big animals had become small animals.
    “Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Ali.
    He had always thought this place was bad and scary, so he never dared to look inside. This particular day though, Ali had decided to face his fears once and for all. He now realised that there was never anything to have been scared of. This was a happy place!
    “Hello Ali, please come inside” said a giant snail.
    “Um, ok. Thank you” Ali said. He could not believe he was talking to a giant snail.
    “Please take a look around this magical place and please try to relax” said the snail.

    Ali then walked to the other side of the room and discovered another door. As he stood there, he thought to himself “should I go in or not?”. Before he knew it,Ali was on the other side of the door facing even more amazing sights. Inside the room was a pond full of swimming birds and above him were flying seahorses. As Ali admired these brilliant creatures, he noticed that the room was also full of the most colourful rainbows he had ever seen. Suddenly, he heard his mothers voice.
    “Ali, Ali, wake up”. Ali opened his eyes.
    It had all just been a beautiful dream!

  230. sydney says:

    The Opposite Room

    Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a breath, Ali walked inside and could not believe his eyes.

    What he saw was so strange! Little animals had become huge animals and big animals had become small animals.
    “Oh my goodness!!” exclaimed Ali.

    Ali had always thought this was a bad and scary place so he never dared to see what was inside. This particular day he had decided he was going to face his fears once and for all. He now realised that there was actually no reason to have ever been scared.

    “Welcome Ali, please come in” said a giant snail.
    “Um, ok. Thank you” replied Ali. He could not believe he was talking to a giant snail.
    “Please take a look around at the wonderful things here and please try to relax.” the snail continued.
    With that, Ali walked around the room and discovered another door. As Ali stood at the door, he wondered to himself, “should I go in or not?”. Before he knew it he was on the other side of the door and was greeted by even more amazing sights. The room had a pond inside and it was full of birds that could swim. Above him were seahorses that could fly.

    Whilst admiring the flying seahorses and swimming birds, Ali noticed that the room was full of the most colourful rainbows he had ever seen. Once again Ali couldn’t believe his eyes. Suddenly he heard his mothers voice.
    “Ali, Ali, wake up” his mother was saying. Ali opened his eyes.
    It had all just been a beautiful dream.

  231. paige says:

    There it was a goldon , shinny treasure chest. The treasure chest , which has lots of gold , was there for a long time. The gold , was as sparkling like a star gleming high up in to the dark blue sky.
    ” Should we share the gold.” said Harry
    ” Yes I dont mind.” chuckled Sam
    Therd they were sharing the gold out and there was …

    ” WOW ” they both said whilst they were staring at the 1, 000, 000 pounds in the chest rigt at the bottom. The million pounds , which looked strange to be there , they fort the person who put it in there , would keep it.
    ” I dont know, maybe we should find who it belongs to and then give back too them.” whispered Harry
    ” No we will never find who this money belongs to.” commented Sam
    It hit night time and they wont tell their mums about it.

    Running back home with the heavy box – was the Queens jewles ,money and gold. Their mums, who are really bossy, are moaning.
    ” Whats that.” trembled Harrys mum
    ” Nothing.” said Harry.
    So Harry and Sam went up in to Harrys bedroom.Their mums were in a stressful mood. About 10 minutes later you herd,
    ” Sam get down here right now.” screached Sams mum. She went down stairs with some money Harry had given her.

    . The next day , the kids went out and brought lots of things out of that money they found and they also brought a brand new treasure chest.

    the end

    I hope you enjoy my story🙂

  232. Conor says:

    Then he saw it….the hidden Ballon d’or trophy.

    Suddenly, he felt a tap on his smooth shoulder, it was Philip- a boy in his class- and he didn’t look happy.
    ” What are you doing in here?” asked Philip
    ” I’m just looking at the big pile of ants on the floor.” replied Ali, he felt bad about lying to his friend.
    Eventually, Philip had to go home, so Ali took advantage of himself and captured the ballon d’or trophy from the briefcase.

    After that, he took the award home and hid it in his wardrobe. Then, his mum asked him what he was doing and Ali told her that he was just playing on his Xbox. He woke up the next morning wondering about what he should do with the trophy, then he had a great idea. He was going to try and sell it for loads of money. So in the afternoon, he went to an auction house and he tried to sell his product( Ballon D’or) obviously it didn’t end as he planned, as nobody wanted to buy it. They thought it was a fake.

    Finally, Ali was caught taking the trophy and was taking to court. What should Ali do now?

    By Conor

  233. Tyler says:

    There he was …..Scruffy, who is Ali’s pet dog, was proudly standing on the green bin- he had been missing for weeks. Next to Scruffy was a small brown chest. He opened it. The chest contained: red rubies; see-through Diamonds; green emeralds and blue sapphires!

