Year 5 – Sutton Hoo Conversation

This term, Year 5 are learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and how they settled in Britain. As part of this, we have studied Sutton Hoo, which is an Anglo-Saxon burial site. Here, a boat was discovered underneath a large mound with many interesting artifacts inside it.

We were fortunate enough to have a conversation with the people who work at Sutton Hoo today, where we were able to ask many questions and be shown some of the interesting discoveries made there. Have a read about our experiences below.


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PGL 2016!

In the Autumn Term, Year 6 (accompanied by Mr Taylor, Miss Corps, Mrs Wardlaw, Mrs Downs and Mrs Parish) spent a very enjoyable week away at the Marchants Hill PGL camp. Although the weather was a bit chilly, the children had a great week, filled with fun activities to keep them busy- Raft building and Power fan were particularly popular!

Throughout the week the children represented the school to the highest standard and were able to showcase some impressive bravery when completing some of the many climbing challenges on offer.They continued to foster and develop their understanding  of the many of the school values we try hard to adopt in school, including resilience and cooperation and even learnt how to sing a traditional Scottish song, thanks to our group rep, Cam! Have a look at the pictures below and I’m sure you will see how much fun was had! Can you see any of our other school values in action?

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Year 6 Anderson Shelters!


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Throughout the Autumn Term, Year 6 have been busy learning about WW2 in their topic of ‘The World at War’. During the topic they have explored and discussed many of the sensitive and emotive issues surrounding war, including what it may have been like to be an evacuee during war time, how the lives of both the soldiers and the general public changed once war broke out and how people coped during such a difficult time in history. As part of their learning, they especially enjoyed designing and creating  their own model  Anderson Shelters to illustrate how families kept safe during The Blitz. Have a look at some of their fantastic models above!

We would also like to take the time to thank for generously sending us some fantastic newspapers linked to our topic, which have been very valuable to the children’s learning!

For more information on the resources they can provide, follow the attached link!

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We’ve been learning to play the guitar!

This year in Year 4 we have had the opportunity for the children to take part in whole class guitar lessons. The children have really enjoyed learning to play the guitar and learn about some of the terminology used in music.

Here are some pictures of The University of York taking their first lesson.

We look forward to reading the comments from the children about what they have learnt so far.

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Year 4 visit The Chocolate Museum.

As part of their chocolate topic learning Year 4 visited the Chocolate Museum in Brixton. As you can see from the pictures they had a very exciting and informative day! They had the opportunity to taste a piece of cacao bean and also taste some different chocolate varieties, which produced some interesting facial expressions as you an see. I wonder if any of our visitors can guess the flavour of the chocolate that produced these wonderful expressions?

They learnt about how the cacao beans were farmed and readied to be shipped to the chocolate factories. They then had the opportunity to make some chocolate of their own, which was great fun and very messy. The children (and the adults) really enjoyed their day at the Chocolate Museum and consuming the chocolate after school.

A question for University of York and Bath to answer … can you remember which country is the largest consumer of chocolate and approximately how much of a percentage they consumed?

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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page!

We hope that you have enjoyed your first few weeks back at school.  There have been lots of changes in Year 3 so far this year.  It is the first year of Key Stage 2 and everyone has been settling in to their new classrooms (and playground) very well.  There are so many new things to learn and everyone has loved our new topic, ‘Under the Canopy,’ which is about rainforests across the world.

We hope you have a fantastic year and make the most of our year group’s blog page. Remember to keep checking the blog every week for home-learning, competitions and challenges.

What has been your favourite part of joining Year 3 so far?


Miss Edwards and Miss Brooker


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Poetry in Year 5

This half term, Year 5 have been studying the works of Lewis Carroll. We read his well known poem, ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’, before writing and performing our own versions. Click here to have a read of the children’s poetry.


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Greek day in Year 5!

As our exit point, to end our topic ‘Groovy Greeks’, Year 5 enjoyed a day of Greek themed activities. The children came to school dressed in traditional Ancient Greek dress or in blue and white – the colours of the Greek Flag. Read the comments below to see what the children thought of the day!

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Year 5’s Ancient Greek Olympics

In topic lessons this half term, Year 5 have been learning about the ‘Groovy Greeks’. Last Friday, the children organised their own Ancient Olympic Games! With sports such as javelin, discus, shot put, sprinting and long jump, the afternoon was a true festival of sport. All children took part in the events and also had the opportunity to coach their peers.  Below are some pictures from the afternoon.

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Year 5 trip to Pizza Express

To aid their science and DT learning, Year 5 visited Pizza Express in Wallington. The children learnt about food hygiene, the origin of ingredients and reversible and irreversible changes. They even got the chance to make their own pizza! Read the comments below to hear about the children’s experiences.

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