Year 5’s Ancient Greek Olympics

In topic lessons this half term, Year 5 have been learning about the ‘Groovy Greeks’. Last Friday, the children organised their own Ancient Olympic Games! With sports such as javelin, discus, shot put, sprinting and long jump, the afternoon was a true festival of sport. All children took part in the events and also had the opportunity to coach their peers.  Below are some pictures from the afternoon.

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Year 5 trip to Pizza Express

To aid their science and DT learning, Year 5 visited Pizza Express in Wallington. The children learnt about food hygiene, the origin of ingredients and reversible and irreversible changes. They even got the chance to make their own pizza! Read the comments below to hear about the children’s experiences.

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Year 1 trip to Battersea Park Zoo!

The children had a fantastic day out at the zoo. We saw many different animals including coatis, maras, wallabies, love birds, emus and meerkats! We found out lots of information about the different animals. Our guide told us about where the animals come from, what they like to eat and where they sleep. The children enjoyed eating their lunch in their own cabins and then had some time in the playground. We had a fabulous time but came back exhausted!

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Safer Internet week!

Over the week of the 8th – 12th February Culvers House will be taking part in Safer Internet Week – a nationwide initiative to promote the importance of online safety. Leave a comment below with your top tips for how to stay safe online!


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Art in Year 5!

Over the past couple of days, Year 5 have been learning about print making techniques with Mrs Churchyard. The children designed and printed their own Anglo Saxon coins. Below are some pictures of the Year 5 artists in action!

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Junior Supremo Training

On Thursday 7th January, our  Year 6 ‘Sports Organising Crew’ visited Cheam Fields Primary School to take part in Junior Supremo training. The children took part in activities that taught them how to lead a group of younger children in a variety of different games and sports activities. Well done to all of the children involved, you were all excellent ambassadors for our school community. I look forward to seeing your leadership skills grow as you continue to organise fun and exciting activities for the younger children. Well done!

Mr Eynon


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Rocket Science in Year 5!

Over the past few days Year 5 have been designing and building aerodynamic rockets as part of our topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’.

This morning we launched the rockets in the KS2 playground. During the launch, we also conducted an investigation into what variable ( for example, amount of water inside the rocket, how far the cork was pushed into the bottle, shape and size of the bottle) would have the most impact on how high the rocket would fly.

Please read through the comments below about how the children built the rockets and  what they found out.

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Puddle jumping in Culvers Little House

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PE at Culvers House

We have made some exciting changes to how Physical Education is taught and learnt at Culvers House for the new school year. The children will be learning PE through the Real PE scheme which will mean their PE lessons will be even more creative, active and fun! Through Real PE we will be equipping our amazing students with the physical literacy, thinking and emotional skills to not only achieve in PE and sport, but also in life! If you would like to learn more about Real PE have a look at their website at

Mr EynonReal PE at Culvers House

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Year 2 trip to the British Wildlife Center

On Friday 10th July, Year 2 visited the British Wildlife Center in Lingfield, Surrey. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the animals and finding out more about our native wildlife. Below are some pictures from Friday. Well done to all of the Year 2 children for their excellent behaviour and engagement during the day.

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