    ” You are a genius, what am I going to spend it on?” asked Ali, looking up into the sky
    “We cannot tell anyone about this, wooofff!” said Ali trying to be his dog.

    Then a mysterious person came around the corner she was wearing dark clothes and a black balaclava.

    “Tell what?” whispered the voice.
    “Glenda is that you?” shouted Ali as he stood up.
    “What’s that in you hand?” bellowed Glenda.

    As fast as a predator bouncing on his prey, he ran down the road to the nearest charity shop and gave the jewels in because they have a perfectly good life already. Then they thought how did that chest get there in the first place, nobody will ever now! Or will they

  234. Adam says:

    The Mystery
    Ali stood silently, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Ali walked inside.
    Suddenly the wooden doors closed. She jumped. She saw some foot steps. Ali -who is 14 years old -heard some sounds. Scared,terrified,frightened, Ali turned to see someone but, on one was there. Again she heard some one screemed but ,she didn’t see no one.

    “HEEEELP ME!” she bellowed when she saw the monster. She ran as fast a she could to the door but it was shut. Although the monster was scary, it was scared of a mouse. The massive,terrifying monster saw a tiny,white mouse and the monster went back where he came from.

    Ali finally opened the door and went back home safely.

  235. Taylor says:

    Ali stood, looking at the door. With a slow creaking sound, it opened. Taking a deep breath, Ali walked inside.

    When Ali walked inside,he caught a whiff of a strong smell of Lynx deodrant. He walked in further and then he saw an old,crippled man,who was aged around 75 years old,lying on the floor with his mouth wide open.He looked like he was knocked out or had been concussed over the last 24 hours.

    I left the house early out looking for a man called the Mandarin.I seemed like the whole world was after him(luckily I am a high class agent who works for MI6 and MI5. I had now been looking for him for days now and we have a location that he is in Syria.

    The Mandarin is still on the run today and although we have heard of sightings of the man,we have not yet captured him.

  236. kylie says:

    Then there it was…. a diamond! Sparkling and dazzling, the diamomd rolled over to Ali’s feet.Ali reached for it when suddenly something grabbed her shoulder…

    She turned around. It was Tommy(who is a boy in her class) he had come to work with her on her project for school. Their assignment was to make a pinboard about diamonds. (That is a coincidence) At that moment, Tommy saw the diamond and exclaimed “WOW!”
    “Shh, we can’t tell anyone about this.”whispered Ali.
    “Why not?” Tommy asked.
    “Because,if other people know, then they will take it away from us!” Explained Ali.
    “Oh okay then, where are we going to hide it?” Questioned Tommy.
    “In my bedroom!” Remarked Ali.
    “You can hide it though, seeing as you found it!” Tommy replied.
    “Oh come on then” Ali directed.
    They both went up stairs and carried on with their homework. They used all the infomation they could get out of the diamond, and then hid it safely away secretly.

  237. kyron says:


    Ali, who was 12 years old, silently crept through the small gap of the tiny wooden door.
    “I wonder what’s behind this door?” whispered Ali to her self. Scared, terrified, worried Ali closed the crooked door behind her. Whilst Ali closed the door, her mother (Victoria) was wondering where she was.
    “Ali, Ali its dinner time” wailed Victoria as she slammed the back door open.

    Exhausted, tired, hungry Ali sat down to think what she was going to do. Suddenly the ground opened up with Ali falling inside it.
    “HEEELP ME…. what’s going on here” continued Ali scaredly as she brush her clothes off after the very steep drop.

    Although Ali was very scared, she carried on walking to the green light. As Ali got closer and closer she heard an annoying sound like (gribble gribble glam). As soon as Ali got to the awkward sound millions of aliens were stood right in front of her.
    “Hello there, would you like something to eat, or drink”. mumbled the disgusting looking creature as he handed her a glass with green liquid inside and a funny looking hot dog.
    “Err no thank you, but can I have directions to my planet” replied Ali as she looked on the map in the shop.
    “Okay right this way” whispered the alien, so no one could hear what he was saying.
    “Just type in your house code and you’re going home” 87654 beep.
    “ I’m finally going home, WOOH its going really fast can it slow down” exclaimed Ali as she was looking outside the window.
    “ We’re here I’ve had a great time with you Ali” commented the alien as he waved goodbye to the 12 year old girl.
    “Seeya” replied Ali as she was getting out of the flying car.
    “Mum I’m ho… AAH I’m at the north pole NOOOOOO” screamed Ali as she fell on her knees.

  238. kyron says:


    When Robert drove to work, he saw a £10 note lying on the floor.
    Before I dozed off to sleep, my friend turned the enormous television on.
    Until I was eighteen, I couldn’t go bike riding on my own.
    While I was in year 2, I could count to a hundred in my ten times tables.
    Once I was 3, I could almost click my fingers.


    Poppy didn’t do her homework as a result of that, she didn’t get to play with her friends.
    Coopers mum always tells cooper to tidy his room so he can play with his friends.
    Alfred was sick however, if he didn’t go to work today he would be fired.


    Despite being one of the youngest children in the family, I still have a good time.
    Although I’m good at football I mostly enjoy American football.
    When Tommy and Amy ran down the hill, Tommy made it to the bottom, but Amy stopped half way.

  239. Adam says:

    “Hi Bob I’m , “said Bob with exitmant.

    “Hi Bob I’m Tom nice to meet you, “replied Tom .

    “Do you like football?” asked Bob.

    “Of course I do who dose not like football!” shouted Tom.

    “Who do you suport I suport Chelsea? asked Bob .

    “Chelsea is best they are bertter then Crystal Palace, Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton, Swansea, Liverpool, WBA, Stoke, West Ham , Sunderland, Norwich, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Reading, Wigan and QPR,they are the worst cluds in the world,” replied Tom.

    “What other things do you like to do?” asked Bob while he was siting.

    “I like just swimming and football,”Tom replied. “What about you what do you like?” Tom asked.

    “I lke just football also I am going to a Chelsea match do you want to come too it will be on sunday 10 past 9,” said Bob.

    “Yes I would like to come thank you,” Tom said with exitmant.”bye!” said tom

    “bye!” said Bob

  240. sydney says:

    “Hi Kelly” bellowed Holly as she skipped over to Kelly. “so, why did you mover here?”
    “Well my Mum got offered a job here so I had to move as well” said Kelly
    “So, have you enjoyed being at the school so far?”
    “Well, it is ok, but not great as it is a SCHOOL after all!!”
    “Anyway I’ve got to go” shouted Kelly while running to her class
    “Ok, Bye” shouted Kelly “See you tomorrow!!”

  241. Ryan says:

    “What’s you name?” asked Jim.

    “Hi, I’m Bob,” he replied nervously as Jim came over to sit next to him.

    “So you’re the new kid right?” asked Jim.

    “Yea, this school looks cool so far,” said Bob.

    “Oh, by the way, I’m Jim,” he said while opening his lunch box.

    “What are the kids like?” questioned Bob he took a huge bite out off his chocolate bar.

    “Not the nicest, try to stay away from a group of five or more kids” said Jim.

    “Thanks for telling me now,” said Bob.

    “So why did you move?” asked Jim.

    “My parents died,” said Bob as his eyes started to water.

    “That’s sad isn’t it,” said Jim.

    “Yes,” cried Bob.

    “Are you ok?” asked Jim.

    “No,” Bob said while sitting in a puddle of tears.

    “I think we’d better change the subject,” said Jim.

    “So what is the teacher like?! asked Bob.

    “Lovely!” said Jim.

  242. Becky says:

    “Hi?” Said The New Girl, Quietly.
    “Hey. I’m Becky. But, You Can Call me Bex… Whats Your Name?” Becky Said, In A Conferdnt Attertude.
    “I’m Demie, So ‘Bex’ What Music Are You Into?” Said Demie.
    As Becky Walked Across The Playground, She Said “Im Into One Direction And I Love Their Songs. But? What Are You Into?”
    “IM INTO ONE DIRECTION!! I REALLY Like Their Songs!” Demie Wanted To Be Becky’s Friend.
    The Bell rang. The Two Girls Ran To The Line. Demie Had Made A Friend…

  243. GEORGE says:

    “HI Bob how u doing ”
    “Good you? ”
    “Great you going to the game ,” asked Jamie
    “No i’m buzy with my mum and brothers “replied bob
    ” Oh ok then i just wanted to know if you want to come around my house if that’s ok with your mum ?”murmed jamie
    “Yeah that will be absalutley fine ” bellowed bob
    “Good then you could come around now ” said jamie
    “Don’t think i could because i’m going around my grandads \nan ” answered bob
    “oh ” sighed jamie then drinking his milk. soon after the bell rang

  244. Ella says:

    “Hi, my names Caitlinn,” she said politely going to sit down next to the new girl.
    “I’m Skye,” replied the new girl.
    “So, what kind of music do you like?”
    asked Caitlinn.
    “I quite like One Direction but I prefere Justin Bieber!” exclaimed Skye
    “To be honest, I LOVE One direction!” replied Caitlinn “Who’s your fave? Mine is Niall!”
    “Mine is probably Harry,” explained Skye shyly
    “Cool!” said Caitlinn excitedly
    “What’s your favourite 1D song?” asked Skye
    “I love Nobody Compares!” replied caitlinn
    “Me too” said Skye “But I also love Irrisistable!”
    “I love that one aswell!”answered Caitlinn
    “I’m so glad I found such a great friend like you!” bellowed Skye
    Suddenly the bell went!
    “Oh and Skye,” said Caitlinn”When the bell goes we have to crouch down,”
    “Thanks for the tip!” answered Skye smiling
    “Any thing for a friend!”
    “I wonder what lesson we have now,” said skye
    “Science” said Caitlin standing up
    “I love Science!” yelled Skye hopefully.
    The two girl held hands as they walked to their line

  245. charley says:

    “Are you okay” Amy asked as she sat down on the brown flakey.

    “Yeah, I’m fine thanks you?” Jack replied whilst fiddling with the loose wood hanging off the edge of the bench.

    “Yeah, its abit scary starting a new school isnt it” wheeped Amy

    “Yeah, at first I wasn’t going to Come but my mum made me” cried Jack

    “Oh, there’s no need to cry, because you will be here for a long time now”Amy said trying to comfort Jack.

    School bell rings

    “We better be heading to class now”Amy whispered as skipping next to Jack.

    “Okay and can I sit next to you?”asked Amy

    “Of course you can”replied Jack

  246. chloe says:

    ‘Hi ashley’ said jack,
    ‘Hey jack’ replied ashley ‘So how have u been’
    ‘Oh me I’m verry well what about you’ jack mumbled while trying to tie his shoe lase.
    ‘Oh I’m ok had some ups and downs, anyway noticed you got new shoes how much did they cost?’
    ‘Ah a lot of money I’d say about £150 a lot aint it’
    ‘Yeh anyway I have got to go I’m going out to sutton to meat some of my mates what about you what are you doing?’
    ‘Nothing much just going to watch a film in mine with my mates, they are sleeping round, and we are going to snuggle up in the blanket and watch a film with pocorn and hot chocolate. Anyway I have to go to bye.’ Jack continued!
    ‘Bye see you tomorrow’ ashley bellowed, while riding off.

    Bye chloe hope you enjoy

  247. Shannon says:

    “Hi Louis!” screamed Niall (from One Direction) as he ran over to the new boy.
    “Um hi Niall,” bellowed Louis wondering if that was the boys name.
    “I guess it’s kind of hard to remember everyone’s first off,” wondered Niall as he was chatting to the new boy.
    “Err yes it is really!” screeched Louis as he was sitting next to Niall.
    “So why did you move her then?” questioned Niall wondrously.
    “Because my mum died so I and my dad lost the house so we had to come and live here,” murmured Louis as quiet as a mouse.
    “Oh I’m sorry to hear that I hope your both ok and I’m sorry for your lost to,” remarked Niall chokingly.
    “Thank you it’s been very hard for the both of us,” said Louis crying with sadness
    “Well if you need a friend I’m here bye!” said Niall
    “Ok thank you bye!” said Louis.

  248. Linda says:

    “O M G! Its, really you! Nail from One Direction how comes you moved here? TO MY SCHOOL!? Screamed The girl
    “Well it’s a long story maybe if you have me your number & we can chat to get to know each other Exclaimed Nail from One Infection
    “O M G I know loads of things about you! & my names Charlotte, so loads of girls must really like you in this school! Whispered Charlotte
    “No, some of them don’t like me here there not big fans like you.” Said Nail sadly
    “So that means im just a loner!” Cried Charlotte
    “No worries Charlotte im always there for you I will never leave you! Said Nail As he turned around …. Or will he leave!

    Hope u enjoy🙂

  249. Charlotte says:

    “Hi I’m Ellie!” She said going to sit next to Lucy.
    “I’m Lucy, I’m guessing your new too?” asked Lucy, opening her banana.
    “Yeah, so what music are you into?” Ellie asked intrigued in what she had to say.
    “Well I really like One Direction and Ed Sheeran,” whispered Lucy, “but I always got made fun of in my old school because I was such a One Direction fan.”
    “Aw I’m really sad to hear that but you will be glad to hear that I love love love One Direction!” shouted Ellie jumping up from the floor.
    “No way! I’m so happy! Who’s your favourite?” bellowed Lucy giggling.
    “Louis he has a great voice! Who’s yours?” asked Ellie.
    “I like Niall! He’s amazing!” replied Lucy smiling ear to ear.
    “So what are else are you into?” Asked Ellie wondering what Lucy was going to say.
    “I really like One direction obviously, but I really like fashion!” Answered Lucy.
    “I love fashion too! Have you ever been to a fashion show?” Wondered Ellie throwing her rubbish in the bin.
    “No, but I’m saving up to go to one. I just need £150.50 and I’m done!” Responded Lucy.
    “Wow not too long then!” she laughed, “I really wish I could go to a fashion show!” Said Ellie a bit on the sad side now.
    “Why don’t we save up together! We could both go then!” said Lucy excitedly.
    “Really that would be cool?” said Ellie.
    “It will be fun to get to know you better!” laughed Lucy.
    “Ok!” As the bell went off they joined arms to line up.

  250. Reid(Fort Hare) says:

    “Hi Kelly!” bellowed Martin as he ran over to Kelly
    “Um, Hi Martin.” Kelly murmered shyly.
    Martin questioned her, “So why did you move here?”
    “Well my dad got transferred with his job from America.” replied the new girl
    “Oh that’s so unfair! America is such a cool place. Have you been to Disney World before?” Martin asked excitedly.
    Kelly grined and answered Martin. “It’s funny you should ask that, my dad actualy works for Disney! We had annual passes and went all the time. That’s one of the things I will miss, that and the sun of course.” Both children giggled.
    “What’s your favourite ride?” Martin asked sitting down on the wall next to Kelly.
    Kelly rolled her eyes and answered, ” it has to be Space Mountain.”
    “Mine too, mine too! That ride is just awesome!” Screeched Martin extaticly. ” My parents took me and my brother there for our summer holiday last year. We must have rode Space Mountain 40 times at least!”
    “Are the theme parks here any good?” The blonde girl asked Martin.
    Martin turned to face Kelly with a screwed up face.” There are some good rides here,but none as good as the ones in America. Maybe you could come to one with my family and I?
    “That would be amazing.” Kelly was beaming with joy that she had already made such a good friend.
    “I will get my Mum to speak to your Mum after school today!” Announced Martin.
    “I’m so glad I have made a friend like you!” screeched Kellly
    “Oh um thanks!” replied Martin nervously.
    “I was worried about making friends.” explained Kelly
    “Oh it’s ok everyone is friendly here.” commented Martin
    “Thanks for making me feel so welcome here.” said Kelly
    “Your welcome.” said Martin
    “I hope we can be great friends” said Kelly as they headed back to class.

  251. charlotte says:

    Ellie’s Toy Company
    Butter road
    CK4 JH8

    Strawberry lane
    Fruit road
    CK6 UP9

    Dear sir or madam,

    On Christmas day my mum gave me the ‘mega super dinosaur’ from your shop. I had it for a day and on the second day it stopped working. I was very careful with this toy and was not rough with it.

    This toy was very expensive. It was over £50! It took my mum two months to save up for it. She was very disappointed when it broke.

    When I took it back to the shop the assistants were very rude! They told me to go away and do not lie. They said that I could not have a refund because I had broke the toy and there was nothing wrong with it. I was very upset with the staff.

    I also realized that there were other costumers with the same problem as me. They were either given a refund or exchange. This made me feel very uncomfortable.

    We have brought many toys from your shop before, but I now feel like I do not want to shop at Ellie’s Toy company anymore!

    Please send me my money back or call me at 02087452884. My address is in the top left corner.

    Yours sincerely,
    Charlotte Willow

  252. chloe says:

    Toys 4 us

    Derar sir or maddam

    I am writing to camplain about your toys and how rubbish they are.

    I recently bought a toy but when I got home it was no longer a toy it was a car smashed into little peaces.

    In addition to this I would like some sort of refund or voucher please. Thank you

    Yours faithfully chloe

  253. Tyeisha says:

    Miss Lilly Smith
    03/02/2013 12a Yorke street
    Pn4 5aq

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am complaining about the toy that i brought on Friday 4th January 2013.
    On opening the Toy i found the battery holder to have no cover. So now my child is unable to play with there birthday present, also it has loads of scratches on the paint work which make it look like a used toy.
    I am very disappointed with the toy so i would like a refund or a replacement toy in new condition.

    Yours Sincerely

    Miss Lilly Smith

  254. Conor says:

    17 Providence Lane
    Providence Street
    LG4 27A

    18 Apprem Crescent
    Providence Street
    LQ1 85K

    4th February 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to complain about your poor toy making from your toy factory SuperSmiths.

    I received a toy from my aunt for Christmas. She bought it from your shop and it broke within a couple of days. She got it for £50.00 and she wants her money back. The toy was a steam train that could stroll across the floor.

    It took my auntie a lot of time to save up for this product. In addition to this, she had to get it in the last dying minutes. Sally( my aunt) is not happy with your company and is also very tempered at this moment of time.

    When I tried to exchange the toy your workers would not let me get my money back. While I was in the shop I found out that other customers had the same problem, but they did get their money back. Moreover, I was angry with the service.

    I have purchased many other toys from your shop and your assistants were kind and well organised. I feel that your workers do not want me to shop at SuperSmiths.

    In conclusion, I trust you to look into this situation in further detail.

    Yours Faithfully,
    K.M. Johnson.

  255. tyler says:

    best in the world 578 red close
    17 blue close wetware
    wetware 4uf c7y
    f74 v7v residents

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to inform you that my Nan recently purchased your new item (on Wednesday 25th October 2012) known as “THE FURBELOW DOLL” and as I started to use it I realized that the voice box was broken so i did not work!

    My mother returned the furbelow doll back to your shop and your staff refused to give my mother a refund for the doll! As I looked next to me I saw some people asking for a refund for thefurbelow
    doll which had the same problem but they got a refund for it! At that moment I was very upset about the service at best in the world.

    I’ve always shopped at your store when I wanted a new toy but now I do not trust it because of your poor service that I received. At home I have some vouchers to redeem but I wont be using them any time soon. I hope you could sort this situation out.

    Your Sincerely

    Bob Barry

  256. Adam says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    I have a conplaint about a toy dinosaur.

    On Sunday 24 December 2013 I went to a toy shop called Toy R For Kids and I bought a talking dinosaur for my brother for chistmas. When I got home I wraped it up carefully.

    The next day my brother was unwraping the present and the dinosaur’s head fell off and he was screeming in additon to this, I quickly ran to the shop and asked for a new toy or for my $99.99 for the toy but the shop keeper said to me to go away.

    In conclusion to this, give me back my money and a new toy.

    Yours faithfully Bob Smith

  257. joanna says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to inform you that a terrible incidiant has eccored on the 25th December 2012.

    I had bought a toy train for £50.00 on the 23rd December 2012 as a holiday present for my son Michelle. I wrapped it up as carefully as possible making sure to hold it the right way round (baring in mid it is very delicate). I then placed it ubove my cuboard as carefully as possible.

    On the 24th December 2012 at approximately 9:00am i slowly and carfully down from ubove my cuboard and placed it below the christmas tree and then went to bed. When my son had woken up the next morning his toy train was broken into littlen tiny peices.

    I am very sure that i did not brake the toy train as i have handeled it with great care and consideration. When i brought it to your costomer services and your imployie (Tom) told me that it was my fol after telling hhim the affelmensioned story.

    Please reply to this letter with an apology from your imployie and a full refund.

    Yours sincerly,

    • Adam says:

      Joanna this work is really good,
      but you forgotten the adress

    • Kylie says:

      Jack’s toy store
      Fudge Street
      KD6 0RW

      14a southern road Thursday March 16th, 2012
      KD6 8GH

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am writing a complaint to your toy store about a recent product i recived last week.I got the gift as a christmas present.

      Furthermore, the present was VERY expensive and the person who brought me the item spent a lot of time saving up.Also when i first opened the box, the toy was working.After a few minutes, the gift started to malfunction.

      Additionally, I have took great responsibility with this product. This present lasted up to five whole days! As a result on the packet it said it would ladt up to five years, not five days! I am very shocked.

      Another thing is that the toy looked damaged as soon as I opened it.I am very sure that the present was not surposed to look or be like that!

      IN exchange for tjis mater I woyld like a full refund and a pick of a new toy! I would like to hear back from you
      Yours faithfully k.poulton

      • Ella says:

        I❤ your work kylie but remember to use capital letters when you use I, also remember to use capitals for your name-

      • charlotte says:

        WOW!this is an amazing piece of work! i love the connectives!🙂

        NEXT TIME: maybe you could add in more leval 5 punctuation

      • Becky says:

        Kylie, This Is Amazing.

        But Just Remember NOT To Put Your Last Name. Remember What Mr Taylor Said About E-safety.

        Also I Don’t Think There Is any “Next Step” This Is Amazing. Well Done.

        Also Remember, This Is a Letter Of Complaint. It is Meant To Be Formal. As A Result Of This, Its Very Good Work. Well Done Kylie!!

    • linda says:

      Great work Joanna!
      I like your formal writting but make sure you spell your words right & fantastic work!

  258. Becky says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I Am Writing To Say That The Product That I Purchased Is Not Good Quality. It Was Very Expenceve And It Worked For The First Two Or So Hours,But Then It Just Fell Apart.

    I Went Into your Shop, And You Excused Me Of Breaking It. As A Result Of This, I Am Diserpointed. Your Service Said That If You had An 1 Week And Your Not happy With The Toy You Will Get Your Money Back.

    I Will Like A Quick Reply, And If I Can Have The Toy Replaced Within 2 Weeks. As well As This I Will Like My Money Back And A Full Refund.

    Yours Faithfully,

  259. charley says:

    36 strawberry lane
    123 789

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you in complaint of a toy I got on christmas day.

    On christmas day I got one of your toys “MAGIC MAYHEM” which i wanted for ages and when I opened it it was all broke in to little peices. My mum was very upset when she saw my toy because she had paid a lot of money.

    Obviasly I was NOT going to have a broken toy in my room so i brought it back to your “amazing” shop. I was seen by one of your staff and he said that I was the one who broke it, when i was not.

    Then I realised that outher people were having the same diddiculties with the same toy and they were getting refunds. I thought that was so un fair.

    My mum has brought lots of toys here befor and i ave never had a problem!

    I woud like to have a letter of an apolegy also cash back or a voucher. I hope this will never happen again!

    yours sincerly,

    Charley Holliday

  260. Shannon says:

    16 Alma Road
    Downhill Lane
    3a2 1qa

    15 direction Road
    sutton lane
    g6w d3b

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to you to complain about one of your products that you sell. The item that I had got given as a Christmas present. The product was a blackberry 9900 (bold), which normally is a brilliant phone.Yet after a couple of days. it all fell into pieces, what I was very surprised at. Additionally, I was very careful with it so it wasn’t my fault at all.

    This product took my mum a while to fetch it: it cost £500, which is quite a lot of money to her. May I asked you why this present had stopped working, is it because it needed to be checked before getting sold? If you could let me know as soon as possible please. My mother commented angrily, “This took me ages to get this for my daughter and now she is very distressed, what has happened to this company?!”.

    As your company may have told you already that I come to you store on 29th of December asking if I could have an immediately refund or a full compensation quickly. After I finished what I had to say they all shouted at me loudly ” I’m truly sorry mam but I just can’t offer you a refund or a compensation” After that they said that they think I broke it and there is nothing wrong with this item.

    Despite not only giving me a refund, when I looked round the room the associates that work for you was either giving the customers back there money or giving them a new product. This I did not except this from your company. I demand to know why I did not get either one of them. After this my family ting this said to write a complaint letter so this is why I am writing to you this is not the end of this letter, so carry on reading.

    Consequently, I have continually bought products from your store, yet if this doesn’t come to some arrangement then I will never shop at your store again. Also I came in your store nearly everyday so you wouldn’t want to lose one of your best customers.

    Yours faithfully

    Shannon Keogh

  261. sydney says:

    For the attention of The Manager
    Toy World
    Head Office
    Games Street
    NW2 5ET

    2nd February 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I recently received one of your ‘Real Bear’ teddy bears as a birthday present from my auntie.

    I had been wanting one of these for a long time and my auntie kindly saved her money to buy me one. As you can imagine I was very happy to receive it and happily played with it for the next 2 days. Unfortunately, however, that is when my fun came to an end.

    On day 3 my teddy bears’ head fell off. I was very upset and so my mother and I returned to the store where it had been bought. We showed our receipt and explained that it must be a manufacturers fault as I had taken very good care of my ‘Real Bear’. There appeared to be other customers returning the same product with the same fault and they were being given refunds or exchanges without any problems. We obviously assumed the case would be the same for us, so were very disappointed when your staff blamed us for the fault and refused to give us a refund.

    I am therefore writing to you to request an immediate refund and I enclose a copy of the receipt for your records.

    Should you require any further information please contact me on 020 8222 5555.

    Yours faithfully,

    Miss A Smith

  262. kyron says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I have complaint to make.
    On 23rd of December I bought a toy from your toy company (SUPER TOYS). In about 48 hours, my toy broke . I didn’t do anything to my toy I just put it in my toy box last night and it broke. Now because of this event I will not be coming to toy store ever again also I want my money back.

    yours faithfully Kyron

    university of fort hare hope you like it🙂🙂🙂

  263. kyron says:

    I agree it is amazing but remember to do sir/madam🙂🙂

  264. Ryan says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    On Christmas day, I was given a ‘Furby’ from your shop. For the first few days, I loved the present, but then it just fell apart. I saw the gift in your shop before and it was selling for a high price of £49.99!
    The person who gave it to me saved up for a few years. I dare not tell them or nothing good will happen. Yesterday, I took the parts back and they refused to accept a full refund. Five minutes later, they gave a refund to someone else with the same problem. I have been to your shop before and you had excellent service but yesterday was a let-down.
    I would like a full refund of this purchase on the ‘Furby’.

    Yours faithfully,
    J Jones

  265. Taylor says:

    The toy shop SW6 2SF
    SW4 1CA

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m writing to inform you about the terrible toy you sent me on Tuesday 29th January,2013.

    First of all,the toy you sent came without any batteries and when I got it working it hardly lasted a day. As a result,my little daughter (Gabbie) was very upset and didn’t speak for almost two days and for a girl of her age this is not like her to be quiet at all. This really dissapointed me and made me very aggrivated.

    Moreover,my friend had saved up for years to get my daughter that christmas present and he was also not very pleased. Furthermore,my friend went into debt and was not able to pay any of his debt thanks to your `amazing` toy. At this point,my friend(Barry) is very angry and will ask for a full refund.

    In addition to this, I stormed into your shop demanding a refund, but we did not get any of our money back. As we looked around we saw many people with the same problem and they were getting either an exchange or refund. This made me feel very unwelcome in your shop and like nobody cared at all about my problem.

    In conclusion to this,I am demanding that I have a full refund for your toy and the care of your employees. I am weary if I will ever come to your toy shop again.

    Yours sincerely,


  266. GEORGE says:

    17StarStreet SMZ9SAP
    921 bfu
    toys r cool

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am writing to complain about a toy that my friend bought from your store (TOYS R COOL) . My freind bought this toy on Wednesday 25 December 2012 .

    The reason i am complaining is because is that as i got it out of the arms fell of . In addition to this i put them back on, then as i glued them on they fell of again . As i was taking it back it fell to peaces – i was really upset -.

    As a result of this i went back an then she ignored me when i when was trying to return it .
    When i was trying to return it ask for a refund she said no it was your falt .

    I would like apolasise letter and a ferund
    your faithurlly George

    • Shannon says:

      Brilliant work George!

      You have used a lot of punctuation in this and it looks like you used time connectives (In addition to this and as a result)

      Remember if an I is on its own then it is a capital letter. Also maybe try and get your paragraphs a bit bigger next time.

      Altogether though a fantastic piece of work!

    • Arthur[FORT Hare] says:

      Calvin’s walk in
      And dine
      Darcy road Manchester
      Ne4 5q1

      Friday 26th February 2013

      Dear sir /madam

      I would like to complain about your awful service I have had to experience last week (twenty first February 2013)

      Last week I went to your restaurant with my three friends for a meal . I asked for a table for four people ,but they rudely put us in a two seated table .We had to get up and take two more chairs.

      Additionally we ordered some food and the servants said that it would take an hour but ,it was half an hour late . When it came the meat was under cooked and the beans were black .We asked for some refreshments. Sadly, it never came .

      For pudding we ordered ice cream (four dollops) with chocolate sauce . We waited a very long time but it never came . Consequently we were forced to leave and buy some ice cream elsewhere.

      I trust that you will talk to your service about what has happened

      Yours faithfully

      Antony white

    • Reid says:

      Well Done George!!!!!! You just need to check your spelling but other than that well done

  267. Reid(Fort Hare) says:

    Tommys Toys Lee Knee
    17Albert Street 2 Body Road
    Kent. London
    ME4 SW6 5EF

    Thursday 31st January 2013

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Unfortunately I am having to write to you today regarding one of your ” Super Duppa Whooper Water guns”.

    My Great Grandmother( who only has her pension to live on) bought me one for my Christmas present. I looked after my water gun- as I do all my toys- but it has still stopped working. I am very disappointed and so is my Great Gran who spent so much money on my gift!

    My Mother and I returned the gun to your store in Town- with the reciept- but were refused an exchange. I noticed while we were at the counter other people were returning the same item with the same fault as my gun(a broken trigger) but they were being given refunds or exchanges. I thought this was a bit unfair and it made me feel sad.

    I have always enjoyed shopping in your store:it has lots of cool toys! Most of my toys at home have been purchased from your shop. This situation has really put me off buying anything else from you, even though I still have gift vouchers to redeem. My Mother has told a few people about the unhelpful members of staff and I think it is going to put people off visiting your store.

    I would hope you can sort this problem out for me, as all I wanted was a “Super Duppa Whooper Water gun” that worked!!

    Yours Sincerly

    Lee Knee

    • charley says:

      I like you name of your toy and your detail of writing.

    • Shannon says:

      Wow Taylor!

      This is a fantastic piece of work! Because you have used a lot of level 5 punctuation ( : -)

      Also Taylor remember to use a comma to take breathes otherwise it sounds like it is a very long sentences.

      Yet this was brilliant work still keep up the good work in year 6

    • Kylie says:

      Great work reid I like your quote!

  268. ella says:

    Miss Ella Clarke requests the pleasure of inviting
    Mr Niall James Horan and Mr Louise William Tomlinson
    at a coming of age party for Mr Harry Edward Styles on 1st February 2013
    pease wear formal clothing
    there will be a buffet

  269. charlotte says:

    i love your dress code a lot Charley! well done!

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